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The 10 Biggest Myths in the NFL

The Biggest Myths in the NFL

The 10 Biggest Myths in the NFL

1) My Team improved in the off-season

Come on, you know it’s true. Every fan thinks his team improved in the off-season. Nobody ever thinks their team got worse, even if they know they did. Hey, I am guilty also: I am a Bengals fan!

2) You have to establish the run to win

Watch the New England Patriots and you will know just how false that statement is. Heck, sometimes they will run the ball ten times in a game and win.

3) My team maybe 0-9, but 6 of those losses were by less than seven points, so we are this close to being good.

I hate to break it to you but most games are close in the NFL. Your team loses close games often because your team SUCKS!

4) Jerry Rice was slow and ran a 4.7 40

If this was true would that not mean that after 1997 when he had knee surgery and was getting older, he ran a 5.0 forty? Please stop “he ran a 4.4 forty.” We really need to stop making slow people think they have a chance to play in the NFL.

5) My team always has a hard schedule

If your team always has a hard schedule, well then your team SUCKS! Schedules are computer generated and no your team doesn’t always get screwed by the NFL!

6) A QB that throws for over 300 yards in a game is a good thing

Actually, QB’s that throw for over 300 yards in a single game only win 46 percent of the time.

7) My team’s QB can’t read a defense

This one drives me crazy, you always have the fan that says his team’s QB can’t read a defense. I am sorry but you played Pee Wee football, how do you know if he can read a defense when you have no idea how to read a defense?

8) The NFL cares about player safety

NO THEY DON’T! If they did, they wouldn’t play a Thursday night game almost every week of the season. They also would not have two teams in the middle of the season fly to London to play a regular season game. They would also make sure all retired players were taken care of after they retire. They are better in that area, but it’s only because of public outcry. The NFL only cares about making money.

9) Colin Kaepernick is not on a team because he sucked last year

Come on  If Jared Goff had a QB rating of 90 last year and threw 16 touchdown passes and 4 interceptions he would be talked about as the second coming.

10) The NFL is a socialist operation

No it’s not it is straight up crony capitalism. Why do I say that? Look at the facts. In 1961, for instance, lobbyists persuaded Congress to pass a law that allowed the NFL to circumvent all antitrust rules and to sell TV rights, collectively, to the highest bidder. In effect, the NFL became a legal monopoly. A few years later, lawmakers cut a deal with the league that granted it tax-exempt status, yes until recently the NFL was tax exempt!.

Like most effective monopolies, the NFL has leveraged its power at the expense of taxpayers, who supply 70 percent of the funding for NFL stadiums — along with millions in infrastructure — according to Judith Long, a professor of urban planning at Harvard University. Team owners also receive lucrative “inducement payments” to keep them from moving their franchises to other cities. Billionaires shaking down cities and states for public monies? That’s not socialism. It’s crony capitalism. That is nowhere near socialism.


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