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BallyBet Sportsbook Review Highlights

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If you’re looking for a new online sportsbook option in Iowa or Colorado, then you have plenty of choices. Finding the best one won’t be easy, so for that reason, we have added the BallyBet sportsbook to our review collection.

While carrying out this BallyBet review, we were able to confirm our initial thoughts that not only is BallyBet legit, it also offers a generous bonus for those opening an account for the first time. However, this is not all that this operator has to offer, so read on to discover why the BallyBet reviews US are all so positive.

BallyBet: Pros & Cons
  • Generous double-barrelled welcome bonus
  • Top of the range app that boosts your loyalty benefits
  • Simple easy to use betting interface
  • No Ballybet online casino options available yet
Sports Bonus
Bally Bet
Sports Bonus
100% up to $150
Risk-Free Bet

Bonus offer – what has Ballybet sportsbook got to offer you?

Regardless of how long you have been looking for an online sportsbook, you’ll know that almost every single one will have a welcome offer. As they are the operators main ‘pull’ when searching for new customers (or poach them from the competition). Moreover, they are typically a very attractive giveaway to tempt you to sign up.

What we have on offer from BallyBet sportsbook is not one but two welcome offers. Once you have ticked all of the boxes to successfully open your account and make a deposit, you will receive a $100 free bet to place anywhere on the site. The restrictions are few; in that, you can’t partially redeem it or cash the bet out, or place it at odds of +300 or greater.

The second part of this welcome bonus will seem more familiar to regular sportsbook users in that it is a simple risk-free bet equal to your initial real money deposit but less than $550. To go into a little more detail, if your first bet loses, you get a free bet credited to your account equal to the amount of your loss to be used in the next seven days before it expires.

This double bonus hit with simple requirements to satisfy will seem like a breath of fresh air for more experienced users and provide an excellent starting point for those opening an account for the first time. We were particularly impressed by this bonus, so we’ve also taken a more in-depth review into the bonus offer in a separate BallyBet sportsbook bonus review.

Please note: There is no welcome bonus offer currently available for bettors in New York. NY users do have access to various other retention offers via their new Bally Bet 2.0 app. This includes Parlay specials and various other promotions that are updated on a regular occurrence.

Usability, look & feel – how does BallyBet work?

It can be a perfectly valid criticism of many sportsbooks that they all look similar, and if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. However, while this is an accurate assessment, it might be an overly cynical view; in this case, BallyBet sportsbook has taken a ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ approach.

On the other hand, this does look like every other sportsbook we have come across. You start by picking your sport on the left and then working your way across the screen by selecting your market and bet while watching it all appear on the betting slip on the right. Looking at it another way, you won’t be spending time searching the site looking for what you want as it’s all laid out for you, in a manner that even first-timers will be able to pick up easily.

Easy to navigate and use

This makes placing a bet as head-slappingly simple as finding your account details which sit top right – in the same place they do on almost every other site on the internet, whether it’s online wagering or anything else. Moreover, the simple design completely sidesteps any page loading problems you might have been concerned about.

This makes deposits and withdrawals (more on that in a moment) simple and not at all daunting for beginners. While this site may be perfect for customers, unfortunately, it’s not that type of thing that wins any type of award, so don’t expect to see too many rosettes while you are effortlessly using the site.

Top-rated mobile app

It’s good to see that BallyBet Sportsbook is one of the operators that take their app seriously, and you’ll quickly see that the app is every bit as easy to use as the desktop site. In addition, both Android and iOS apps are available from Google Play or the Appstore respectively, so there are none of the sideloading shenanigans that could accompany installing an app to play on the move.

Payments – how can you fund your account at BallyBet sportsbook?

Like everything else at BallyBet, making a deposit is simple compared to what you might have experienced elsewhere. You start by going to your account icon in the top right-hand corner and selecting cashier – and then deposit.

You then have a choice between credit and debit cards, which will work for most people, but also eChecks or a prepaid Play+ card. While this might seem a little restrictive, you need to remember that you can use a multitude of methods like PayPal to fund a Play+ card and then use that to fund your account.

