Best FanDuel Payment Methods for Casino and Sportsbook 2022

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FanDuel Payment Methods, Payout and Deposit Options

It’s always important to have a nice variety of payment methods. No matter what platform you’re using, having options is always helpful, and always gives you a good idea about the operator. Well, the FanDuel payment methods give you options.

All across the FanDuel app, there are so many different opportunities to win big. So the opportunity to withdraw your money as easily and securely as possible is always a priority. In this article, we’ll cover which FanDuel deposit and which FanDuel withdrawal methods are the best, and why you should always make payment methods your priority.

The importance of payment method options – the core of every great online operator

We always say in our FanDuel reviews that payment methods are the backbone of any great online platform. It represents more than just deposits and withdrawals, it’s the core of how an operator and a player does business.

For one, any online sportsbook or casino that has a good range of payment methods instantly looks more attractive to any potential player. When a player looks at the FanDuel payment methods, they’ll be drawn in because there are so many – and they’re all so different.

Another aspect is the reliability factor. We know there are a few payment methods that are used for every online platform. It’s more than likely that a customer will consistently use one form of payment throughout their run with the online platform.

For example, the FanDuel withdrawal options feature some of the more common and relied upon forms of payment. Having these traditional payment methods here makes the world of difference.

What payment methods does FanDuel offer? Some great variety and consistency

At first glance, you might think FanDuel doesn’t offer a great variety of payments. There are only really five FanDuel payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals. But it’s the consistency and the flexibility that these five payment methods provide which makes them some of the best quality payment methods out there.

Paypal – deposits and withdrawal

PayPal is a staple in online sportsbook payments, and it’s certainly a great payment method to use for FanDuel.

With a minimum deposit of $10, free of any charge, and a maximum deposit and withdrawal method of $5,000, PayPal offers plenty of flexibility in the amount of money you can use. But a FanDuel withdrawal is probably most beneficial with PayPal. PayPal withdrawals take from 24 to 48 hours on FanDuel

FanDuel Prepaid card – deposits and withdrawal

If you’re a frequent FanDuel customer, you might top up your FanDuel Prepaid card as a FanDuel payment method. It essentially works as a loyalty card – you put money on it, and you can deposit or withdraw at your leisure. The minimum deposit here is $10, and it’s an instant deposit time. For withdrawals, it’s very quick: it takes from 24 to 36 hours.

Credit and debit card – deposits

This is the most traditional way to put money into your account; you can’t go wrong using a debit or credit card as a FanDuel payment method. The minimum deposit here is $10, and it’s an instant payment time.

E-Check/Check – withdrawal

This is essentially an alternative method of withdrawal if you use a debit or credit card. Using a paper check is just the same as any other check used. Fill out the check and put in the FanDuel details, and go through the process of clearing it.

Rather than a paper check, FanDuel also offers a virtual check as a FanDuel withdrawal method. Just put in your name, address, and how much you want to be withdrawn like you would a normal check. It usually takes three to five working days for an E-Check or five to seven working days for a paper check.

PayNearMe – deposit

A more modern form of payment, PayNearMe, is an e-billing platform that essentially speeds up and simplifies any payments you regularly would make. It is only available as a deposit method at the moment, and it works instantly. The minimum deposit you can make is $10.

How payment methods influence withdrawal times – why one FanDuel cash out can be quicker than another

When you talk about withdrawal options, there are a lot more technicalities that go into it than a deposit. For example, if you look at any of the FanDuel withdrawal options compared to the deposit methods, you’d realize that it takes significantly longer in most cases. There’s a couple of different reasons why this happens.

The ‘middle man’

You can see that a common theme between some of the more traditional payment methods and the more modern eWallets is speed. For example, a FanDuel withdrawal using a check takes 3-5 working days, but a FanDuel withdrawal using PayPal would only take 48 hours maximum.

This is because no bank needs to process your payment. Banks will always process incoming payments to ensure they’re legitimate, and take any necessary fees off of your payments. Using an e-Wallet takes the whole banking system out of the equation.

Internal processing

If you look at the FanDuel Prepaid card, you can see it’s the fastest out of all of the FanDuel withdrawal options. There’s a simple reason for that. FanDuel themselves do all of the processing.

They process their deposit, they process your withdrawal and they handle all of the technicalities. Any online operator that uses an internal payment method or creates their own ‘card’ like FanDuel will likely provide the fastest payment method internally.

