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One of the most eye-catching bonus offers available currently is the BallyBet sportsbook bonus. While all bonuses are supposed to be attractive, people in Colorado and Iowa have access to the best BallyBet sign up offers US customers can find.

This review will examine all of the available BallyBet promotions that you can access with or without a BallyBet promo code. In addition, it’ll report back all of the reasons why you should claim this bonus immediately, including whether it is a BallyBet no deposit bonus and how you can make the most of what is a very attractive offer.

Sports Bonus
Bally Bet
Sports Bonus
100% up to $150
Risk-Free Bet

Introduction to bonus offers – what are the BallyBet promotions?

Welcome bonuses, as you probably know, are there to attract you to an operator and make you sign-up with them instead of any of their competitors. To do this, a bonus needs to have a decent-sized bounty that is eye-catching. This BallyBet bonus does this not once but twice with a double-barrelled bonus that easily blows other offers away.

How to use the bonus – claim your BallyBet bonus for US players

First things first, though. In many cases activating this bonus would involve using a BallyBet promo code, but after careful investigation, we have found that current BallyBet promotions do not require a BallyBet bonus code. Also, while BallyBet is owned by Bally, who operate several real-world casinos, BallyBet only has an online sportsbook, so there would be no need for a BallyBet casino bonus code anyway.

While this might not seem unusual, what you might find odd is that this bonus comes in two parts. The first part will seem familiar to those who have used a sportsbook before and offers you an initial risk-free bet after you have made your first deposit. For those who have not seen one of these before, you place your first bet, and if it wins, great. However, if it loses, you will be credited with a free bet equal to your losing wager, up to $550. The free bet has to be used within seven days before it expires, and you can’t place it at odds greater than +300.

Experienced users will recognize this as a very generous offer and will think the same about the second part of the welcome bonus. In addition to the risk-free bet up to $550, those opening an account for the first time will receive a free bet of $100. However, there are a few restrictions to note – bet has to be used in full, cannot be cashed out early, or be placed at odds above +300.

This is a very generous offer, and you will no doubt be tempted to sign-up yourself. However, before you do so, check the T&Cs yourself to make sure the offer is still valid and that you are happy to proceed.

Please note: While the New York betting region is included in Bally’s portfolio, the new Bally Bet 2.0 app does not offer New Yorkers a sign-up bonus of any sort. Instead, they can claim one of several other regular promotional offers on the site.

Top 5 expert tips – how you can make the most of your BallyBet deposit bonus

Everybody loves a bonus, and you are likely to feel even better if you can get a decent return from the free bet(s) you have just been handed. With that in mind, here are some things you can do to help you end up with more money in your account.

Write everything down

Some people will use a spreadsheet, but for a bonus this simple and straightforward, a pad and a pen will most likely be enough. You need to make a note of your initial bet and any subsequent free bets to make sure they follow the very basic rules that come with this bonus. That way, you know exactly where you are, and you are unlikely to miss out, which with a bonus this simple could be embarrassing.

Check the T&Cs

With that in mind, you should always check the T&Cs. This is a very basic offer, and while we’ve gone over the restrictions above, that was very much the cliff notes version, and you might find on reading the small print that there is an absolute deal-breaker in there for you. It’s very easy to ignore the T&Cs, but this is one time you shouldn’t just scroll to the bottom and click agree without reading them first.

Set yourself a reminder

Yes, you have seven days to use your free bets, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about them. As these are both one-shot deals, you will need to place them where you are likely to get the best returns allowed under the wagering restrictions, so you’ll need to wait for the best opportunity. In addition, if you are not intending on using your free bet(s), straight away set yourself a reminder for whenever that best opportunity will occur.

Don’t think of it as ‘free money’

Unless you want to, of course, if you want to have a real punt with your free bet or try out a market you know nothing about, then go ahead. However, if you want to get the best return possible from your bonus, you need to think of it in the same way you would any other wager and look for the most likely win within the restrictions of the offer. This might not seem like the most fun, but you can have a lot of fun with the extra winnings, too, if your wager is successful.

