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How to get latest US Barstool Promo Code & Sign-up Bonus Offer

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Our team at has been lauded by US online betting fans from all walks of life for providing comprehensive bookmaker bonus reviews. You can bet your bottom dollar that we know all about the latest Barstool promotions.

As usual, we’ll first introduce you to the long and short of this welcome package. Our guide will then look into the correct acquisition and use of the offer, including the presence of a Barstool bonus code. We also particularly dwelt on providing hot tips on how you can make the most of this and other bonuses.

Introduction to bonus offers – in 4 sentences

Judging by how competitive the online sports betting market is, bookies can only attract and retain customers if they offer enticing incentives. Barstool elevates its game by availing not one but two Barstool promotions. The first is the $10 Barstool no deposit bonus offer. The second is the new player bonus that gives you an equal free bet of up to $1,000.

How to use the bonus – and the Barstool bonus code availability

Both Barstool promotions are specifically meant to welcome the new customer on board. To activate either of the Barstool sign up offers, US players must register with the betting site first. Once your player account is active, you immediately receive a $10 no deposit bonus cash right away— for free! Think of it as the bookmaker’s way of thanking you for joining the site. You can use this Barstool sportsbook bonus code to scout the platform without paying. But if you do win, you get real cash!

Once you’ve used up the no deposit offer and are still keen on forging a long-term relationship with the site, the 2 for 1 new player Barstool deposit bonus is your next stop. This offer gives you an equal free bet of up to $1,000. But you have to make an initial deposit to activate this particular Barstool bonus code. From there, you must proceed to place your first real money single sports wager on your bet slip.  Note that you’ll only receive the free bet if your qualifying wager settles as a loss. What if you win? Unfortunately, the deal is off the table.

The good news is there’s no need for you to opt-in to activate either one of the Barstool bonus code offers. You’ll admit that makes things a little easier on your part. Just remember that these are the terms we uncovered at the time of reviewing the Barstool promotions. But as you know, bookies often tweak their conditions without warning.  So, it’s worth double-checking for the latest terms before claiming any of the Barstool promo code US promos.

Top 5 expert tips to take advantage of the offer – and other Barstool promotions

At first glance, both Barstool promotions look tempting and pretty straightforward to use. But if you’re not careful, you may wind up not getting the most out of the offer. So, we took the liberty to dish out a few expert tips to help you enjoy the offers optimally.

Go big or go home

The 2 for 1 Barstool bonus code of up to $1,000 is a classic example of a risk-free bet. The bookie promises to refund your initial real money wager if your qualifying bet loses. So, there’s really no risk on your part. With such bets, you’re allowed to wager the maximum amount. If you win, your bankroll goes through the roof. If you don’t, you’ll receive your free bet wager back in the form of bonus cash. It’s a win-win either way.

Make your first bet count

Barstool doesn’t mince its words about the 2 for 1 Barstool bonus code conditions. Your first wager on the bet slip counts as the qualifying bet. If by any chance, you decide to place multiple bets on your betting slip, the bookie won’t disqualify you. Instead, they’ll use the very first wager you make after your first deposit as the qualifying bet. So, if you do make multiple bets, always make sure that the first bet counts and is potentially lucrative. Similarly, if your first wager is a parlay bet, the next non-parlay bet you place will count as your eligible wager.

Stick to the shortest odds possible

You have two options when placing your qualifying wager on your risk-free promo. Either you go for the longest or shortest odds. The majority of bettors who go for the long underdog do so with the assurance that they’ll get a second shot anyway if the first bet loses. But it’s always a good idea to play it safe and go with the shortest odds allowable.

Don’t overlook your betting strategy

When tackling either Barstool promotion, we always advise you to incorporate a betting strategy. Always treat every bet with the attention it deserves. Research the teams, players, and compare odds before placing every bet.

Don’t cash out your first bets

The cash-out feature is one of the most liberating features for any sports bettor. You have the opportunity to cash out your wager while it’s still profitable if you notice that your predictions may not end well. But we’d advise you to stay clear of this feature—just for the eligible wager. That’s because cashing out your first wager automatically disqualifies your qualifying bet, and you forfeit the Barstool promo code.

