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8 Great Teams in the History of NFL Super Bowl Era

The greatest teams ever

History remembers all that has passed, and we have to record events as they occur be it in sports, politics, science, etc., so that the future generations or even someone who wants to know all about an issue will find it. The NFL history is known for its quirks and lovely tales, and most of the American football lovers find it interesting to read some of those stories.

Ultimately, NFL teams build their history each according to its achievements, and sometimes we love to know the history of a team from its initiation and up to the present day. Nevertheless, it is rather enjoyable to know all that could be garnered about some of the great teams in the NFL Super Bowl era, especially the most outstanding events, records or hilarious occurrences.

Miami Dolphins – One of the greatest achievements that this team has accomplished was in 1972 when they won Super Bowl VII. And, the next thought will be “well what is so unusual about that?” It was the only time that a team won a Super Bowl without losing any game over the whole season. If that is not strange and something to have us gasping in awe, then what else could? Perfection was the name of their games, and there is nothing more to be said!

Green Bay Packers – With an offense that was termed ‘the highest-scoring offense’ the Packers are allowed to be on this list. That was in 1996 and featured Brett Favre – energetic and young, a minister of the defense tactics as he came to be known – Reggie White, as well as Desmond Howard. The rest of NFL that season was simply shelved, as the Packers steamrolled through NFL.

Dallas Cowboys – The Cowboys have made it on the greatest teams list, the reader would be waiting to know about a game, player, or tactic. It was in 1971, the Cowboys resonated, mainly because of the hard work done by the great coach Tom Landry. Through his coaching, the offensive line became the talk of all who love this game. A rather unexceptional team at the time, Landry took them up until they seemed to take the league over as they used their offensive tactic on their opponents and made history. Thank you, Landry, and we can only hope that coaching would always be that way.

Los Angeles Raiders – With a defense that the least could be said about them is that it was brutal, the Raiders simply and summarily outscored their opponents. That was in 1983, even though they came to be known as an elite team only in the playoffs, still, with a score of 106-33, they made a mark. The raiders did not stay for long in Los Angeles, but they made sure that they were always remembered – a Super Bowl victory, and for the print, they left behind.

New England Patriots – In the recent history of NFL in 2007, many of us just may remember how the Patriots almost had a perfect season chalked up under their name. And, here are what they had that season to get them added to the list;  Eight players were chosen for the Pro Bowl, made several new records in NFL with 50 touchdown passes by non-other than Tom Brady and Randy Moss took 23 of them from Brady making another record. Well, if it had not been for that one catch by David Tyree, they would have had that perfect season by the most exceptional team! The Patriots started their new season strongly, and you can look here for cheap NFL tickets without service fees to watch most of their regular-season and playoffs games.

Green Bay Packers – Again we see the Packers as they make history with their heroics in 2011 – an unstoppable offense. Aaron Rodgers kept onlookers entertained and his team at the fore while he recorded a season as an excellent quarterback as had ever been seen till then. Furthermore, the general impression that they left behind was the rewarding feeling of how good a team they had been.

Pittsburg Steelers – In the year 1978, the Steelers won their third consecutive Super Bowl and had ten-player make it to the Pro Bowl. The team had a terrorizing offense – featuring L.C Greenwood, Joe Greene, Jack Ham, and not the least of them – Jack Lambert. Additionally, Terry Bradshaw made headlines with a year in which his career was at its most high. A formidable list to say the least!

Chicago Bears – In 1985, the Bears won the Super Bowl by sheer dominance over – Patriots, Giants, and Rams, among others. They were simply formidable, and their play tactics have not and will not be forgotten any time soon!

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