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Welcome to our comparison of the best online sweepstakes casinos in the US. Take a look below and find those sweepstakes casinos with the best games and the greatest amount of coins to win!

Sweeps cash casinos may act a little differently from regular casinos in that you don’t really gamble for real money. But that doesn’t mean that you should let your standards slip when you play at online sweepstake casinos. So keep reading our guide to find your perfect online sweeps casino!

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Compare the best sweepstakes casinos in the USA

Why everyone should compare sweeps cash casinos

We believe that just about everybody should be able to enjoy sweepstakes casino gaming. After all, it’s perhaps the simplest and most fun kind of casino gaming there is. Just because sweepstakes casino gaming isn’t considered to be gambling doesn’t mean that it’s not seriously entertaining!

This is why we’ve set up our comparison to help all of you nervous newbies get involved in the sweepstakes gaming revolution. After all, there is a lot of misinformation on the internet about sweepstakes casino sites, and we’ll help you go straight to the gaming sites who do sweepstakes casino games right.

Plus we’ve made sure that our comparison is packed with a healthy range of sweepstakes casinos that you might have otherwise missed. There is a massive number of sweepstakes casino providers out there, and we’ve made it our mission to make sure that you find your perfect site. As such, our comparison is excellent for those experienced gamers who are just looking for a sweepstakes casino that offers them something different.

Don’t forget that each sweepstakes casino we feature here will have a quality choice of games that cater to all tastes. So you could be a slot gaming fan from California or a roulette enthusiast from Florida, we’ll make sure that everyone benefits from the awesome rise of sweepstakes casino sites.

How sweepstakes casinos took over the US

It’s probably worth clarifying what we mean by sweepstakes casinos. These look like regular online casino sites, but the key difference is that you’re supposed to be playing for fun, rather than aiming to make real money wins.

As such, sweepstakes casinos are very similar to social casinos with the exception being that a sweepstake casino site may allow you to win real money. Bear in mind that the real money that you win at a sweepstakes casino will come in the form of coins that you can exchange at the gaming site and then redeem them for regular money.

Playing at sweepstakes casinos means either using the free coin tokens that are given away by the gaming site, or purchasing these coins outright. You’ll find a familiar range of slots and table games as you’d get on a standard casino site, although there will be a greater emphasis on being social as you play with friends, family and co-workers.

Many sweepstakes casinos will actually be integrated into regular social media platforms such as Facebook. Another big part of the success of sweepstakes casinos is the fact that they are fully legal in the vast majority of US states. This is because sweepstakes casino gaming isn’t considered to be gambling and as such you’ll find much less regulatory red tape.

It’s because of this fact that many people consider sweepstake casino sites to be a good introduction to the more ‘grown-up’ real money casinos. However, we have found that both kinds of casino platform have their place, and they can both provide plenty of quality casino gaming entertainment. Just remember to stick with one of our featured providers for a superior sweepstakes casino gaming experience.

Five things we demand of all good sweepstake casinos

Sweepstake casinos are great fun, but that doesn’t mean that you can afford to let your guard down when you use these gaming platforms. After all, you’ll be supplying these brands with some personal data and you may even be purchasing coins too. So here are five things to check for before signing up to any sweepstake casino site:

Legality: Sweepstakes casino sites aren’t subject to the same level of legal scrutiny as regular real money casino sites. This is because sweepstakes don’t actually feature gambling, and as such, they are able to legally operate in many more US states than regular online casinos. But be sure to research that sweepstakes casino gaming is legal in your state. After all, some states like Washington don’t make it easy to play sweepstakes casino games.

Security: You’ll always have to supply some personal information when you sign up to a sweepstakes casino. This might mean handing over your name, address, date of birth and more. So make sure that the sweepstakes casino has all of the necessary encryption technology to safeguard your personal data.

Payments: You can only survive on free coins for so long, and so there’s every chance that you might have to actually purchase extra coins from a sweepstakes casino. This is why we are careful to only recommend those sweepstakes casino sites that feature trusted payment providers. After all, if a big US bank is unwilling to let you make payments to that sweepstakes casino, then it’s probably not safe enough to look after your cash.

Customer care: All decent sweepstakes casino sites will have a friendly and responsive customer care team. This is hugely important as there might come a time when you need some assistance with anything from verifying your account to purchasing extra coins. So we’ll point you towards those sweepstakes casinos that can be reached by live chat, email, social media and telephone.

Reputation: Bad news travels fast on the internet, and it’s pretty easy to find bad reviews of many sweepstakes casino sites. Obviously you should take care to realize that even the best sweepstakes casino is going to get a bad review every now and then. But if you see nothing but scathing reviews of one particular sweepstakes casino, you’ll know to leave it alone.

Our favorite online sweepstakes casino USA has right now

If you’re looking for a great example of a sweepstakes casino, you may as well just sign up straight to Chumba Casino. OK so it might be thought of as being more of a social casino, but this awesome site features well over 80 online casino games that you can play without having to risk your own cash.

There are plenty of great slot games here like The Last Empress, Hypernova and Lucky Emeralds, but Chumba Casino also contains lots of table games which is something that you don’t find at too many sweepstake casinos. Plus we have to mention some of the top progressive jackpot games featured here like Dancing Gold and Stallion Grand.

The action all kicks off when you get an awesome welcome bonus that gives you plenty of free coins to play with. From here, it’s your choice as to whether you play at Chumba Casino from your desktop, tablet or smartphone. You’ll find plenty of help is available courtesy of the 24/7 customer service team, and this site features only the most trustworthy payment providers in the unlikely event that you’ll actually have to buy some more coins.

