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golden hearts games bonusGolden Hearts Games is a unique social casino in that it works on a model that involves charity donations, both for the day-to-day running as well as the Golden Hearts Games promotions available on the site.

To make the most of the Golden Hearts Games sign up offers in the US, you’ll need to know how to sign up and if you need a Golden Hearts Games promo code. Getting involved with this social casino also helps your favorite charity and allows you to win real cash prizes so should be well worth your time.

Social Casino Bonus
Golden Hearts Games
Social Casino Bonus
100% Deposit Match on First Donation
Welcome Bonus
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Introduction to Bonus Offers – Why are there Golden Hearts Games promotions?

With this much going for it, you might be wondering why Golden Hearts Games even needs a welcome bonus – but as you’ll see in the US social casino reviews elsewhere on this site, everybody offers them. They are used as an incentive to entice you to join, and when you realize that the choice of social casinos is so vast, even an establishment like this one needs something extra going for it to stand out from the crowd.

The bonus here isn’t like anything you’d get from another social casino. That welcome offer would normally be a pile of virtual coins that is the same for everybody and is then topped up each day that you log in. However, because of the provider’s unique set-up – which is explained in more detail over in our Golden Hearts Games review – that can’t happen here.

In short, you donate a cash amount to charity, and that gets you a certain amount of Golden Hearts (the name of the virtual coin used here). The bigger the donation, the more Golden Hearts you get, and as a welcome bonus, the amount for your first donation is doubled.

How to Use the Bonus - Get started with the Golden Hearts Games bonus for us players

As you can probably imagine, the fact that Golden Hearts games is not like other social or sweepstake casinos means that the whole process of claiming the bonus is different too. For a start, you’ll need to sign-up and confirm that you are in the US (although geolocation software makes it hard for anyone outside the US to even view the site) and then you need to make your charity donation on the site.

This can be to any IRS-recognized U.S. public charity and the number of Golden Hearts you get in return will be double what you would get for any other non-subscription donation you make (or as they refer to them on the site, an ‘a la carte’ donation). You can make the donation using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover, as well as Apple and Google pay, which are all valid for the Golden Hearts Games deposit bonus.

To activate the bonus, you won’t need any sort of Golden Hearts Games bonus code, but you will need to check the T&Cs of the offer to make sure this has not changed, as offers evolve as time goes on to remain competitive.

What are the wagering requirements for Golden Hearts Games promotions?

Golden Hearts Games call this a 100% match bonus, and normally when you see those words, you might expect there to be some sort of wagering requirements, as you would often see at a real money online casino. These would normally involve a rollover requirement, where you have to play through the bonus amount 10x, 20x, or more times before you can make a withdrawal. However, there are no such wagering requirements here, or even a Golden Hearts Games bonus code to get things started.

As you might have read in our BetRivers social casino review, social casinos don’t typically have any wagering requirements at all, and even though Golden Hearts Games is not the same type of social casino as BetRivers, we were happy to see they have this in common.

Top 5 Expert Tips – Getting the best out of Golden Hearts Games promotions

Getting hold of the bonus is very easy, and it’s quite generous too, so it would be a shame not to get the very best out of it that you can. As Golden Hearts Games is not quite your average social casino, there are some extra things you need to take into account to make that Golden Hearts Games bonus for US players pay dividends. Please note, that these tips are specific to this bonus and not just general tips.

Read the terms and conditions of the offer

This was mentioned above, but it’s so important that it needs to be stressed again. Offers can change, so check the small print to see what you should and should not be doing, and if you are unsure about anything, check with customer support to make sure you are not wasting your bonus Golden Hearts needlessly.

Check which games you prefer

Golden Hearts Games is divided into two main areas for you to use the bonus (both covered in more detail later on). These are the bingo games that run live every 10 to 15 minutes, and the ‘QuickPlay’ games (which are a few slots as well as some table games and scratchers) which can be played any time. These are very different prospects from each other, and finding out which one suits you best will help you get the most out of this bonus.

Remember your golden hearts won’t expire

While you might have to check the T&Cs to see how long you have to claim your bonus after registration, once you have it, unlike many other bonuses – it won’t expire. This means you don’t have to rush to meet any deadlines and can play your preferred games at your own pace without one eye on the clock. (However, if you fail to log in for 6 months they may be forfeit).

Don’t forget you can win cash prizes

Unlike other social casinos, you can win cash prizes at Golden Hearts Games. This means that rather than just wager on whatever takes your fancy, you can, if you wish, strategize your wagers in order to come away with a cash prize (or two). These winnings can be withdrawn at any time if you wish (although smaller withdrawals may incur charges).

Check out other offers

With this in mind, see which games have the best payout percentages, or use your Golden Hearts to buy your maximum allowance of bingo cards (which is 100) on the bigger money games that are played each evening. This can increase your potential return for the same outlay, and help you get the best from the bonus.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Bonus – The Golden Hearts Games sign up offers in the US

Do you need a Golden Hearts Games bonus code to activate to offer?

Bonus codes are usually used when claiming a bonus and using the wrong one can mean you’ll get a different offer from the one you want, or no bonus at all. Here there is currently no need for a Golden Hearts Games promo code for US players, and the bonus is simply triggered by making a donation.

Is there a Golden Hearts Games no deposit bonus?

The short answer is that as there is no deposit requirement, that type of bonus does not apply here. However, you can play at Golden Hearts Games without making a donation (you can apply for a redemption code by mail) but this does not entitle you to the 100% match welcome bonus, with or without a Golden Hearts Games bonus code.

Can I make a donation using PayPal?

Donations can be made using a number of methods, but these are limited to debit and credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, and Discover, but PayPal is not among them. PayPal can, however, be used for making withdrawals from your real cash prize winnings.

