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SweepSlots Social Casino Review & Rating 2022

SweepSlots Reviews USA

SweepSlots is restricted in your area.
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Last Updated on 12/04/2022
Fact checked by: Mike Goodpaster

If you’ve never come across SweepSlots Casino, now’s your chance to find out why people are talking about it. It certainly isn’t your average casino. It takes on a different and more targeted stance.

The bonus mentioned in this SweepSlots review is incredible, and certainly sets you up for some entertaining play each day. You’ll get the details on that as part of this full site review, so if you’re ready, it’s time to discover the perks of playing at SweepSlots.

sweepslots casino
SweepSlots Casino: Pros & Cons
  • Slots and scratch cards
  • Keno also available
  • No purchase needed
  • Real prizes
  • Small game selection

Discovering the SweepSlots Casino bonus offer

Almost every casino comes up with some bonus offers for its players, including Since this casino works as a sweepstakes casino, you’ll find there are some differences to the sites you might be used to. Relax, though – you’ll soon know everything you need to before you claim any bonuses at SweepSlots online. You’ll also discover how it fares against other top US online casinos.

There are two elements to note about this casino. Firstly, you won’t make deposits like you would at a standard casino. You can collect some Gold Coins each day when you first sign in, so you can enjoy gaming with those, although there are no real cash prizes to be won.

Secondly, you can buy more Gold Coins if you like, and they offer a bonus when you purchase up to $20 of Gold Coins. This purchase – when using the correct SweepSlots promo code as displayed on the site – will double your quantity of Gold Coins and give you some Sweeps Coins as well. The Sweeps Coins can be used to try and get some real prizes while playing their games. So, it’s only available if you want to play their entertainment-only slots and casino games for longer, and you want more Sweeps Coins too. There’s never any need for a purchase.

Does this SweepSlots review reveal a user-friendly casino?

The homepage showcases a few appealing highlights courtesy of four changing areas just under the menu bar. The menu is good to start with as it keeps your options to a minimum. You can reach the casino games, tournaments, help, and support areas from there. It’s worth mentioning that SweepSlots Casino also provides other links at the bottom of every page if you need access to the terms and conditions and further info about the Sweeps rules.

Getting around is easy, and you’ll be able to see plenty of the games on the landing page. That said, it’s better to view everything once you’ve created your account and you’re on the inside of the casino. Hovering over any game title reveals a game screen for it, so you’ll see a few details ahead of choosing any of the games at SweepSlots Casino.

The simplicity of the design is a big draw. Indeed, the site is far easier to explore than some others reviewed here. You can compare it with the Betway review information, for example, to see how important good navigation is at a casino. Everything loads quickly and it’s interesting to note that each game logo gives you an image of a tablet in the bottom left corner if you can play on that device.

Payment methods revealed in this SweepSlots review

Is SweepSlots legit in providing an honest way to buy more Gold Coins at this casino? Oftentimes you’ll see payment logos displayed in a website’s footer, as noted in the FanDuel review on this website, but that’s not the case here. Of course, SweepSlots is a sweepstakes casino rather than a regular one, which means deposits aren’t involved. You can just collect daily Gold Coins to play with when you log in if you wish. Plenty of players do use the site like this, and never part with a dime to bolster their account with more coins.

If you do want to buy more Gold Coins, head to the help page in the main menu; you’ll see a video loading with instructions on how to buy more Gold Coins using Skrill. That’s the only available method at the site at present, although you can use credit cards such as Mastercard and Visa via Skrill.

It’s important, though, to understand that a Gold Coin purchase does not give you any chance of winning any real coins to withdraw. You’ll simply have more to play with if you’re enjoying the varied games available at this casino. Many Gold Coin purchases do give you more Sweeps Coins too though, so you can play with those to stand a chance of scoring a prize you can withdraw according to their Sweeps rules. If you do decide to purchase any coins, check for bonus code potential first. SweepSlots is legit in providing its members with some codes and coupons to use when searching for bigger deals on a purchase of Gold Coins.

Promising customer service features at SweepSlots

There are several sections you ought to visit when you first arrive at SweepSlots. Are there legit SweepSlots support services there? Yes. The first sign is the help area in the menu. This reveals another page with a couple of how-to videos on it – one for how to play at the site and the other for how to purchase Gold Coins, as explained above. If you choose the support tab inside the menu, you’ll immediately see a support ticket window appear. This reveals a 24-hour live support phone number, so if you’re in a hurry to get some answers, that’s the best route to take.

Alternatively, fill in the form – it includes a dropdown inviting you to choose a level of importance for your query, from low to urgent. You can then type in your message and submit the ticket. Before you do that, though, check the FAQ section. This appears at the bottom of the site, so you might miss it if you stick to that main menu at the top. It provides answers to six popular questions they’re clearly asked a lot!

Fortunately, there’s another way to learn a lot more about the site – other than reading this detailed SweepSlots review, of course. The terms and conditions and Sweeps rules – both in the lower menu at the casino – provide plenty more info in small print. Make sure you read those and you may not need to ask customer support for advice at all.

Can you expect the hottest security protection at the casino?

SweepSlots passes the first check on this topic, providing the https:// format in front of the full web address. You should see the famous padlock sign in front of that as well, confirming that you’re viewing the casino over a safe connection. Online casinos do need to fulfill certain rules and regulations in order to legally operate, but the sweepstakes model is slightly different in this respect.