Credit Card
Cash at Casino Cage
+ 2

The same options exist for withdrawals which again might seem restrictive but does not seem to be a deal-breaker in any BallyBet reviews US. There are no visible fees from this operator for deposits, either at the minimum deposit of $10 or the maximum amount of $2000 per transaction. Still, of course, your provider may have fees or restrictions of their own.

These amounts should be available to use immediately, and none of them will restrict you from qualifying for either of the welcome bonuses. Overall, this is a tight process that might seem lacking in flexibility from some users, but as mentioned earlier, BallyBet seem to be all about keeping it simple.

Customer service – all the bases covered for top-level BallyBet sportsbook support

Another thing that should be simple is getting in contact with BallyBet customer support. While your time with any operator will mostly be trouble-free, it’s when things go wrong that an operator really shows it’s quality. First of all, with BallyBet sportsbook, if you have a pretty basic query, there is a decent FAQ section with a search box so you can find what you want. This will cover most eventualities, but obviously, for the more complicated stuff, you’ll need proper help.

You’ve got live chat which, as you might expect, is quick but a bit generic and automated, then you have the email [email protected] which allows you to explain in a bit more detail to a human, although you have to wait for a reply. There is also a telephone support line for you to speak to a person straight away, although there seem to be no defined times when this or any other service is available. However, this is only a small problem that does not affect the BallyBet ratings US. So, summing up, BallyBet Sportsbook appears to have all of the bases covered when it comes to effective customer support.

License & security - is BallyBet legal in the US?

This is a simple question to which can be answered with a simple “yes”. BallyBet is part of Bally corporation, which trades on the stock exchange, and, if the name didn’t ring any bells from vintage arcade games, owns 12 casinos across eight states, including Golden Gates, Golden Gulch, and Mardi Gras. This kind of pedigree means that there really can’t be any debate in BallyBet reviews US or anywhere else as to the legitimacy of this operation.

With all of this, you should probably take site security and transaction encryption for granted. However, this operator also uses identity and location verification to ensure that nobody that shouldn’t is using the site.

Virginia (US) Lottery Board
Colorado (US)
Iowa (US)
Arizona (US) Department of Gaming
Indiana (US)

You can also place a host of self-restriction on your account, including financial and time limits. There are also plenty of places on the site where responsible gambling resources are available for those who are not happy with their current situation. However, the site does not seem to have been recognized for this behavior with any awards so far.

Given this track record, you might expect to see a BallyBet online casino but, one is not currently available. However, a Google search will show you a ‘Ballysbet’ casino, which has absolutely nothing to do with this operation at all and should not be viewed as such.

Rewards & loyalty program – use the BallyBet app to boost your VIP status

Operators want you to stay with them after you’ve used your welcome bonus, and BallyBet sportsbook is no different. They run additional promotions, which at the time of this BallyBet review all concerned the new football season, although you would expect these to change throughout the year.

There is also a Bally rewards loyalty program that allows you to rack up points according to the types of bets you place, with larger rewards available for parlay bets than straight bets. These points can either be exchanged for on-site credits or rewards should you visit one of the Bally casinos. There is also a VIP program which is accessible via application (if you are already a VIP elsewhere) or by upgrading your loyalty status through ‘Pro’, ‘Star’, ‘Superstar’ and up to ‘Legend’. This allows access to special bonuses at these real-world locations, or if you are just playing online, via the app for mobile devices.

Bally Bet Sports Betting

Betting markets - all your favorites in one place

When you see an online sportsbook like BallyBet, one of the first things you will check out is what markets are available for all of your favorite sports. Almost regardless of which sport happens to be your passion, BallyBet should have you covered.

All of the major sports are available, with all of the major markets covered. Even though there are many foreign soccer and baseball leagues covered, one notable absence is cricket, which, although not exactly headline news, you would expect to see in the majority of competing sportsbooks.

Odds - what are the odds like?

When reviewing a sportsbook, another key area is the odds, and we can report that BallyBet odds are competitive according to a check against two other markets on competing sportsbooks. We would expect this to be consistent, so while you can be quite sure that you are getting the best odds available, you won’t be on the receiving end of any preferential odds. In addition, changing the odds format is easy and can be done in a couple of clicks in the preferences section of your account page.

Live betting & streaming – a work in progress

This is one area that still appears to be a work in progress. While we did not see any events where live betting was not available, there were not any overseas or niche events we could check. What we did see had no delays when placing a bet, either on the desktop or on the mobile app, which performed excellently.

