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Ranking Top 10 Best NFL Stadiums: What Are the Best NFL Stadiums to Visit?

Publish Date: 01/04/2024
Fact checked by: Simon Briffa

Today, we will look at the top NFL stadiums to visit. We cover the historic to the new and improved stadiums that give you the best fan experience. The NFL now builds multi-billion dollar stadiums as the race to have the biggest and best seems to lead to more magnificent stadiums being built every few years. Sure, taxpayers flip the bill for most of these stadiums, which isn’t very pleasant, but we will ignore that today as we look at the best stadiums.


I will admit that from the start, the criteria are a little confusing. I love old historic stadiums, but most of those are gone now. Many of these rankings will be judged through simple fan experience at the games. We will consider the historic happenings that have taken place at these stadiums, though.


10) NRG Stadium

Retractable fabric roofs are fantastic; Houston Stadium also radiates light at night, adding an atmospheric effect and cozy seating areas that make watching Final Four games not feel overwhelming. Though, ideally, it would not be just plopped down into Houston’s chaotic sprawl – overall, this place makes an excellent watching spot for Football!

This stadium has great sightlines for any sport and has hosted two Super Bowls, Wrestlemania, Soccer, the Men’s Final Four and in 2026 the FIFA World Cup. The atmosphere in this stadium is great and makes for an enjoyable day, no matter what sport you are watching.

  • 11 dock bays, five dressing rooms, 12 private boxes, and large video boards above each end zone.
  • It is one of Texas’s largest indoor air-conditioned spaces, with 12,000 tons of cooling capacity.
  • It has hosted the 2004 Super Bowl, the 2002 and 2005 NCAA Big 12 Football Championship, and the 2011 NCAA Final Four.
Video: DRONE FLIES THROUGH NFL STADIUM | Thursday Night Football | Houston Texans vs. Philadelphia Eagles

DRONE FLIES THROUGH NFL STADIUM | Thursday Night Football | Houston Texans vs. Philadelphia Eagles

9) Ford Field

Ford Field’s crowning achievement is its roof. At the same time, some fan bases enjoy braving frigid temperatures for outdoor games; Ford Field makes watching home games (even those that may lose) much easier without enduring frigid temperatures and sideways snow. Plus, the food at Slows Bar BQ is truly delicious, and Bloody Marys are served up spicy! Even during times when Detroit is on its way towards three wins per season, fans remain rowdy inside Ford Field – when an occasional touchdown score occurs, it almost seems as if that roof could come tumbling off!

Now, the Lions are as good as the stadium they play in, which makes the atmosphere even better than it previously was. It blows the Pontiac Silverdome out of the water, which would not be difficult. It will be great to see the Lions host a playoff game in Ford Field this year.

  • Hosted a Super Bowl
  • The stadium’s regular seating capacity is 65,000 for football games and 80,000 for basketball games.
  • Ford Field has four levels of suites, a level of club seating, and a ground level for restaurants, concessions, and retail.
  • Ford Field has hosted the 2016 Super Bowl XL, NCAA Basketball Tournaments in 2008 and 2009, and the Frozen Four in 2010
Video: Go inside the tunnel at Ford Field for the Lions introductions vs. Bears 🔥

Go inside the tunnel at Ford Field for the Lions introductions vs. Bears 🔥

8) Levi’s Stadium

This stadium is remarkable – they managed to incorporate nearly everything imaginable within it – yet nothing can overcome the fact that it is an hour’s drive from where their team should reside, plus placed in Silicon Valley, making prices sky-high. Still, this would easily be one of the top 10 stadiums if built where Candlestick Park once stood.

The price of concessions is not great, and, for an opposing fan, it can be somewhat dangerous, and those factors do drop this stadium down on this list. Still, it’s a nice stadium. Don’t forget to bring a lot of money for concessions and be ready to fight off rowdy fans. Most of the All-Time great 49ers played at candlestick, but it looks like some legends of today will add to the history of the 49ers at Levis Stadium.

  • Levi’s Stadium was the first stadium to host an NFL team with LEED Gold certification.
  • The stadium is located 40 miles south of San Fransisco.
  • Super Bowl 50 Host
  • Levi’s Stadium is designed as an open stadium with a natural grass field.
Video: LEVI'S STADIUM TOUR | Home of the San Francisco 49ers

LEVI’S STADIUM TOUR | Home of the San Francisco 49ers

7) Lumen Field

Lumen Field stands out for its convenient location close to downtown Seattle – and nestled along the water. Home of Major League Soccer (MLS), Seattle Sounders and NWSL Reign. Home also to a wonderful selection of local beers and food from Seattle originals Ivar’s and Starbucks, as well as Poke bowls, Sasquatch fries and chicken and biscuits! The game experience is electric, with 72,000 “12s” cheering their support on. Overall, I highly recommend a visit not just to Seattle but to Lumen as well.