Frequently Asked Questions about the bonus – and vetted answers

To ensure that you fully understand how the Barstool promotions work, we’ll shed some clarity by answering a few pertinent questions about the bonuses.

When do the Barstool promotions end?

All sportsbook bonuses have expiry dates, and Barstool promos are no exception. Knowing the time frames involved helps you gauge how long you have before the offer is off the table. That’s something bettors hoping to use the bonus on specific fixtures should be wary of. You have up to the end of the year to claim both Barstool promotions.

Can I withdraw the bonus?

Rarely do sportsbooks allow you to withdraw the bonuses upon receipt unless they are looking for the quickest way to bankruptcy. Instead, you’ll need to adhere to the specified wagering conditions. Regardless of the Barstool bonus code that you’re using, you must wager the bonus once before you attempt to cash out any wins. Also, any bonus cash is only converted into real cash after your qualifying wager settles as a win.

What is the order of using funds for wagering?

There’s a specific order the operator follows when using money in your player account while wagering. That’s something you should know so that you’re not caught off-guard. Each time you place a wager, the bookie uses your real cash funds first. Only after you’ve used up your real cash can you wager using the sportsbook Barstool promotions bonus cash funds. A standard across all bookies.

How long does the bonus stay in my account?

Sportsbooks seldom leave bonus funds lying in your accounts indefinitely. Unless otherwise specified, you need to use up your Barstool bonus code within 30 days. Any bonus funds remaining in your player account after the 30 days will automatically disappear. That applies to both promotional offers.

Am I allowed to cancel the bonus?

Yes, you’re allowed to cancel any of the Barstool promotions if you wish. To do this, you need to send an email to [email protected] stating your cancellation request. Once your request is approved, you’re free to withdraw the real cash you deposited. However, you can only withdraw any bonus cash funds in your player account after satisfying the rollover conditions.

Additional Rewards & Loyalty Programs – plus tier points

Barstool doesn’t take bettors’ loyalty lightly and rewards you for your continued patronage on the betting site.  So don’t think the Barstool promotions are all the veteran bookie has to offer. Loyal bettors can become a part of the Barstool MyChoice Loyalty Program. You don’t need to wait for a special invite to be part of this rewarding program. Your very first wager on the platform automatically qualifies you. From there, each bet you place earns you loyalty points. You receive one tier point for every $10 that you wager on straight bets, every $10 you wager on Barstool exclusive bets, and every $5 you wager on parlays.

Once you accumulate your tier points, you can redeem them for exclusive rewards or merchandise. Invites to exclusive promotions and free cruise trips are just some of the benefits you can reap. Of course, the more points you accumulate, the more the rewards.

Barstool Sports Bonus

Bonus intro - an elusive $10 no deposit bonus!

Joining the bookie means you have two exciting Barstool promotions at your disposal.  The first is the $10 zero deposit bonus that gives new visitors on the platform the chance to test the waters. Once you’re confident about the betting platform, you can activate the up to $1,000 risk-free bet.

Reality test - testing out the offer

Once you open your player account with the platform successfully, the bookie immediately deposits the $10 bonus for free. Using the bonus funds, we wagered on a football game and lost. Faced with no issues, we proceeded to make a real money wager to test out the risk-free bonus. After wagering on a basketball game and losing, the bookie refunded our loss with the amount equal to the initial wager within 72 hours as promised.

Bonus withdrawal - withdrawing funds

After receiving the risk-free Barstool promo code, you can’t withdraw it right away. Remember that you have to wager it at least once. Therefore, we proceeded to wager on another football game. We had better luck this time around and won. Of course, we had to play it safe using the shortest odds available.

Pitfalls - what to avoid when claiming the bonus

Generally, claiming the bonus is fairly simple. You just need to make sure you make a single wager with your qualifying risk-free bet. Also, avoid parlay bets and cashing out the eligible wager before the game ends.

Verdict on bonus - a fantastic two-part bonus

We can confidently say the two-part Barstool promotions are worth a shot. Both promos give you a chance to enjoy risk-free wagering and ease you into the thick of things. Don’t expect to withdraw the bonus funds immediately. You have to play through the bonus only once, which is pretty fair in our books.