This test was carried out while watching a game; however, it was not live-streamed on BallyBet as the service does not seem to be available. Of course, most major games are telecast or available online anyway, but this is one area where this sportsbook can use the resources of such a large parent company to improve quickly.

Limits - no visible limits

Like many sportsbook operators, there are no visible limits for individual wagers. In addition, there is no evidence of any bettors being on the receiving end of any draconian limitations from this operator.

Instead, BallyBet sportsbook is all about users setting their own limits and allowing them to do this in several ways. You can limit your deposits and also the amount of time you spend on the site, as well as being able to exclude yourself if you don’t like the direction you think you are heading in.

Product summary - all you need in a sportsbook

When you compare BallyBet to other sportsbooks, you will find many similarities. For some users, this will be a bad thing, but the vast majority are likely to find it all comfortingly familiar and a major plus. All of the major markets are available, and it is easy to place straight or parlay bets at competitive odds, even if you are a novice.

The only downside is the live streaming, but otherwise, everything else you want is here, including one of the best bonuses we’ve seen, and for that reason, BallyBet sportsbook gets a definite thumbs up.

Sports Bonus
Bally Bet
Sports Bonus
100% up to $150
Risk-Free Bet

BallyBet sportsbook FAQ

🆓 Does the BallyBet sportsbook welcome bonus give you free bets?

A welcome bonus is a big part of anybody’s decision to join an operator, so what they offer is very important. They will usually offer one or more out of a range of benefits to those signing up for the first time, and it will typically involve a generous giveaway, so you choose them over their competitors. To see what is involved with the BallyBet sportsbook bonus, and if it includes a free bet, check out our BallyBet sportsbook bonus review.

🤔 Can I trust the online BallyBet reviews US?

When looking at online reviews, you need to take into account that many user reviews might be based on one positive or negative event. This is because online betting is an emotive subject and gets emotional responses. To get a clearer picture of the overall experience you might expect when joining an operator, you should also read the comprehensive reviews offered by trusted sites such as TGT.

🎰 Is there a BallyBet online casino ?

BallyBet is part of a much larger company that owns several casinos you can visit in the real world. However, this is no guarantee of an online presence as different regulations apply as you go from state to state across the country. To get the full story, check out our BallyBet review, which will tell you everything you need to know.

Overall conclusion – a simple sportsbook that does everything you want

There is a lot to like about the BallyBet sportsbook. While you could point to the generic nature of much of the site, the flip side is that everything is familiar and not overblown like other operators who are trying to make an impression. You can’t fail to easily make your way around this site, as everything you want is easily accessible.

From opening an account, making a deposit, claiming and using your bonus and placing bets easily, all of it is done efficiently and without any drama. New users will find this a better place than many to start their sportsbook betting, and more experienced users are likely to feel at home in an authentic sportsbook experience. A great all-around performer; completely unspectacular but still very, very good.

It is a real pity that there is no current welcome bonus in New York, even though the site/app is live there now. We will keep you up to date should any changes occur in this regard.

Cash in with this BallyBet Colorado sportsbook

ColoradoWith BallyBet sportsbook currently only available in just two states, people in Iowa and Colorado can really take advantage of the simple, easy to use service provided by this operator.

While the BallyBet Colorado bonus is the same, there are different promotions available for each state. For instance, and slightly tongue in cheek, there is the Colorado collapse protection, which means if the Broncos blow a two-goal lead and end up losing, you’ll get up to $25 refund on any bet you had on them to win. They will also give an additional $5 bonus as a thank you to anyone receiving a COVID vaccination.

BallyBet Iowa sportsbook users can claim a BallyBet Iowa bonus

IowaIowa is one of only two locations where the BallyBet sportsbook is available. This means that users in this state will not get the same generic experience as they might with other operators. So, while Iowa users have access to the same sportsbook and generous double-barrelled BallyBet sportsbook bonus as users in Colorado, they also have a range of bespoke promotions all to themselves.

This is football-based and protects against the University of Iowa football team losing if they go into the last quarter of the match more than three points up. If this happens, you’ll get up to a $25 refund on the wager you placed for them to win.

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