While Chumba Casino is a sweepstakes casino, it’s worth mentioning that it has taken the essential steps to comply with all of the regulation required to operate in many US states. Plus with over one million people having enjoyed Chumba Casino, it’s clearly doing something right. So sign up to Chumba Casino and give it a try!

Helping you find your perfect USA sweepstakes casino

We’ll never let up in our quest to find the best online sweepstake casinos. While there is plenty of choice out there, we think that there’s a sweepstake casino for everyone. This is why our operator reviews go in deep to make sure that you learn what each sweepstake casino site is all about. After all, everyone will be looking for something different when they play at sweeps cash casinos. So here are just a handful of factors that we look for in online sweepstake casinos.

Gaming software: Just because you are playing at a social casino doesn’t mean that you should suffer from substandard gaming software. We feature social casinos with games from the best gaming studios.

Game selection: We’d expect to find a healthy number of slots and table games that you can play for free. Bonus points for those social casinos with over 100 games.

Bonuses: It’s always good to have a welcome bonus waiting for you when you sign up to a social casino. We’ll help you find those bonuses that give you lots of coins to play with.

Site and app design: Nobody likes a badly designed social casino site. Our reviews will help you find those social casino sites and apps that make it easy and fun to play.

Customer support: We always like to be able to get in touch with a social casino should something go wrong. So you’ll get expert help in finding those social casinos with good customer care.

Payment methods: All good sweeps cash casinos will let you use trusted payment providers like debit and credit cards to buy extra coins. We’ll make sure that your preferred payment method is catered for.

Security: Finally, we’ll always examine how a social casino looks after your data and any payments that you make. Plus we’ll make sure that any social casino we feature is acting 100% legally.

Five top tips for using the best sweeps cash casinos

All good sweepstakes casinos are designed to be as fun and friendly to use as possible. After all, these are often many people’s introductions to real money casino gaming, and a good sweepstakes casino will understand this. But here are some simple ideas that you can put into practice to make a success of your sweepstakes casino gaming:

Use all bonuses available

Our favorite sweepstakes casinos are those that keep giving you lots of free coins. This means that you can often last a long time without having to actually buy any extra coins. You’ll find coins available for signing up and some sweepstakes casinos even give you coins just for watching YouTube videos. So be sure to take full advantage of these offers.

Focus on one game

It’s always a good idea to really get to know one particular game. After all, even a standard slot game will have lots of extra features like multipliers, respins, scatters, wilds and so on. By focusing your efforts on one game, you’ll stand a much better chance of knowing exactly what to do to get a winning result.

Try table games

Many newbie casino games will tend to stick to online slot games because they are so easy to play. However, it’s important to note that table games will often pay out better than slot games. While it might take a few minutes to learn the basic rules of games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat, the potential rewards can be very worthwhile.

Don’t stick to one site

There’s nothing wrong with being loyal to just one sweepstakes casino, but we’ve found that it’s good to play the field too. After all, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from signing up to multiple sweepstakes casino sites. This would mean that you could always look forward to getting lots of different free coins bonuses from many different places!

Know when to stop

Sweepstakes casino gaming is fun as you can often play without having to use your own money. This means that it’s not really considered to be gambling. However, it’s still a good idea to be aware of the dangers of letting your gaming slip out of control. After all, it can be all too easy to get carried away when chasing after that big win. So set yourself some sensible limits and know when to walk away when the gaming action gets too much.

Conclusion – Check back here to find the best sweepstakes casinos

We hope you’ve enjoyed using our comparison of the best sweepstakes casinos in the US.  By now you’ll recognize the basic fact that there’s lots of choice out there, and that you shouldn’t necessarily settle with the first sweeps casino that you see. After all, there is a lot of variation in terms of games and the overall quality of these sweeps cash casinos.

We think that sweepstakes casinos are great fun as they offer you a risk free way to play some classic casino games. Plus they can also give you lots of useful practice for when you take it up a level at a regular real money online casino. So make sure that you come back here and check our comparison of the top sweepstakes casinos to make sure that you’re always getting the best sweepstake gaming experience!

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Online sweepstake casinos FAQ

👀Where can I play free sweepstakes games?

Read our guide to see where you can play sweepstakes games for free. This is because we have reviewed each online casino site in the US to see whether they are online sweepstake casinos that have free games. Take a look at our BetMGM review as an example to see whether this is an online casino that could meet your sweepstake gaming needs.

💵 Do sweepstake casinos have casino games for cash?

Sweepstakes casinos offer you a fun and easy way to play a large variety of online casino games. However, it’s worth noting that they might behave a little differently to the online casinos that you find at gambling sites such as the one found in our Caesars review. So make sure that you read our guide to sweeps cash casinos to see whether they have casino games for cash or not.

💰Where is the best place to play sweepstakes online for money?

Check out our guide to see the top online sweepstakes casinos in the US. This will quickly reveal whether you can play casino games for cash at these sites or whether it’s one of those sites like the one found in our Betrivers review that have very little to do with casino gaming of any kind. All of which will point you in the direction of some great sites for playing sweepstakes online for money.

🎁Can I get a sweepstakes casino no deposit bonus?

There are many awesome online gambling bonuses out there, but most of these are like the Sporting Index bonuses where you have to put your own money down. However, we know that sweepstake casinos are a little unlike regular online casino sites. So read our guide to see whether you can get a handy no deposit bonus for playing at these sweepstake gaming sites.

🎰What are the best sweepstakes casino games?

Check out our guide to see what the best games you can play at all sweeps cash casinos. After all, there will be plenty of different ways that you can play at these sites, and the games on offer might be different to the casino games that we saw in our Boyrgata review. So be sure to get our take on which sweepstakes casino games are the most fun to play and which help you pick up the greatest amount of coins!

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