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Typically, when you think of gambling, many people will find themselves picturing the glitzy Las Vegas strip – they might not be thinking of real money online casino Nevada websites. However, the internet is truly becoming the future of US gambling.

Usually, you would expect Nevada to be very permissive around gambling. Online sports betting and online poker are completely legal in the state, after all. But the laws around Nevada online casino betting sites aren’t quite as clear cut as this, so stick with us at while we take you through the intricate details of online casino Nevada.

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Learning more about the best Nevada online casino sites

When it comes to finding an online Nevada casino chip guide or similar educational material around online gambling in Nevada, you might be struggling to find worthwhile, trustworthy information. This is due to a number of factors, but primarily because the legal situation with online casinos for real money in Nevada exists within something of a gray area at the moment.

We’re not going to say that you can’t look at Nevada online casino betting sites, but we can tell you that the laws around online casino gambling for Nevada are unusually vague. To fully understand the situation, we’re going to take a quick dive into the legal background of online casinos in Nevada – this will be a useful refresher for experienced online gamblers and an eye-opening introduction to the hobby for beginners, so sit back and prepare to learn about gambling’s legality over the years in the state of Nevada.

The history of gambling being legalized in Nevada is a little different to many other states, which may be expected from the state’s current reputation as a land-based gambling hotspot. While gambling has always been a part of Nevada’s culture, fines were put in place for participating in or starting up any ‘games of chance’ – referring to gambling games – in 1861.

From there, Nevada essentially began a game of back-and-forth with itself for a few years. We often see this pattern in the legalization of gambling for US states, with different government figures having differing opinions on these games of chance throughout the years and public opinion tending to sway from one extreme to another. The year 1869 saw a few different types of gambling being decriminalized in Nevada, but then 1909 saw a completely different move: almost all forms of games of chance were banned in Nevada.

A return to legalized gambling did trickle into Nevada, and it all began with card games. This is also unusual, since most states can identify the beginning of their slide into legalized gambling with the allowance of lotteries (usually state lotteries). Despite this unusual entrance to gambling legalization, Nevada did begin to legalize gambling around the 1920s. In 1931, all forms of gambling were officially legalized for Nevada, giving rise to the landmark of the Las Vegas strip and the thriving gambling culture in Nevada.

Of course, the introduction of the internet and possibilities such as finding the best online casino in USA mean that laws and regulation need to keep up, so, as of 2011, online poker games are legal in Nevada and it has been decided that online sports betting is also allowed in the state. However, Nevada does not license or regulate Nevada online casino betting sites itself – while state residents may choose to gamble online, only poker and sports betting are specifically legal in Nevada.

Our top pick for real money online casinos in Nevada: BetMGM

Good news for anyone who is interested in sports betting in the state of Nevada – without leaving the comfort of your sofa! The BetMGM desktop website requires that Nevada citizens only participate in sports betting rather than casino games – although the BetMGM online casino in New Jersey is available for any interested NJ citizens – but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with BetMGM.

First of all, this website and app is gorgeous. It has a sleek, aesthetic color scheme with grays and golds that make you feel like royalty when you’re browsing through different sports fixtures and wondering what you should bet on. The variety available at BetMGM is quite impressive, from football and basketball to golf and volleyball. Most of the major sports leagues are covered by BetMGM, as well as a few more niche favorites. That is one of the main reasons why it’s our editor’s recommendation for Nevada gamblers.

Furthermore, should the legislation around online casino gambling in Nevada change in the future, you may be able to take advantage of the various different casino games that you can play online with BetMGM. You can play different slots games as well as table games and even online poker, which could become the reality for Nevada citizens in the future. When that time comes, make sure you look to BetMGM for your online casino needs.

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Five top safety tips for Nevada online casino betting sites from

Always stay alert for scam websites

Not all websites – like many online Nevada casino chip guide websites as well as operators – will be as they seem, and it’s unfortunate that a lot of the internet has forced modern day gamblers to be super savvy when it comes to spotting illegitimate websites. Whether these websites want your personal details or your money, it’s important that you remain alert and only gamble with sites that are backed by legitimate companies, have recent press, and aren’t shoddy copies of actual online casino Nevada.

Only gamble over encrypted connections

A part of identifying scam websites is seeing if they have an encrypted (https://) or unencrypted (http://) connection. You will usually see a little green padlock next to the URL in the address bar if a website has an encrypted or secure connection – this means that your details are safe. Unencrypted connections are generally a no-go, because you could be at risk of losing all of your personal data. Encrypted connections are green flags for secure, legitimate websites.