Don’t bet on sports you know nothing about

Last of all, before you sign-up, you need to check that everything aligns with your betting habits and your current expertise. For instance, if you are passionate about hockey and the season has just finished, then you might need to seriously consider holding back on the bonus until you are in a better position to make the most of it. Otherwise, you could easily be throwing a very generous bonus away for the sake of waiting a few weeks.

Frequently asked questions – all about the BallyBet sportsbook bonus

For how long are these BallyBet promotions going to be active?

This offer, which can be claimed without a BallyBet sportsbook bonus code, is currently available until the 31st of October 2021. However, operators will often extend or repeat successful promotions, so this may not be the last you see of it, or it may even be replaced with an even more generous offer.

Which payment methods are ineligible for the bonus?

Most operators support a large number of payment methods, and that will typically mean, for various reasons, that one of them is likely to be excluded from an offer. However, this is not the case at BallyBet, because as well as not needing a BallyBet promo code, you will not need to choose your payment method carefully, as all accepted methods are valid for this offer.

Can I transfer my free bet to another bettor if I’m not going to use it?

This bonus offer is a very basic one with very few restrictions. One of those is that the free bets are not transferable and have to be used by you before the specified seven-day time limit has expired. Unfortunately, if you don’t use your free bets before the deadline, any remaining free bets will be removed from your account.

My wife has used this bonus and thinks I should get one too – can I do that?

This offer is very simple in principle, does not need a BallyBet bonus code to activate, and has very few restrictions compared to offers you might find elsewhere. Among those restrictions is the one that specifies only one offer per household or IP address. This means that if your wife shares a home or device with you, you will be unable to benefit from these specific BallyBet promotions.

Will the stake be returned on my free bets?

Regardless of which operator you sign up with, offers involving free bets usually follow the same rules, and this is true even for an offer as generous as this one. Those rules mean that while any winnings from the free bets are yours to keep, the stakes will not be returned. However, this is rarely seen as a deal-breaker by the many users that have benefited from free bet offers over the years.

Additional rewards & loyalty programs – what other BallyBet promotions are available?

While the welcome bonus is an important part of your relationship with an operator, it is only the start, and there need to be other things on offer, so you don’t bail and just claim another bonus elsewhere. For example, a common method is for operators to use VIP and loyalty programs to encourage you to stick around, which is true of BallyBet as well.

Like other operators, you are rewarded points as you play, and the more you play, you will progress through the four levels of the program to become a ‘Legend’ and be able to join the VIP club. As BallyBet is part of the Bally corporation, which owns several casinos, this means the points and bonuses you get online can also be cashed in offline, should you visit one of the casino locations in person.

In addition to what is an attractive loyalty scheme, there are specific regional offers available to users in the states of Iowa and Colorado, which currently center around the local NFL franchise or university football team but are likely to change to take advantage of other major sporting events.

Bally Bet Sports Bonus

Bonus intro - a unique bonus offer

The BallyBet promotions we are focusing on are unlike many of the offers you are likely to come across. In comparison, you might get either a risk-free bet as a sportsbook bonus or a free bet; but to get both is something worth taking a serious look at.

We’ll be looking at all of the aspects of this bonus next, but the other big takeaway at this point is that you won’t have to use a BallyBet promo code to get the ball rolling. Everything you are about to read starts to happen as soon as you tick all of the boxes needed to open an account and make that first deposit.

Reality test - claiming your bonus

Some of the bonuses we encounter while carrying out these reviews look very attractive from a distance, but once you actually have to use them, they can be impractical or just overwhelming. There is often a laundry list of wagering requirements to meet, and the whole thing could end up being a waste of time.

