Why Professional Sportsmen Need To Go Back to Education

Go back to school!


A college education is not a “ride in the park” for anyone. Students have to balance between attending lectures, and living campus life, handling essays for every professor. College life is such an ordeal, but it is worth enduring to obtain your degree successfully. Sportspeople are going a lot when in their quest for successful higher education; they have for academics, attending training sessions and tournaments, and much more to handle. Consequently, it is common to find professional athletes preceding education to pursue their careers. However, several athletes successfully obtained degrees, and here are some reasons why athletes need to go back to college.

Secures the future of the athlete

Every person has a different profession; several people earn a living through careers that do not involve sports. However, education is very crucial in every job, and it can be a security for the future. Most people think that knowledge is not essential in sports, thinking that it only requires training; that is a wrong perception, especially in the modern world. Also, it is vital to note that the prime years in sports are minimal, as we have seen in most cases, it takes about fifteen years. As a sportsman in college, you may always be busy and, in most cases, find difficulties handling academic assignments; you can get your essay online from a reliable writing service. Through education, athletes can pursue a different career after their prime seasons in sports. In sports, the risk of injury is high, and it can end an athlete’s career abruptly; therefore, there is a need to have something to fall back on. Having a degree is a great backup plan and the safest way to ensure you have a different career path in case the unfortunate happen.

Teaches maturity

College students, mostly in the 20’s bracket are broke; it is college, and everyone understands why their pockets while in college are dry. But for the sportsmen, they receive vast amounts of money barely in their 20’s; their “from rags to riches” comes so fast. However, with such a lot of funds, most of them do not know how to spend their money. Even before reaching 30 years, one may be owning all forms of stylish boat, cars, and houses; but we all understand that it is not how one should spend money. Education provides a foundation where one will gain maturity on how to maintain or live a reasonable lifestyle. Education is an essential factor in living a good life; the main reason why many athletes are getting back to class.

Enhances knowledge

In the job market, knowledge is the leading product employers are looking for. Most people go to college to gain an understanding that can help them get a job in the future; but the job market is very competitive. Sportspeople have intellectual and physical talents, which they enhance through training, but to take advantage of college life, they can still train, study, and obtain a degree. In college, athletes can use reliable custom services to learn speech writing through sample papers.

A good example is Myron Rolle, a gifted NFL Draft player who postponed his entry in 2009 for study through Rhodes Scholarship in Oxford. Rolle chose to enhance his knowledge beyond the athlete. Education offers a form of diversification of expertise in different fields; by improving, you can comfortably live a sustainable life through a diverse career.


Teaches how to manage finances

Finance management is very crucial for every professional, both lower and higher earners. Most sportspeople known live a lavish lifestyle during the prime years of their career as they pocket a lot of cash per session. However, after some time posts their playing period, most of them end up languishing in substandard life or poverty. The main reason for athletes not living a sustainable life is the mismanagement of finances. Instead of investing their cash, many sportspeople spend their money on a lot of luxurious materials. The years an athlete spends in college cannot go waste. While in college, an athlete can pursue an accounting course that can provide the best ways on how to invest his/her money. In their 20’s, no one is in dire need of millions of dollars, but in case they get such amount, they need to have an idea on how to spend it. Instead of spending millions of dollars buying stylish things, one can use his knowledge from college to invest in the future. Also, while in college, a sportsperson will have limited time to misuse his/her money.

Make you more serious

Most athletes earn some outlandish money, and that makes them living a half-hearted life. Being severe with life aspects is very vital in society to ensure you live well with other people. Education is one way of ensuring that people obtain values and morals, providing policies and regulations that guide the way of life. Professional athletes need to get back to class to ensure they acquire knowledge and understanding of how to live well and invest in essential things. In college, with a lot of responsibilities, sportspeople will get busy and serious with their time; they will not have time to waste on unimportant things.

Michael Jordan has a higher education

One of the successful sportsmen, Michael Jordan, did not overlook education. His success in NBA basketball is one of the stories of the day; despite that, Jordan joined the University of North Carolina to finalize his degree in geography. He is one of the basketballers who invested their money well; he owns restaurants, a car dealer company, and also, he has significant shares in the Charlotte Hornets. Although he left school for basketball with Chicago Bulls, his determination for higher education earned him a degree later on.

David Wetherall and Venus Williams too

David Wetherall is a British, former Leeds United football player who joined the club in 1991. Despite the challenges that come with college life and professional football, David managed to earn a degree in chemistry in 1992. Notably, he graduated with a first-class degree, becoming the first professional player in the premier league to do so. As an athlete, you can also achieve your dreams in academics by using college writing help from credible services for your essays to ease academic pressure. Another excellent example of a successful athlete with higher education is tennis star, Venus Williams. She has an associate’s degree (2007) and a bachelor’s in business administration (2015) from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and Indiana University.


Education is essential, and you can earn your degree whenever you want. Sportspeople are one of the groups of professionals who mostly overlook training to pursue their sports careers, not knowing its importance. Money alone cannot make life useful since knowledge is very crucial in how they live, spend, and invest their income. There are some professional sportspeople whose dream to have higher education did not end due to sports. Above are some reasons an athlete needs to go back to college and some sports people who succeeded in obtaining degrees.

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