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Fortune Coins Social Casino Bonus
140k GC + 400 FC
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We look at a lot of new betting sites here at, but rarely one as fresh into the world of online betting as the Fortune Coins casino. That means its quality remains a mystery to most.

Well, nothing is as indicative of the likely quality and generosity of this brand new social casino – aimed at American and Canadian players – as its bonus selection. We’ll be unraveling this mystery starting with those all-important Fortune Coins promotions, from the Fortune Coins deposit bonus to any relevant Fortune Coins bonus code information that might be useful to you.

Social Casino Bonus
Fortune Coins
Social Casino Bonus
140k GC + 400 FC
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Introduction to the Fortune Coins bonus offers - What do you get?

The Fortune Coins bonus for US players and beyond is vital to your ability to enjoy the site. That’s because this is a social casino, so you don’t buy Fortune Coins, but win/collect them through a variety of different means.

We’ll cover how they work generally in more detail in our Fortune Coins reviews US, but here, we’re focusing on the Fortune Coins sign up offers US. The first example you’ll come across is simple, novel and most importantly, good fun. It’s a welcome offer activated by spinning the wheel to unlock a prize of up to 1,000 coins.

How to use the Fortune Coins welcome bonus - A step-by-step guide

There’s little doubt that this welcome offer is distinct from many similar examples – both in the sense that being a social casino means that it’s naturally a different proposition from other excellent examples like BetMGM sign up offers US. But also because it’s a Fortune Coins no deposit bonus.

In fact, its simplicity is so great, we think the best way to explain how it works is to make its distinctions from more typical casino offers – like the Caesars sign up offers US – clear. Firstly, no Fortune Coins promo code is needed. Secondly, there’s no wagering requirements to worry about.

When you go over to the site, you’ll be invited to spin the wheel. Upon hitting that button, you’ll be taken to an incredibly simple registration form. Again, there’s no need for a deposit, or indeed – at the time of writing – any Fortune Coins bonus code. You’ll just be asked for some really simple information including your name, email, phone number and country. Or course, you’ll need to be from an available country for this sign up to be successful.

The final thing on these forms is to agree to receive email and phone updates (this is necessary for your application to be accepted) and to agree to the terms and conditions. From here, simply hit ‘Spin’ and your promotional fate will be decided.

The wheel could land on anything from 10 to 1,000 Fortune Coins. You’ll then receive an invitation link to redeem these later. Although, we wouldn’t consider this a typical Fortune Coins promo code, it is necessary to use the promotion. And that’s it – we did say simplicity was a virtue.

Top 5 expert tips - Take advantage of the Fortune Coins offer

Want to go beyond the Fortune Coins promo code US information and make the most out of this generous welcome bonus? Here’s five tips to help you with exactly that:

Remember things are subject to change

We cover the latest in different promotions and operators here at In fact, bringing you the most up-to-date gambling news is something we take a great deal of pride in. With that in mind, it’s not without emphasis that we state this is about as early doors for a new promotion as it gets, as this site is absolutely brand spanking new.

We pretty much always advise – whether it’s for a social casino or the latest Betfair promo code US offering – that terms are subject to change. We’ll keep you updated as best you can, but we still recommend you check out the most recent terms in case they’ve very recently been adapted. This is especially the case for a new site working out how to provide the best product, as everything from the Fortune Coins bonus code to the promotional concept could easily be rethought at any moment.

Use this as an opportunity to see if the casino is right for you

Never forget, Fortune Coins promo code or not, that the idea of a welcome bonus shouldn’t just be to provide value but also to give the best possible introduction to a new bookmaker. We’d say the same here. Fortune Coins casino may be new but this is an ideal way of checking them out without taking any risks or committing to more than a simple sign up sheet.

Only use this bonus once

Like pretty much all responsible bookmakers, operators tend to be very strict about the use of multiple accounts. Fortune Coins, like almost all other betting sites, comes with an absolute rule that you must only utilize this welcome bonus once.

The information they check includes both your email and phone number. Failing to follow this rule could lead to your bonus being rescinded or even your account being banned outright. So, don’t try it, especially as Fortune Coin casino offers plenty of other ways to get extra coins.

Keep your invitation link handy

We talked before about how we were given a code to access our account and reward once we had finished our application form and spun the wheel. Whether you consider this a traditional Fortune Coins bonus code or not, it’s fair to say you’ll want to make sure you maintain it in order to gain access later. Remember, you can only sign up once.