What we have here is the complete opposite. The bonus is straightforward for both the risk-free bet which appeared almost immediately and the free bet which we placed in under five minutes. While you might wager larger sums than the ones we used for this reality test, the process will be the same, and it all went very smoothly.

Bonus withdrawal - taking out winnings is easy

Another smooth part of the process is withdrawing your winnings. While, as stated above, other bonuses have wagering requirements that mean you need to jump through plenty of hoops before you can select the withdrawal option on your account, this should be a whole lot easier. All you have to do here is not cash out your free bet(s) while still in play or make a wager above the +300, and you can withdraw any winnings as soon as the bet is settled. Your free bet stakes, as you would expect, are not part of the deal.

Pitfalls - hurdles to avoid

This is another area where BallyBet promotions are the exception to the rule. Normally here we would have to repeat warnings about making sure you have met the wagering requirements, but this bonus offer doesn’t really have any of those.

The only thing you’ll need to double-check is that you have completed all of the verification procedures before you can get your money. This might involve providing further IDs such as a passport, driving license, or other official documents. Once this very simple hurdle has been taken care of, there should be no other pitfalls for you to avoid.

Verdict on bonus - a great betting bonus!

The overall verdict on this bonus is very positive. The straightforward tone is set straight from the start because you don’t need a BallyBet bonus code to claim this offer. Both parts of this bonus are easy to activate, and the restrictions involved don’t put much of a dent in what you might normally do. Casual bettors might be unnerved by some of the sums involved, but the risk-free bet doesn’t have to be used to the maximum.

All in all, this is one of the best bonuses we’ve come across on a sportsbook offer, and if you wanted, it is so straightforward that you could easily benefit from this while still placing wagers at another sportsbook.

Sports Bonus
Bally Bet
Sports Bonus
100% up to $150
Risk-Free Bet

Overall conclusion – a generous double-barrelled offer

Many of the bonuses we look at as part of the reviewing process have generous bounties, but these are often coupled with wagering requirements that might make you think twice. The decision here, however, should be much more of a ‘no brainer’.

You won’t need a BallyBet bonus code to activate the offer, and not only do you get a risk-free bet as you might get elsewhere, but you also get a $100 free bet as well. Of course, there will always be some restrictions, but these are thin on the ground, and there won’t be many who do not get some benefit from this bonus.

ColoradoClaim your BallyBet Colorado bonus

The bonus on offer to Colorado bettors does not require a BallyBet promo code to activate it, as it is triggered automatically when you make your first deposit.

In addition, BallyBet Colorado offers a risk-free bet as well as a free bet to new account holders, to be used within seven days.

IowaA generous BallyBet Iowa bonus is now available

Anyone in the state of Iowa looking to open a sportsbook account for the first time should take a serious look at the BallyBet Iowa bonus. There is no need to look for a BallyBet promo code, as your first deposit sets everything in motion. In addition, you can benefit from a risk-free bet and an additional free bet as part of a very generous welcome bonus.

BallyBet promotions FAQ

🔎 Where can I find the best BallyBet promo code online?

It is not unusual for a bonus to require a promo code to activate it. However, before you spend hours searching the internet for a BallyBet promo code US or for any other country, you can find many time-saving tips in online resources like our BallyBet sportsbook bonus review, which should tell you everything you need to know.

💭 Are the BallyBet promotions available in my state?

With the recent changes in online wagering regulations across the country, it can be hard to know what changes have been made and what those changes mean for the sports bettor in your state. For a full rundown of where the BallyBet sportsbook bonus is available, check out our expert guides at TGT.

❔ Is this BallyBet bonus offer legit?

Sometimes when you see a generous welcome offer like the one available at BallyBet sportsbook, nobody would blame you for wondering if the offer is just too good to be true. For that reason, in addition to the BallyBet review, we carry separate in-depth reviews of the bonus itself so that you have everything you need to know before you sign-up.

Sports Bonus
Bally Bet
Sports Bonus
100% up to $150
Risk-Free Bet

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