Sports Bonus
Sports Bonus
up to $10
No Deposit
Barstool Casino Bonus

Bonus intro - a risk-free gambling experience

Sports betting fans aren’t the only ones in for a risk-free gambling experience. The gaming site avails a 100% risk-free Barstool casino bonus code of up to $1,000. In a nutshell, bettors who join the betting site have 24 hours of risk-free gaming to enjoy their favorite games.

Reality test - giving the bonus a try

Claiming the casino bonus was pretty simple after registering. We made a $10 initial deposit by clicking on the deposit option. Immediately all the casino games were available to explore because you can use the bonus on all games. To verify this, we tried out a few titles from each gaming category with no issues. After the 24 hours were up, it took 72 hours to receive the bonus, and we didn’t need a Barstool bonus code.

Bonus withdrawal -withdrawing funds

You can’t immediately withdraw the offer. Players have to follow the rollover conditions, which are 5x for slot games and 25x for table and video poker games. Only after satisfying the playthrough conditions, can you withdraw any winnings. We’ll quickly mention that the bonus isn’t transferrable. And you need to use it up within seven days, after which it expires.

Pitfalls - be aware of these

Unfortunately, if you experience any device malfunction while claiming the bonus and an error result, the site isn’t responsible. Also, the bookie reserves the right to cancel the offer as they see fit. But if you experience any speed bumps, feel free to contact the support team.

Verdict on bonus - great boost to your casino gaming

Having an opportunity to wager on your favorite games risk-free for 24 hours is an opportunity few gamers will pass up. Barstool refunds your losses up to $1,000 during this period. However, if you win, you won’t receive the bonus.

Sports Bonus
Sports Bonus
up to $10
No Deposit

Overall Verdict – well recommended

Barstool promotions cater to different types of bettors. The skeptic bettor not willing to deposit money before getting familiar with the site will appreciate the $10 zero deposit sign up offer. If receiving compensation if your first wager loses appeals to you, the 2 for 1 bonus will come in handy. Either way, both offers give you a chance to scout the betting platform with minimal risk. And both promos have reasonable 30-day expiry periods. But you can’t withdraw any of the cash bonus funds right away. You’ll first need to wager the bonus at least once. In our expert opinion, any player who’s looking to find a new bookie shouldn’t hesitate to claim both promos because of their risk-free nature.

Barstool Indiana

IndianaThe veteran bookie went live in Indiana in May 2021. To celebrate the successful launch of its mobile bonus, Barstool Indiana availed its exciting two-part offer to welcome new players. Firstly, just for signing up, you’ll receive a $10 zero deposit Barstool Indiana bonus. To enjoy this promo, you need to make sure you’re physically present in the state of Indiana. The same applies if you want to wager on different sports. But you can log into your player account and make deposits/withdrawals from anywhere in the US.

Barstool Arizona

ArizonaArizona bettors looking to enjoy the ultimate Barstool sports betting experience had to wait a little longer than other states. That’s because Barstool Arizona only went live in the state on the 9th September 2021. The good news is that despite the long wait, Arizona bettors weren’t short-changed with regards to the Barstool Arizona bonus offer. The bookie extended the same two-part Barstool bonus for US players in the Grand Canyon state. Again, you can only place wagers if you’re physically located in Arizona.

Barstool Tennessee

TennesseeSports betting enthusiasts in Tennessee welcomed Barstool round about the same time Arizona bettors did. After attaining its valid gambling license to operate in the US, Barstool Tennessee went live in the state on 8 September 2021, making it the eighth state in the country to welcome the sports betting giant. That was after the Tennessee Education Lottery approved the bookmaker’s entry into the state. Penn National Gaming, the sportsbook’s parent company, made this possible. For uniformity’s sake, the bookie offered a Barstool Tennessee bonus similar to most other states.

Barstool Virginia

VirginiaBarstool Virginia changed the face of online sports betting when it went live in the state on the 10th of August 2021. Complete with its highly functional mobile app and staggering two-part Barstool Virginia bonus, the bookie is certainly making waves in the Old Dominion. Bettors in Virginia will also receive a $10 no deposit Barstool promo code for just signing up for a new account. And they can enjoy the up to $1,000 risk-free bet if their first wager loses. Again, you can only enjoy this amazing opportunity if you’re physically located in Virginia.