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Verification requirements for using FanDuel payment methods – how does FanDuel payout safely and securely?

Every reliable online sportsbook or online casino will have several verification methods that go along with their payments. FanDuel is no different. They work with the various officials in each of these payment methods to ensure all of the payment methods you use are as safe and are as quick as can be.


PayPal is already top of all the eWallets when it comes to payments. And, FanDuel is up there with them. To use PayPal with FanDuel, you need to have a verified PayPal account.

This involves linking either your bank account or your debit/credit card and going through a verification process to make sure the card is yours.


Before you use an E-Check, there are several different verification methods before it gets cleared for withdrawal.

First off, you need to link the check with your bank account – you do this by putting in your necessary bank information (IBAN, BIC, etc.). After that, you’ll have to verify this; depending on the bank you’re with, you can do this through an app or in person at your local bank link.

FanDuel Prepaid card

When it comes to topping up or withdrawing from your FanDuel Prepaid card, FanDuel withdrawals are taken very seriously.

You’ll have to input your online casino password, and if the payment is a large one, you might have to answer a few pre-written security questions to confirm you are the one making the FanDuel withdrawal.

Do the available payment methods have limits? – the minimum and maximum amounts you can work with

We covered earlier that the minimum deposit for most of the FanDuel payment options is $10. But, what about the withdrawal methods? Is there a maximum deposit amount? Are there any fees? Let’s answer all of these questions now.

Deposit limits

The deposit limits for FanDuel doesn’t depend as much on the payment method, as it does the state. You have to remember every state in the US has different gambling laws, so the results for deposit limits can vary.

The deposit limit for Tennessee is $2,500, but the deposit limit for New Jersey is $10,000. It depends on the state. We can confirm $10,000 is the highest deposit limit, and some states, like Maryland, have a low deposit limit of $1,000 a month.

Withdrawal limits

FanDuel withdrawal options are fairly consistent across the board. The maximum withdrawal option you can do in a month is $10,000, and that’s across most payment methods. The FanDuel sign up offers US, however, cannot usually be withdrawn when you decide to claim these bonuses.

PayPal has a cap of $5,000 on it, and similar to deposits, it can depend on the state you are based in. The withdrawal limit in Tennessee, for example, caps off at $2,500 as well.


Fortunately enough, there are no fees on any deposits or withdrawals. It’s a testament to how good FanDuel payment methods are that they don’t charge any extortionate fees on your winnings.

Keep in mind that the payment provider may provide fees of their own, like a bank for debit/credit card, and you’re still liable to pay tax on casino winnings.

Payment method: competitor analysis – FanDuel matches up well with the competition

When you look at other payment providers, you may see that they provide a better variety of payment methods than FanDuel has. There are some online sportsbooks out there that would provide nearly 10 payment methods, but FanDuel does not. We don’t think that’s a bad thing for FanDuel though, as the five methods they provide are all trustworthy, and reliable.

No matter what state you’re in, from Pennsylvania to Iowa, you’ll be able to use all five of these payment methods. Using the FanDuel Prepaid card is also a unique and safe payment option that none of the competition will be able to use. It certainly helps that this is the fastest FanDuel withdrawal option.

There are a few obvious omissions we have to note though. PayPal is the only eWallet that FanDuel does offer.

Most other online casinos and online sportsbooks would offer other eWallet options, like Skrill, Neteller, Trustly, and more. Maybe having that bit more of a range of eWallet options would help FanDuel improve their payment system.

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FanDuel payment methods FAQ

⏳ What is the fastest FanDuel withdrawal option?

Withdrawals are generally a little bit different from deposits, for a variety of reasons. Deposits are normally far more straightforward, but when it comes to withdrawals, there are a few things you should be made aware of. For more information, check out our betting payment methods reviews.

💳 Why can’t I withdraw with a credit card on FanDuel?

Debit and credit cards are some of the more traditional forms of payment in terms of online sportsbooks. They’re still used regularly today, despite the many eWallets that are popping up in most online sportsbooks. For more information, check out our Credit Card betting sites review.

💬 Who has better payment methods: FanDuel or DraftKings?

That’s a tough one to answer. You have to remember that different players have different tastes, and there are different factors in online sportsbooks that make them great. For more information, check out our best sportsbook for US players page.

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