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Guide to Sports Betting in Japan

Betting n Sports in Japan!

Several types of Sports betting are officially legal in Japan, and people around the country spend and win millions of dollars in sports betting every year. Though most types of gambling are illegal in Japan, people there can still enjoy different types of gambling and betting thanks to their cultural and historical significance. For instance, people can make bets on the so-called Koei Kyogi, or public sports, buy Takarakuji lottery tickets and play Pachinko, a sort of a recreational arcade game. There also are other types of gambling entertainment such as online casinos and live casinos, though they are technically banned. Either way, you can find a variety of betting and gambling opportunities if you want to. Today, we are going to find out about how you can enter the world of betting and gambling in Japan.

Koei Kyogi Public Sports and Gambling

It is entirely legal to bet money on such sports as horse racing, speedway motorcycle racing, powerboat racing, and bicycle racing according to These are the types of sports you can bet on whether on-site or via online betting services that are available to the users across the country. The Japanese government has been making efforts towards legalizing other types of gambling, though casino gambling still remains a controversial topic for the society in Japan. If you are looking for an online casino to play, you should check the reviews about what every online casino Japan can offer before you start playing. You need to remember that it is still illegal to run online gambling websites in Japan, though you, as a customer, are not going to face any liabilities for playing there. Sports betting, however, remains totally legal. Not all sports are popular in Japan though. You can make bets on professional soccer, but it is not nearly as popular as horse racing.

Pachinko – A Traditional Game

Pachinko is an arcade game that has been popular in Japan for nearly a century as the first-ever Pachinko machines were manufactured back in 1920. Whether playing Pachinko can be considered gambling or not is up to debate, but the fact of a matter is that this game is extremely popular in Japan. You can find Pachinko parlors across the country, and it is fair to admit that these parlors bear a striking similarity to a live casino.

Of course, if Pachinko is not enough for you, you can go play an online live casino of your choice. If you want to find the best live casino, though, you should check the reviews by FukuroCasinos out to find the one that gives you the best-fixed odds and the biggest selection of classic games. Here, you can find a guide to the world of gambling that is going to be extremely useful for the new player.

When it comes to Pachinko, you can’t call it real gambling. Yes, people pay money to play it, but the prizes are not even nearly as good as you’d expect. The prizes in Pachinko range from chocolate bars and cigarette lighters to something like a microwave machine. People play this game for the sake of the game itself rather than prizes. Overall, Pachinko can be barely qualified as real gambling because people do not even play that game to win money. It is more about having fun, even though Pachinko parlors sometimes look like an actual live casino.

What About Actual Casinos and Gambling?

It has only been a couple of years since the government of Japan started to take steps towards legalizing casinos. As of now, this process still causes controversy and it is still challenging to play actual casino games in the country. The casinos that currently function in Japan or are scheduled to be opened within the following years are the parts of bigger resorts and the entry is not free. You need to pay a considerable fee to enter the casino, which is meant to restrain people from this activity. Gambling with your favourite online sportsbook is also possible in Japan. We do host a selection of great bookmakers in Japan who we definitely recommend looking in to. What are the best bookmaker options out there?

Of course, there also are online casinos in Japan, but there are certain things you need to keep in mind. First of all, it is illegal to run an online casino in Japan, so you cannot just start your own casino. As a player, however, you face no liabilities for gambling online. Secondly, you can still access foreign gambling websites that are not banned in Japan and play there. This is a totally safe option, and if you have any problems accessing these websites, a basic VPN should do the trick.

How Do I Pay in Online Casino?

To play for real money, you need to make a deposit first, and it is easily done using one of many online payment systems. There are many options you can go with that are totally safe and reliable. You can use such payment systems as Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, and even your regular credit card to bet money in an online casino. It is a rather simple process though you need to pay attention to where you send your money to. Make sure to only use reliable and credible payment systems in reliable and licensed foreign online casinos to play safely and enjoy big money wins. There’s no problem accessing different foreign websites from Japan, so you should totally try some of those out and win some real money in classic casino games.

Wrap Up

Though gambling is a really controversial topic in Japan, most people realize that there’s nothing wrong about playing from time to time. Of course, moderation is the key here because some people do tend to lose their minds over gambling. You can legally bet on sports events and even play such games as Pachinko in Japan but it is still challenging to access the real casinos on the territory of this country. Hopefully, the attitude toward gambling will shift in the future and people will be more accepting of different types of entertainment.
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