Ensure you use an email you regularly access

Of course, the easiest way of keeping on top of everything related to Fortune Coins, from any future Fortune Coins bonus code to whole new games or promotions, is to ensure that your contact details are regularly accessed. In other words, you’ll want to use an email you visit often to avoid missing out, especially – as it’s entirely possible for future Fortune Coins promotions and their Fortune Coins promo code to be on a time limit.

Frequently asked questions - All about the Fortune Coins bonus

Even the simplest of Fortune Coins promotions will have a couple of hidden considerations within their terms that are important to understand. This is as true for a social casino like Fortune Coins as it would be for a Borgata bonus for US players. With that in mind, here’s some frequently asked questions answered to help ensure your enjoyment of this welcome offer goes off without a hitch:

How are Fortune Coins different from Gold Coins?

Vital to utilizing Fortune Coin promotions is understanding how they work. First off, there are two types of coins on this site: Gold Coins and Fortune Coins. Gold Coins can be bought and used to play standard games. Fortune Coins can also be used to play games, but must be won not bought, and can be redeemed at a price of $1 per coin.

Are there any wagering requirements that I should be aware of?

Just as there’s no Fortune Coins promo code information you need to be aware of at the time of writing, our research also indicates no relevant wagering requirement either for this or any other Fortune Coins promotions offered right now.

The closest thing to a wagering requirement – and keep in mind, this is a general rule not just for the welcome bonus – is that Fortune Coins can typically be redeemed after a single play. However, this could be increased at the request of the operator up to 30 times. That, however, doesn’t seem likely right now.

What about any time limits?

There doesn’t appear to be any specific time limits required to redeem this promotion. There is, similar to our last answer, a more general rule that is also relevant to this welcome offer. If no activity is made on an account for 60 days, it “may” be deactivated. Whether it is deactivated would be at the discretion of the site itself. This, of course, includes the coins won as part of this welcome offer.

Where can I find the sweeps rules and terms and conditions?

As discussed previously, we always recommend you check out the terms for yourself in order to ensure you have the most up-to-date information available. You won’t want to miss out on any necessary new Fortune Coins bonus code, for instance. To find the terms and conditions and the general rules of the sweeps – both of which are vital to understanding all the Fortune Coins promotions – simply scroll to the bottom of the homepage and both are clearly visible with links, alongside some general information.

Do I need to prove my identity to enjoy this bonus?

You may not need identification information as you spin the wheel, but you very likely will when it comes time to redeem any of those coins. Relevant documentation includes things like photographic ID, proof of income and proof of ownership of any payment methods used during your time with the site.

Additional rewards - Daily prizes await

There’s no promotion available at the time of writing that we would say falls into your typically defined loyalty reward program. However, there are plenty of other bonus offers, all of which reward loyalty in some kind of way. All of them are essentially ways of winning Fortune Coins – which is of course, the only way of obtaining them.

Alongside the sign up bonus, you can also win coins as a free bonus when buying gold coins, as a daily bonus for logging in consistently,  for watching an information video, as an invitation bonus and even as a reward for sending a handwritten note to the company requesting Fortune Coins. We particularly like the last one for its creativity – although we think that the rewards for logging in daily best suit the criteria of loyalty bonus. As is the case with the welcome bonus, there is no Fortune Coins promo code needed at the time of writing.

Fortune Coins Social Casino Bonus

Bonus intro

The welcome offer by Fortune Coins is an incredibly simple one in terms of its concept. It’s essentially a prize wheel – which is indicative of the operator’s social casino concept where prizes can be one without the need to deposit money. The wheel is spun, for free, and your prize ranges between 10 Fortune Coins and 1000 Fortune Coins.

The Fortune Coin is an in-game currency which can also be redeemed for prizes. Unlike the site’s other in-game currency, Gold Coins – which can also be used to play the casino games on offer – Fortune Coins must be won in promotions such as this and cannot simply be bought.

Reality test

The practicalities of using this bonus are as simple and as easy as its concept. When you go to spin the wheel, a registration form will pop up. It only takes a minute to fill in. You just need to provide some details including your name, phone number and email address. Next, agree to the terms and to allow for the site to contact you (which is necessary for this kind of promotion and the social casino concept) and hit spin.

