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Unknown Facts About UEFA Champions League

Unknown UEFA facts!

The Champions League was referred to as the European cup until the 1992-93 seasons. It got its name changed after this season. It’s been a brilliant place to display football for long years. One can expect some spectacular games of football when some of the most renowned clubs in Europe face each other. Fans have never been disappointed by the games and enjoyment they receive from the UEFA Champions League. Everyone wants to get hold of Chelsea Liverpool tickets, and Arsenal vs. Liverpool tickets, Manchester United vs. Liverpool tickets and many other match tickets of the games between the best clubs. The Champions League season has always seen nail-biting finals, extreme determination on display and dominating games and head to head fights between best quality teams. Many teams have failed several times while some has emerged as giants in this Champions League tournament.

Here are some interesting and quite unknown facts about the UEFA Champions League:

The UEFA Champions League could not be taken home by one particular club more than once

The Champions League got its name in the 1992 season. The name of this football tournament competition had a prior name that was the European Cup. After the changing of this Cup no single champion has retained the top position and the Crown of the Champions League in two consecutive seasons.

In earlier days when Champions League was known as European Cup, there was a number of back to back winners. Real Madrid won the title five times in continuous seasons. Liverpool, Benfica, Nottingham Forest, Bayern Munich, Ajax, Inter are some of the other teams who have also won back to back Cups. However in the present era of football competition has grown more intense. Best teams are participating from all across Europe. This has resulted in no back to back wins since the change in the League name.

Twitter has more than 9.5 million fans whereas Facebook has nearly 47 million followers for UEFA. The popularity of the UEFA Champions League has increased, and its presence in the social media and other platforms has also increased exponentially. The Facebook page of the League was created in the year 2011 and since then has increased by leaps and bounds every year. In the last few years, the fan following has increased drastically. It has increased by 10 million from 37 million in 2013 to 47 million in present times. Champions League has the largest number of followers on social media as compared to other famous leagues like La Liga, Premier League, and Bundesliga. The number of followers is 4 to 5 times that of the other Leagues.

Real Madrid and Barcelona have played 15 times against each other but never faced each other in finals

Both Barcelona and Real Madrid are strong contenders of the Champions League. They both are successful teams that have played the Champions League and won for 15 times in total. Barcelona and Real Madrid won the Champions League trophy 5 and 10 times respectively. Despite meeting 15 times in the European Cup or Champions leagues, they have never faced each other in the finals. Barcelona has won four of its five titles in the last nine years in the presence of Lionel Messi. On the other hand, Real Madrid saw glories in the years when Barcelona had not emerged as a powerhouse in football.

Spain has always been the most successful country

When records of the last 60 years of the Champions League competition were collected, it is seen that Spain is till date most successful among all the countries that participated in this tournament. If anybody searches the history, he or she will find out that Barcelona and Real Madrid which are both teams from Spain are two giants who participate in the Champions League tournament. They have with them a total of 15 Champions League Cups in which Barcelona has won 5 titles, and Real Madrid has won the title 10 times.

The Italian clubs have also experienced some wins in the Champions League which makes them quite successful in the tournament. Their teams AC Milan, Inter Milan, and Juventus have emerged the winner and have taken home the Champions League title for 12 times in total. This makes them the second most successful country after Spain.

Barcelona played the maximum number of consecutive semi-finals

Barcelona has won the finals of Champions League for a record-breaking 5 times. History says that Barcelona comes second in the ranking of the most successful club after Real Madrid in the Champions League tournament. They have won five matches in the last 9 years which in turn makes them the Spanish teams to play most number of consecutive semi-finals.

This player has played the maximum number of matches

Iker Casillas played the maximum number of matches in the Champions League. He is the Spanish goalkeeper who has played in 153 matches so far in his career which is the highest number in the history of this football tournament. He has appeared in a maximum number of this game, and nobody has been able to reach anywhere near his set record. The goalkeeper still has quite a lot of game left in him thus he is participating in the tournament yet again. Despite having some wear and tear, he will play this year’s tournament. The goalkeeper has recently blanked out a European team which is quite good that is Maccabi of Israel for 2-0.

Final word

The Champions League has engraved its charm in the history and has acted as a pivotal point in scripting different European powerhouse. This is the most exclusive competition in the continent that involves games in group stages. Many legends have been formed, and many have gained recognition through these matches. Champions League earlier known as European Cup has always delivered some extraordinary football matches through several years. The craze and excitement regarding Champions League have increased even more over the years. Be among the fans who support their teams in the stadium, inspire them and transmit confidence. Get the tickets for the matches of your favourite team, following the link: Find yourself in the center of emotional tornado and preserve these feelings throughout your life.

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