The Online Slot Myth: What Not to Believe

Slot myths!

Slot games are one of the most popular gambling games, both online and offline. Naturally, several misconceptions revolve around these games. Sadly, slot games are surrounded by more myths than any other gambling game. Might be because people don’t understand slot gambling, or anything else, myths have perpetuated to a significant extent.


It is best to clear the air and grab the most out of the game of chances. The following are some myths related to online slot that aren’t true and should not be believed.

  • Slot Machines are programmed to generate streaks.


It is a common myth that slot machines are programmed to generate hot and cold streaks. These streaks mean that the winning and losing in the game are fixed. However, this isn’t the truth. Slot machines are programmed to spin randomly. Of course, the machines might deliver streaks sometimes. But it is entirely random and not pre-designed.

  • Machines with no payout for some time are soon to generate huge payouts.


This is an extension of the myth mentioned above. Just like the streaks, people also believe that slot machines would yield big if they haven’t generated anything for a while. However, every spin of the slot game has equal chances, and so, each of us has equal chances to win. Everything is random, and there is no thumb rule that this would happen.

  • Players cannot improve their winning chances in slot games


Most people wouldn’t even think about believing this myth as every move from a slot machine is entirely random. On the contrary, there are some things we can do to improve our winning chances. Each slot machine has a different payout rate. The more is the rate, the more we win. So, we can carefully choose a slot machine with a higher payout percentage to enhance our winning moves. Playing at 12Play online casino will be a great way to get an excellent slot experience.

  • A slot machine delivering a jackpot will need ages to pay out next time.


Again, this is a common misconception for most people. However, no single spin from a slot machine will depend on the other. The outcomes for every spin are entirely random and have nothing to do with the previous spin’s results. There is no basis to believe that a slot machine doesn’t pay soon after a jackpot.

  • Online slot machines are programmed such that only the host wins the games.


Of course, slot games have an edge over the others. However, this doesn’t mean that everything is fixed. In fact, slot games are entirely fair and give equal winning chances for every player. Online slots are known to fetch more profits than all the other gambling games. Anyone can win big if a bit of luck favors them.

  • The Auto-play feature has less payout than clicking the spin button


People believe that the way of spinning the wheel influences the payout. Absolutely not! Either you choose the auto-play feature or click the spin all the time, the outcomes wouldn’t vary. There is no way that these spins could determine the outcome of the machine.


A real gambler would understand that nothing is predictable in slot games. Everything is based on luck, and so, there is nothing to worry about. Don’t let these myths spoil your fun, and enjoy the games to the maximum.

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