Wager small amounts at first

Even if you’re excited by a welcome bonus that promises you riches beyond compare, or especially if that is happening since it’s more than likely not a trustworthy claim, you should keep your deposits low and spread out your money when first using an online casino or sportsbook. This is smart for many reasons, as it means you can’t lose too much at once, you can warm up to a website before getting serious and you can cost-effectively try out several websites at once.

Check for press and online reviews

There are several varieties of feedback for an online casino Nevada that you should pay attention to, such as reviews from real users, reviews from professionals (such as us at and press from newspapers or journals. It is best to use these in conjunction with each other, as they all have pros and cons. Real users may be brutally honest, but also biased by their recent gambling luck. Newspapers are trustworthy but may not offer many actual opinions. Professional reviews are generally the best of both worlds and incorporate all of this info.

Read the terms and conditions

Prior to signing up at an online casino for real money in Nevada, you should be prompted to read and accept some terms and conditions – if you’re not, then this is a major red flag. You may be tempted to skip past these terms and conditions, but it’s important that you read through them (the terms and conditions for Nevada online casino betting sites tend to be rather short and concise) and make sure you know exactly what you’re agreeing to.

How do we evaluate operators for Nevada residents?

When we complete our reviews at, we put a great deal of research and effort into making sure that you are receiving the best possible information about any given operator. A large part of this process is adhering to our strict criteria and evaluating operators based on how strong they are in these areas. We keep them similar between reviews to try and encourage fairness between our reviews. The major factors we pay attention to are:

  • Whether an operator offers bonuses such as welcome bonuses or existing user bonuses
  • How an operator feels to use and looks in terms of design
  • Which payment methods can be used with an operator
  • How well the customer service for an operator performs
  • If the operator has good licensing and security for a certain state
  • Whether the operator has a loyalty program
  • What users have reported as their experiences with the operator

We have found that looking at these areas helps you out the most, because you can effectively evaluate different operators when looking for your new favorite.

Reputable service providers

How can you find the best Nevada online casino betting sites?

Whether you’re a Nevada resident looking for a new online sportsbook or someone searching for the newest Montana online casino, we can help you out by letting you know what you should be looking for in your online gambling searches. In basic terms, you need to be finding an operator that suits your needs, regardless of whether the operator is ‘the best’ in someone else’s eyes. Although high-quality operators are usually reported on favorably by others, you should always focus on your own needs as a priority.

For example, you may always gamble at night. This could be due to your natural sleeping rhythm or a night shift working pattern, but, no matter what the reason, you are going to need an operator that understands you might need customer service during stereotypically unsociable hours. Therefore, you may look for operators with 24/7 customer service available, since quick and reliable customer service is a must when you are investing your own real money into gambling.

One of the best ways to figure out whether an operator has these small details is to check through user reviews. Often, it’s easier to find the negative in user reviews, but you can also read between the lines and check for positive reviews to find out these details.

Our parting words on the best Nevada online casino sites

Yes, it can get a little confusing with all the legislation and differing opinions around online gambling for Nevada. However, it can be very rewarding to find an operator who you love in Nevada, since online gambling can be fun and convenient for many people. We would recommend that you check out BetMGM at a minimum, and watch out for Nevada properly legalizing online casino betting in the coming years as more and more US states take up this legal stance. In the meantime, browse through our website at to keep yourself updated on everything regarding online sports betting, poker and casino games.

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Online casino Nevada FAQ

👮 Is online gambling legal in Nevada?

This is always a tough question because in the US, states can have very different stances on online gambling – and even on the different types of online gambling within a state. Often, these viewpoints contradict the legal standing for in-person or land-based gambling, but most states are moving towards a more loose view of online gambling, as we discuss in our article at

💯 What is the best online casino in Pennsylvania?

Although we at can certainly point you towards some of the best online casino in Pennsylvania as well as the best online poker sites and sportsbooks, it’s important that you decide on your personal favorite yourself. This is due to the large number of personal factors that we cannot know about you, although we’d recommend checking out our reviews on our website to inform your decisions.

🔒 How safe is it to gamble online in the US?

Every act comes with a degree of danger, from driving a car to having a drink at a bar, and online gambling is no exception to this rule. We at have some vital safety tips for visiting Nevada online casino betting sites which you can find in our article to improve your chances of remaining safe when gambling online which we’d recommend that you use if safety is a concern.

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