That said, there are still laws and rules to follow, and SweepSlots does just that. The terms and conditions clearly state upfront that the site does not offer real money gambling. It also confirms you can only sign up if you live in the USA (excluding Washington state and Idaho) or Canada (apart from Quebec). You also need to be at least 18 years of age to comply with current laws. Interestingly, slightly further down the terms and conditions page, you’ll see that Idaho is also prohibited – a strong reason why reading everything is important.

When signing up to use the casino, you’ll need to complete your personal information and confirm that you are of legal age to play there. This is required even if you never want to purchase any coins, nor play for sweeps prizes. And while the terms and conditions page is one of the longest ones seen by the experts at The Grueling Truth, this is actually a strong indicator of a reliable and trustworthy website in this arena. It’s something you’d hope to see at all betting sites, including US sports betting sites and other casinos.

Is there any chance of some VIP treatment at SweepSlots?

This is something you might see at some casinos, but since SweepSlots is a sweepstake and social gaming site, does it apply in this case? Upon closer inspection, there is no SweepSlots legit VIP program or way of collecting VIP or comp points anywhere. However, you’ll still have an opportunity to secure a bonus code or two if you ever want to move on from playing casino games there just for amusement purposes.

Head for the promotions page and you’ll find details of the first deposit bonus – which should really be called a first purchase bonus. Purchasing anything up to $20 in Gold Coins while using one of their codes will result in getting the same quantity of coins as a bonus. You’ll also get more Sweeps Coins to use on the site if you do want to chase some of the sweeps prizes.

There is a later purchase bonus as well, which appears to be fine to use for any subsequent purchase of Gold Coins. This is much smaller, as you’d expect, but still gives you a little extra. This deal requires purchases meeting a minimum of $10, and you must use the relevant bonus coupon as shown on the site to be able to get them.

You’re directed to read the terms and conditions before you purchase any coins, as the site will explain whether any games are excluded from play or whether you need to do anything else to meet their terms.

SweepSlots Social Casino

Covering the amazing games at SweepSlots Casino

Once you’ve got your SweepSlots casino login, you’ll be ready to explore and play their games. It’s not the biggest game selection you’ll have seen, but there are a few card games sprinkled among the slots, keno, and scratch card titles. You’re also unlikely to recognize many of the games, as there are no major titles there – which could be an advantage.

Rich Pirates looks promising as a top slot, along with the curious Magical Potions game. Ancient Wonders 3D stands out for many reasons, and the Golden Egg Farm Keno 80 game tries something different and succeeds in becoming more engaging as a result. Despite the small collection, it manages to reach into all kinds of themes and gaming areas, so it’s a fine one to sign up and play at.

Be sure you know about their two coin types

SweepSlots Casino has two coin types to learn more about – and it’s vital that you do. The Gold Coins have no real value – instead, they’re used to play the games for amusement purposes. Anything won is in Gold Coins to reuse in the game (or in other games). Then you’ve got the Sweeps Coins, which may lead to real prizes.

You can’t buy these, but you might receive some from the site or occasionally get some when buying additional Gold Coins. They do have a first deposit bonus and a later deposit bonus to look at if you are interested in buying more coins. Remember that there’s never a requirement to buy anything from Sweeps Slots though. If you just want to enjoy the games, you can do so.

Does this SweepSlots review prove to be a winner?

The ‘small but well formed’ term really does apply here! Is SweepSlots casino safe to play at? Yes, and it’s open to those who only want to play the games and have no interest in playing – or paying – to try and get some real wins. It’s good to see you can buy more Gold Coins if you want, and that they have some deals for those occasions. However, you’ve got access to some amusing slots and games to relax and play, with no purchase ever needed if that’s how you want to enjoy their site.

SweepSlots review FAQ

✨ Is SweepSlots real money?

SweepSlots provides a clue to its workings in its name, but it’s still important that you understand how this casino works before you consider signing up to use it. This review covers all the vital topics and questions players tend to have, so you’ll find the answers here.

⚡ Is SweepSlots Casino legit?

The legitimacy of any online casino is essential to know before you play there. The Grueling Truth sets out to cover the facts about this casino, giving you the best starting point to progress from if you’re thinking about signing up and playing some of their casino games.

⭐ Does SweepSlots Casino have a mobile app?

Modern casinos tend to be more accessible than older ones, giving their players several ways to visit. This may sometimes involve mobile apps, instant play via browsers, or even downloads. The team at The Grueling Truth examines what might be possible at SweepSlots.

🌟 Is SweepSlots legal in the US?

It’s never a smart idea to sign up for a casino without knowing whether you’re within the law to join the site in your location. This SweepSlots review provides you with insight on this, revealing which parts of the world are welcome and which are not, according to the site’s rules.

🌈 How can I get a SweepSlots Casino login?

Most casinos ask would-be players to create an account before playing. That’s the case at SweepSlots too. Read the full casino review at The Grueling Truth today and make sure you’re up to date on the requirements and how to get a login for the site.

This SweepSlots review points to a winning experience

You now know that SweepSlots is legit, and you understand that it works differently to the usual online casinos you might have seen elsewhere. The sweepstakes model is a cool alternative if you live in the US – anywhere but in Washington state and Idaho – and this gives you something alternative and exciting to check out. Yes, there might be fewer games, but those you’ll see are rarely recognizable, so you’re getting an unusual and tempting website to explore. Sweeps Slots Casino certainly puts a refreshing twist on things.

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