The stadium has aged very well over its two decades of existence. It has gone through numerous name changes and now is called Lumen Field. The Atmosphere during Seahawks games is amazing, and the fans are much calmer than 49ers fans!

  • The Lumen Field stadium complex includes Lumen Field, the 325,000 sq. ft. Lumen Field Event Center and WAMU Theater. The stadium complex hosts a wide variety and volume of events each year, making it one of the busiest venues in the region.
  • In 2013, capital improvements to the stadium included an expanded and re-designed retail store with an increased footprint from 3,000 to 7,400 square feet 30 new mobile points-of-sale, and a new Beer Hall featuring 14 different selections.
  • In 2017, the Seahawks enhanced the food and beverage experience by adding even more local cuisines at the PNW Marketplace, Night Market, and the Elysian Bar.
Video: Lumen Field: An underrated gem in the Pacific Northwest

Lumen Field: An underrated gem in the Pacific Northwest

6) Allegiant Stadium

This stadium is so nice, it’s almost silly. Sure, the Raiders don’t have much of an established fanbase in Las Vegas, and the games combine tourist attractions, sporting events and social outings with $20 beers at the Wynn Field Club. But the nearly $2 billion stadium feels like a $2 billion stadium. Between the expansive concourses with marble floors, premium clubs around every corner and ridiculously comfortable seats, you can’t help but laugh about this team previously playing at Oakland Coliseum. Allegiant is a phenomenal stadium. Sure, the Greatest Raiders of all time did not play here, but give it some tme.

Of course, as in most stadiums, the tickets and concessions are ridiculously priced, but the stadium costs over two Billion dollars, so what would you expect? The games here are played on real grass, which is always a plus. Allegiant Stadium’s natural grass playing field is housed on a retractable 9,500-ton tray outside the stadium on non-Raiders game days.

  • Allegiant Stadium is a ten-level domed stadium featuring an ETFE roof, silver and black exterior with light-up strips installed by YESCO
  • It took 28,000 tons of steel to build the stadium.
  • Home of UNLV Football and PAC 12 Championship Game
Video: Inside the $1.8B Allegiant Stadium

Inside the $1.8B Allegiant Stadium

5) AT&T Stadium

Jerry’s World is a Jerry Jones joint, for sure. It’s big, and it’s bold, and it’s brash, and it’s a little bit out there. Does it have much soul? No. Is it all that pleasing to gaze upon? Nope. But the screen is gigantic, and there’s always a lot going on, and you often get the sense that it might just catch on fire but probably won’t. Texas forever.

AT&T Stadium is impressive when you take the stadium tour, which, if you go, I recommend. They have a huge Pro Shop with everything Dallas Cowboys you could ever want. It has hosted the Super Bowl and the College Football playoffs, not to mention Big Boxing matches with Canelo Alvarez.

If you like food, it is literally at every turn in the stadium; of course, it’s not cheap, but what would you expect?

Jerry’s world is so over the top that it probably hurts it in these rankings, but what do you expect from the Dallas Cowboys?

  • The Stadium is expandable to over 100,000 seats.
  • ATT Stadium boasts the world’s largest and very first center-hung HDTV video boards, measuring 160 feet by 72 feet at a cost of $40 million.
  • This is the largest enclosed retractable roof stadium.
  • The Stadium measures 3 million square feet.
  • The entire Statue of Liberty and its base could fit inside the stadium with its roof closed.
  • On game day, the ATT Stadium uses more electricity than the entire country of Liberia.
Video: Immersive AT&T Stadium Technology Takes Fan Experiences to Another Level

Immersive AT&T Stadium Technology Takes Fan Experiences to Another Level

4) U.S. Bank Stadium

There’s no understating just how impressive U.S. Bank Stadium is over the 1980s airport aesthetic of the Metrodome. The glass ceiling makes the scope of the stadium seem enormous, yet you never feel detached from the field itself; plus, they serve Grain Belt on tap – either an advantage or drawback, depending on how one views local lagers like this one! I don’t view it highly, but it’s better than Iron City Beer in Pittsburgh.

At the entrance to this building are five of the world’s largest hinged doors ranging from 75-95 feet tall, providing access designed to resemble rock and ice formations along the Mississippi River. There is no more magnificent stadium upon entry than this one! It can take your breath away the first time you see it.

  • The stadium’s west side features a 160-foot-long Viking ship, modeled after an actual pre-existing ancient Viking ship, and maintains a 2000 square foot LED screen for a sail.
  • It was built with the 3rd Largest Crane in the world, which required 70 truckloads of equipment to assemble.
  • Half of the roof is made from clear ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE), the largest roof of its type in the world. It’s also the first of its type for any stadium in the nation.
  • Hosted Super Bowl in 2018
Video: What makes US Bank Stadium the best in the NFL?