The wheel will then spin and you’ll randomly win an amount of Fortune Coins. We won 100 – so not too bad, we’d say – and were given a code to be able to redeem this and access them when logging into our account later. And that’s all there was to it.

Bonus withdrawal

The way the bonus withdrawal works is the same as with any other Fortune Coin prizes. You can play games with Fortune Coins in order to win additional coins. Those won through this gameplay can be redeemed, subject to what is typically a one-time playthrough. It’s important to note that the terms and conditions do specify this playthrough can be up to 30x at the request of the operator, but this should not be the case for the majority of the bonus users.

You have to redeem 50 coins as a minimum at a time and they are redeemed at a rate of $1 per coin. Actually withdrawing the funds is as simple as requesting that money into a relevant withdrawal option.


There are very few pitfalls from such a simple bonus, as soon as you understand how the redemption of coins and withdrawal works.

The only other key things to keep in mind are that there’s a limit of withdrawals in certain states of $5,000, documentation is needed to redeem your funds, your account can be suspended and promotion discarded if you use dual accounts and that after 60 days of inactivity, your account and any promotional funds remaining in them is liable to get deactivated. Beyond those simple, and fairly expected terms, everything is as easy as it sounds.

Verdict on bonus

Spinning a wheel to win a prize may be incredibly simple and straightforward, but that really is the charm of this bonus and it makes it ideal for a welcome promotion. It’s extremely inviting as well as providing really easy to use value to the new player.

Of course, all of this wouldn’t matter much if the prize wasn’t backed up by such good fundamentals, including fair, easy to understand terms, a logical coin redeeming system as well as plenty of other bonuses in the future. Considering we pretty much view this welcome offer to be a top-class on all counts, this is a virtually unmitigated success. Remarkable for such a new operator.

Social Casino Bonus
Fortune Coins
Social Casino Bonus
140k GC + 400 FC
Get Bonus

Overall conclusion - A bright start to Fortune Coins

It’s still very early days for Fortune Coins promotions, but we’re nonetheless impressed by the efforts they’ve made to hit the ground running. This spin the wheel welcome offer with the possibility of winning up to 1,000 Fortune Coins is a fantastically enticing, creative and simple way of getting people involved in the social casino concept. Just as important is that it’s complemented by many other great ways of winning Fortune Coins.

Truthfully, it’s too early to say definitively what the future of this site looks like, but from this early vantage point, it looks optimistically bright right now – in part thanks to this excellent welcome offer.

Fortune Coins Promotions FAQ

💰What kind of welcome bonus is offered by Fortune Coins casino?

Just because a social casino has a welcome promotion, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a good one. That’s why here at, we won’t just be telling you what kind of welcome promotion is available from Fortune Coins, if any, but also how it works, so you can decide whether or not it’s worth your time.

❓Are there other ways of getting Fortune Coins beyond the welcome offer?

At a social casino like Fortune Coins casino, your account currency is vitally important to your enjoyment and all-around practical use of the site. This means that you’ll need to know about Fortune Coins and how to win them, both as part of the welcome offer and beyond, as well as how they work independently and alongside any other available in-site currencies. All that and more will be covered as part of our Fortune Coins welcome offer guide.

🎰How do I redeem and withdraw any Fortune Coins I win from the welcome offer?

It doesn’t matter how good a promotion is if the prizes given cannot be redeemed, used or withdrawn by the player. Well, here at, we leave no stone unturned in providing you with all the information you need to make the most out of your favorite bookmakers. So, we won’t just be covering how to get the bonus, or even just the terms and conditions, but everything from start to finish, from winning the prize to withdrawal.

Social Casino Bonus
Fortune Coins
Social Casino Bonus
140k GC + 400 FC
Get Bonus

User Reviews for Fortune Coins Bonus

5/5 – 1 User Review
  1. Intentionally Delaying Account Verification Hoping you'll Gamble Away Redemption money

    Customer service initially responded same day and opened the account verification again since I forgot an address verification document. Since I submitted everything correctly ten days ago they have ignored five or six emails and tickets I’ve submitted asking why my account still isn’t verified and why I cannot redeem. All of my emails have been very polite, kind and courteous.

    I'm not sure what kind of scheme this is... but they need to respond to their customers concerns if they expect to have any loyalty in the long term. I want my prize money. I've waited two weeks to be verified after sending everything requested. I have strong suspicion I've just been robbed of $300+ in prize winnings.

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