How to Write an Essay about Movie

How to write an essay?

Writing an essay about a movie may be the most interesting assignment if you know where to start, how to organize your essay, and the fundamental points you need to cover. Your academic instructor might assign you a movie to analyze, and it becomes a problem if you do not have a head start even if you are a movie fun. After all, who doesn’t love watching movies anyway? After watching your favorite movie or the one assigned by your instructor, facing the act of writing might be challenging because you may be wondering how to analyze a film.  Undoubtedly, writing movie analysis papers is difficult and require the services of an for help.  If you have a problem with how to write an essay about a movie, follow this structure, and you will be able to begin writing without a glitch.

Conduct Secondary Research on How to Write a Film Essay

Before you begin writing your essay about a movie, you need to conduct research from secondary sources such as books, journals, magazines, websites, and custom writing services available online check this one out Most of these sources provide guidelines and film analysis essay examples. Custom writing services, for instance, have a team of writing professionals that provide help in any academic papers ranging from essays to dissertations. Their services have limited mistakes with low dissertation editing rates because they are professionals in writing essays. Researching these sources enables you to present a critical film analysis paper to your instructor.

Watch the film

The first thing you need to do before you start writing a movie analysis essay is to watch the film several times. By watching the film, you understand its features such as content or storyline, characters, genre, setting, and any aspect that helps you write a good essay about the movie. To watch the film critically means that you watch it repeatedly and take notes. If possible, you can rewind and pose to comprehend critical parts of the movie. This approach will help you write a critical analysis paper about the movie you have watched because you understand every aspect of the film.

Engage with the film critically

Start by engaging critically with the movie that you want to analyze. Doing so enables you to establish a strong critical analysis essay.  Pay attention to every concept or theme that dominates the movie. For example, you can focus on how the film relates to a specific historical account without altering facts, how it was photographed, and the use of various devices like overlapping dialogue and dramatic irony.

Outline your essay

Writing an outline of the essay will allow you to present your film analysis essay in a more organized way. Writing an outline involves determining the information you need to include in your essay. In this step, identify the number of chapters to include in your paper and develop rough headings for various chapters. Creating an outline simply gives you an idea of what to write in a film analysis paper to make the essay perfect.

Introduce the Film

Start the actual writing by introducing the movie. Your introduction should be brief and to the point. You can begin by providing the film’s genre, the setting of the movie, producers, directors, and the storyline to give the audience an overview of your movie.  You can also include the names of other participants or technicians, especially if your essay focuses on that aspect of the movie. For instance, if you intend to write about shadows in the film, introduce the cinematographer. If you intend to write about the significance of the included background information in establishing the emotional tone, introduce the film composer.

Write the Overview or Summary of the film

Provide a summary of the movie by outlining the storyline.  The trick to making your overview more powerful is to assume that your instructor has not watched the film.  With this in mind, you will not omit some important information. The best way to ensure your summary covers everything is to answer the 5Ws (Who, what, when, where, and why) as well as how.  Remember to support anything you say with quotes and examples from the movie.

Write the Analysis

The analysis section is the most important part of your essay. You need to have a film near you while analyzing it. Play the movie again and again while concentrating on the scenes you believe will help you with the analysis. Do not rely completely on your memory. Memorizing all the events, dialogues, and cinematic techniques may be difficult after playing the film. Your goal is to provide facts about the movie, and you can only do this when you have a backup. Therefore, ensure you have easy access to the movies while writing an analysis of a movie essay.

You can also tell your readers what you liked and disliked about the film. Explain your ideas by citing specific examples from the movie. Besides, identify the aim of the film and whether it achieved its goal. Your analysis needs to concentrate on whether the movie is interesting, authentic, understandable, properly concluded, and attains its purpose. Include many paragraphs in this section, with each paragraph communicating the main idea and supporting it with evidence from the movie.

Ensure you understand the Technical Jargons of the Filmmaking

While writing your movie analysis essay, ensure you can separate a dissolve from a cut. Understanding such terms helps you to write about the subjective work of a camera if the essay analysis is about a film shot part from the character’s viewpoint. Using filmmaking terms correctly makes your analysis essay more authoritative.


End your essay by restating the thesis statement you developed in the introduction. Also, summarize the main ideas and concepts you discussed in the analysis section. Conclude with an effective call to action. You can recommend to your reader to watch this movie or avoid it completely.

Writing essays about movies should be an easy and exciting activity if you are fun.  However, it does not mean that movie lovers can write a good essay about the film they watch.  Just like any other essay, writing a paper about a film needs effective writing skills and passion. Watching the film before writing is an added advantage because it makes the person understand the storyline and the movie concepts. Because of the writing problem, many students seek essay writing services like custom writing services and resume editing service to complete this assignment.  If you are that type of student, follow these guidelines on how to write a film analysis essay.

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