What makes US Bank Stadium the best in the NFL?

3) Mercedees Benz Stadium

The Falcons found themselves in the unusual situation of building an almost too luxurious stadium when it came to MBS. Although its amenities are great – everything new, fan-friendly concession prices – some fans spend too much time enjoying all that MBS offers than in their seats (can you blame them? It’s the Falcons!) I know I wanted to explore everything there before leaving my seat for good! That said, MBS remains a world-class venue, and major events are frequently hosted there.

It seems that the College Football playoffs host a game in this stadium every other year, and it’s understandable, given how nice this stadium is.

  • The 58-foot-tall HD video board, the largest in the world, towers over the field, giving fans 360-degree coverage and enhanced digital content, including player stats, vital referee decisions and other play-by-play action.
  • The stadium hosts over 3 million people, 40–50 major events, and 250 private events yearly.
  • The Stadium has an irrigation system under it to take care of the field.
  • The Stadium is ranked first by the NFL for stadium security.
  • Hosted the Super Bowl in 2019
Video: Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

2) So Fi Stadium

SoFi Stadium– makes you instantly realize its construction cost is $5.5 billion as soon as you walk through its doors. Everything feels different than any other stadium I’ve been to before. The concourses are gorgeous and clean, and the field views from any seat or position are nearly ideal, no matter where you sit or stand. But the real thrill lies in experiencing its open-air charm while simultaneously feeling safe within.

Los Angeles has incredible weather year-round, so having both ends of the stadium open allowed breezes to circulate. Furthermore, the views were spectacular: one side offered views of Hollywood Hills in the distance, while on the other, you could look all the way out towards the Pacific Ocean – truly magnificent views all around! It all adds up beautifully!

Of course, with a newer stadium, you lose the historic field, but Super Bowl 56 was played here just two years ago between the Rams and Bengals.

  • The field is 100 feet below ground.
  • The roof of SoFi Stadium has 27,000 embedded LED pucks, which project images and video that can be seen from airplanes.
  •  The Stadium has a “seismic moat” that is up to 12 feet wide and 100 feet deep to keep the stadium safe during earthquakes.
  • First Stadium to host a conference championship game and Super Bowl in the same year.
Video: Inside The $5 Billion SoFi Stadium

Inside The $5 Billion SoFi Stadium

1) Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field remains an old-school experience you won’t forget anytime soon, rising from Green Bay’s suburban grid to welcome NFL pilgrims to its sacred grounds. From its proud past to its frigid aluminium bench seats that keep your Beer cold year after year, Lambeau Field offers all aspects of authentic, roughneck football that any true fan could wish for!

Lombardi coached here, and Starr, Hutson, and Hornung played here. Some of the most memorable moments in NFL history happened on this field. The Ice Bowl was played here and sure, the stadium isn’t the most comfortable to watch a game at, but the history of the stadium, team, and fans more than make up for it. La,eau opened as City Field back in 1957 and has been going strong ever since.

At the time it was built, the new stadium was the first modern stadium specifically constructed to house an NFL franchise; all other 11 teams played either in shared facilities with major league baseball or pre-existing shared facilities. Some of the greatest Green Bay Packers of all time have played at Lambeau!

  • Opened September 1957
  • Capacity 81,441
  • Oldest Stadium with an NFL team in continuous residence
  • The stadium houses a Fan Shop, a Hall of Fame&Restaurants
Video: The LOUDEST Moments at Lambeau Field — PART 1

The LOUDEST Moments at Lambeau Field — PART 1

Honorable mentions

Hard Rock Stadium

Hard Rock Stadium often goes underrated. While its location might seem subpar, as it sits rather remote from downtown Miami, the actual stadium experience itself is pretty pleasant. Club-level upgrades are delightful; if possible, try to access those and go up there for your seats! Also, be sure to get hungry before or during a game; try sampling one of their Shula Burgers with “SHULA” written across their bun.

Arrowhead Stadium

As a stadium itself, Arrowhead is only average; however, the game-day experience at Arrowhead stands out among all others in the league. It is surrounded entirely by parking lots and offers little other than tailgating opportunities, which leads to long traffic jams following games at Truman Sports Complex. The fans are loud and obnoxious, but what would one expect from Kansas City?

Acrisure Stadium

Pittsburgh excels at producing picturesque stadiums, such as PNC Park. Acrisure Stadium may have acquired an unflattering name over time, but it remains an impressive stadium that has aged beautifully over its two decades of operation. Conveniently close to bars and restaurants and with surrounding streets filled with black-and-yellow fans during game days.

State Farm Stadium

Outside, Glendale Stadium stands out with its striking design; once inside, however, its generic and sparse concourses may leave you somewhat underwhelmed. Few fans enjoy taking long trips to Glendale but can tolerate them eight or nine days each year.The stadium is more prominent for hosting classic games than any ties to Cardinals players or franchise.


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