How often do the Golden Hearts bingo games run?

You can use your bonus Golden Hearts on the many bingo games that run on the site. This happens live every 10-15 minutes, so you’ll never have too long to wait. Real cash prizes can vary from game to game, with the bigger prizes reserved for the evenings when participation is likely to be greater.

How much of my bonus donation goes to charity?

This is a site with a charity-driven agenda, but also needs to keep running and also pay out those that win while playing bingo or the QuickPlay games. According to Golden Hearts Games, the breakdown is like this: 80% of the amount goes to game prizes for players, 10% to charity, and 10% to keep the site running.

Additional Rewards & Loyalty Programs – Which other Golden Hearts Games promotions are available

Golden Hearts Games does not work like other social casinos in that there is no Golden Hearts Games bonus code, you can win cash prizes, and the amount of virtual coins you start off with depends on the size of your initial donation. The differences don’t end there as the VIP program is quite unique as well.

The VIP program runs as part of a subscription program at bronze, silver, and gold levels. A bronze subscription starts at $19.00 per month and gets you just over 10,000 Golden Hearts to play with, as well as 32 cards in each of the scheduled bingo games each day (although you need to ‘be’ there to win a prize). Monthly subscription donations are non-refundable, but you are able to upgrade and downgrade between levels as you choose.

You can add to this balance by taking advantage of the daily bonus, which is a wheel of fortune-like game which is free to play and can get you up to 2500 Golden Hearts. Overall, a far more interesting package than we have seen at most of the other social casinos.

Golden Hearts Games Bingo Bonus

Bingo Bonus Intro

The bonus offer covers the entire site, so the 100% match applies here too. The bingo section is very different, however, so needs to be looked at separately as the tactics for getting the most out of your boosted number of Golden Hearts will also need to be very different indeed.

Reality Test

While you can play on the QuickPlay games any time you want, the bingo games are played ‘live’ against other players. They start every 10-15 minutes so it should fit in with whatever else you are doing, but you do need to be present to activate the function that crosses your numbers off and press the ‘bingo’ button should you need to claim a prize.

Bonus Withdrawal

As with the QuickPlay games, the Golden Hearts you wager have no cash value to be withdrawn. The cash prizes won on bingo are withdrawable at any time, as there are no wagering requirements to meet first.


There are very few rules and no Golden Hearts Games promo code to worry about here, so there are no pitfalls at the time of this review. It has to be mentioned again, though, that things change, and checking the T&Cs is always a good idea before joining yourself.

Verdict on Bonus

Using the bonus on the bingo games is easy, and with the prospect of cash prizes, is bound to be popular. There is not much in the way of variation, however, so make sure you do a few trial runs first. Overall, though, a very good bonus to use across the site and worth checking out.

Golden Hearts Games Social Casino Bonus

Social Casino Bonus Intro

The bonus here at Golden Hearts games is probably unique as it is defined by the size of the charity donation you make shortly after sign-up. The bonus is a 100% match of the Golden Hearts you are handed when you make a donation, effectively doubling your balance. This can be played out in two areas; the bingo area which we will look at next, but first the slots, table games, and scratchers that make the ‘QuickPlay’ games.

Reality Test

As the bonus has no wagering requirements, you can pick any of the Quickplay games although there are not as many options as you would expect to see at a social casino. The rules for each game, as well as staking limits are set out for you to read in the FAQs along with the win percentages, so you can pick which games you can play.

Bonus Withdrawal

Bonus withdrawal is different here, as the Golden Hearts virtual coins cannot be withdrawn, but the cash prizes you could win, can. These can be withdrawn at any time, although you might want to wait until that gets over the $25/$50 mark (depending on how you wish to be paid) to avoid charges.


The only real pitfall here is to make sure you check the T&Cs before signing up to make sure the bonus is the same as the one you are reading about here. Offers evolve, and it might be that some of the payment methods have changed or that you now need a Golden Hearts Games promo code.

Verdict on Bonus

Overall, this is a hard bonus to compare with others because it is unique. That said, it is very generous, has the chance of cash prizes, and has no wagering requirements, so as long as you are happy with the somewhat limited number of game options available, you’ll find this an easy bonus to get to grips with.

Social Casino Bonus
Golden Hearts Games
Social Casino Bonus
100% Deposit Match on First Donation
Welcome Bonus
Get Bonus

Overall Conclusion – A great bonus offer that helps charity and offers cash prizes

In short, this bonus is one of the most generous we’ve seen at a social casino, possibly even bettering the one we found in our Fortune Coins social casino review. Because of its unique set-up, it’s hard to compare directly to anything else, for the simple reason that there isn’t anything else like it.

You can control how big the welcome bonus is by the size of your donation, and playing that bonus is different from other places as the range of games is a bit smaller, and very bingo heavy. This is tempered by the fact you can win cash prizes with the bonus, which will have its appeal. Overall, if the idea of mixing your social gaming with giving money to charity appeals to you, then this is the perfect place for you to go.

Golden Hearts Games promo code FAQ

🎩 Where can I find the Golden Hearts Games promo code?

Online casinos typically use bonus codes to activate offers; however, Golden Hearts Games is far from an ordinary online casino. To get the full story on what you need to do to get this generous bonus, read our online review.

🙋 Does the Golden Hearts Games promo code get you free spins?

Players like free spins and they normally make up some part of a welcome bonus, but this is not always the case. To find out exactly what you’ll get with a Golden Hearts Games bonus code, read our latest review.

💪 Are there any other Golden Hearts Games promotions?

It is not unusual for an online social casino to have several promotions running at the same time, and to check out which Golden Hearts Games promotions are currently active, check out our online review of all the available offers.

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