Barstool Colorado

ColoradoColorado can now enjoy the full Barstool sports wagering experience after the betting platform launched its mobile app in the state. The bookie went live in the state on the 9th of August 2021 after receiving the green light to operate in the US. Barstool Colorado didn’t deviate from the norm regarding its bonus offering. Instead, the bookie decided to avail its prolific two-part welcome offer similar to other states to Colorado bettors. So, by joining the site, you’ll first receive a $10 no deposit Barstool Colorado bonus. Once you’ve used that up, you can activate the up to $1,000 risk-free promotion.

Barstool Illinois

IllinoisIllinois sports bettors were among the first to enjoy the presence of the veteran sports betting site in the state in March 2021. Barstool Illinois immaculately timed its launch to start a few days before the major NCAA tournament commenced. To say the launch was a success is an understatement. The household bookie managed to rake in over $2.3 million in bets per day on average. If you multiply that number by 30, it means the sportsbooks enjoyed a cool $72 million bets for the month. However, the Barstool Illinois bonus is slightly different from the rest. While the $10 no deposit bonus allows bettors to enjoy a risk-free bet of up to $500.

Barstool Michigan

MichiganMichigan falls under one of the pilot states to welcome Barstool onto the online sports betting scene. Given how successful the Barstool Michigan was, it makes sense why the bookie decided to spread its wings in more states in the US. In just three days, the bookie recorded almost 25,000 registrations and just over 18,000 first deposits. Currently, bettors looking to join the site can claim the Barstool Michigan bonus comprising the standard $10 zero deposit offer and up to a $1,000 risk-free bonus.

Barstool Pennsylvania

PennsylvaniaPennsylvania was the first-ever state in the US to usher in the Barstool Sportsbook and Casino. Bettors in the state had the privilege of welcoming Barstool Pennsylvania as far back as September 2020. That was after the bookie partnered with Penn National Gaming-owned Hollywood Casino. Currently, bettors who join the site can look forward to a $10 no deposit Barstool Pennsylvania bonus as well as the risk-free $1,000 offer if their first real money wager loses. You’re free to log in, deposit, or withdraw on the platform while you’re anywhere in the US. However, you can only place sports wagers in the Keystone state.

Barstool New Jersey

New JerseyNew Jersey became the seventh state to join a long list of states privy to host Barstool in their jurisdiction. Barstool New Jersey started its soft launch in NJ on August 19th, 2021, and continued through to the 23rd. And it currently stands as the bookmaker’s biggest state yet, in terms of the number of registrations. If you reside in NJ and want a piece of the action, you can claim the two-part Barstool New Jersey bonus. By simply joining the betting platform, you’ll receive a $10 no deposit offer and up to a $1,000 risk-free bet.

Barstool Promo Code FAQ

🗺️ Which states in the US can you find Barstool?

Barstool is a very popular bookie in the US and has managed to set up shop in several states. Go through our reviews if you want the low down on the exact areas where the bookie is live, including details of the Barstool promotions in the respective states.

👍 Are the Barstool promotions fair?

Fair is a relative term when discussing sportsbook bonuses, depending on your skill with sports betting and your bankroll. But for the sake of being objective, a look at the expiry date and wagering conditions will give you the answers you need. We detail all these aspects in our guides.

✔️ How do you use the Barstool promotions?

Claiming a sportsbook or casino bonus can be a tricky affair for the novice bettor. Lucky for you, we walk you through the steps you must follow. Plus, we take it a step further by giving you personal experiences our team of experts faced while using the Barstool promotions.

Risk-free bet guaranteed with the Barstool Louisiana bonus

Yes, your first bet comes risk free thanks to this Barstool Louisiana sportsbook bonus offer. Sign up, make your bet worth up to $1,000, and you’ll get the same value back in bonus funds if your bet loses. No opt-in needed, no hassle, and no codes – just claim yours when you open your account.

You cannot beat this Barstool West Virginia bonus offer

Have you made your first deposit at Barstool? Still waiting to bet for the first time? With no opt-in or hassle, you can make your wager worth up to $1,000 and receive the same amount back as a free wager if your bet loses. That’s the deal with this stunning Barstool West Virginia sportsbook bonus.

Sports Bonus
Sports Bonus
up to $10
No Deposit

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