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In the world of casinos, you’ll come to find that new and upcoming payment methods are taking over ways that would be considered outdated. But what is it about Play+ online casinos that put them in front of the competition?

At TheGruelingTruth, we wanted to help you find out what to look for in online casinos that accept Play+. Discover what makes them stand out from the rest. We put together this guide for individuals interested in online casino games, those who are used to in-person casinos and want to transition to online. Or those who are just curious!

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Making a payment with a Play+ online casino – a how to guide

If you want to make a payment with Play+ casinos, it’s important to know the steps beforehand. These include creating an account, depositing funds and moving that amount onto your Play+ casino.

So, we included this guide to show you how cost-effective and straightforward to use Play+ online casinos are. Once your account is set up, you will be allowed to use it online and in physical shops. Play+ will provide you with a prepaid credit card that you will receive 10 to 14 days after setting up your account. This means you can use it at in-person casinos and ATMs also. It makes casino gambling more fun overall.

Choose an online casino to join

There are several Play+ online casinos to choose from in the US. It’s essential to know what you want to make the most out of your online gambling experience. It could be certain slot games or table games that entice you, so keep in mind before signing up what you’re looking for.

Sign up

Once you’ve chosen the casino, you can create an account. You’ll need to put in your personal details to confirm who you are and where you live. These include your name, residential address, date of birth, email address and a password you created.

Time to deposit

When using Play+ casinos, you may notice that there are other payment types available to choose from. Play+ is an excellent alternative to regular eWallets or Visa payments, and it has almost instant deposit times. You may know that many of the deposit methods are processed within minutes. But Play+ stands out because of its high success rate. Older payment methods like MasterCard can have struggled with the bank provider processing funds but adding fees. However, with Play+, you don’t have to worry about deposit fees.

Choose your funds amount

Online casino gambling can be pretty lucrative if luck is on your side. But it can also result in losses quite quickly. If you’re familiar with how specific games work, stick to a budget you usually use. Whether in an in-person casino or from previous experience. If you’re a new customer, we suggest starting small and working your way when you feel more comfortable.

Confirm and start using casino games

Once the deposit amount is confirmed and processed, you can start gambling! Some Play+ online casinos may even offer welcome bonuses to encourage you to play certain games. Play+ has an extensive range of games to choose from. Depending on your casino and where you’re located in the US. So find something that works for you and keep going!

Withdrawal and deposits with Play+: average time scales for online casinos

At TheGruelingTruth, we looked at both withdrawal and deposit times to make your decision on whether Play+ casinos are suitable for you. We looked through other payment methods, including when you use Visa casinos or even MasterCard, to find out how Play+ compares.

Play+ deposits

Several payment methods offer almost instant depositing times. These include MasterCard and Visa payments, and Play+ is no different. From the time you create your Play+ account and complete the sign-up process. Your deposit should take a few minutes, and you could be betting almost straight away. It has a better success rate than directly using your debit or credit cards. Once you’ve deposited for the first time, the next time will be even quicker, making this a popular choice for putting money in.

Play+ withdrawals

Similar to Play+ online casinos’ deposit times, withdrawal times are incredibly fast. A Play+ money withdrawal is one of the quickest ways for a customer to receive their winnings. Once you’ve linked the online casino account to your Play+ account, the transaction will process straight away, and you should see the money no later than two days. You then have the option to transfer that to a bank account, or you can use the Play+ card and withdraw cash at an ATM.

Play+ casino verification requirements – the need to know

Individuals who choose to use Play+ online casinos should know what verification requirements are needed before depositing funds.

Personal details are necessary

With any Play+ casinos that follow the federal law in the US, individuals are required to verify their age and identity to use the online casino. These details are what a new customer would need to create the account. These include the customer’s name, address, date of birth and social security number. The legal age to use online casinos in the US is 21. These Know Your Customer (KYC) checks are vital to keeping up with online gambling rules and regulations in the US.

If the online casino of choice doesn’t ask for these pieces of information, then it would be wise to look elsewhere to ensure a safe and secure environment.

In addition, if the individual has moved to a different location or wants to update some personal details, make sure to reach out to the chosen online casino’s customer service team for further guidance.

Casinos that support Play+

The history of Play+ and online casinos – working towards cashless payments

At TheGruelingTruth, we think it’s important to look at the history of Play+ casinos and how they got to where they are today. We found a few essential facts about their company values and the direction they plan to go in the future.

Quicker payment processing times

We’ve mentioned in this review that Play+ has an impressively fast payment processing time. When we looked at other methods that would be considered outdated, like MasterCard, they took a lot longer to process both deposits and withdrawals. This could be due to more internal checks on the operator side. But it could also be because a credit card uses borrowed money. In contrast, with Play+, you’re using your funds directly from your bank account.

A cashless society future

As the company grows online and in-person, they aim to show consumers that a cashless way of paying is possible. It also has a high success rate and has proven better for the ecosystem. Play+ is available in a prepaid credit card form that you can use in ATMs and in shops around the US and soon worldwide.

In addition, certain casinos have mobile apps available, so that’s ideal if you want to play online games on the go. Always check if your operator has these features and allows Play+ payments. If not, they may still need to catch up to online casino payment methods of the future today.

Play+ casino compared to other providers – does Play+ stand out?

Online casino gambling in the US continues to grow, and as a result, new payment methods are becoming more popular. There are the familiar ones like Visa, MasterCard and even PayPal payments. Some are making their way to become the next online favorite, like an online casino with Discover card payments or Play+ online casinos. But how does Play+ compare to the competition?


Compared to the payment methods that have been around for decades, like Visa and MasterCard, Play+ isn’t available in as many online casinos. But, it is a simple alternative to the popular choices. Some online gamblers may not have been able to use their other card payment methods due to certain site policies. Suppose you have a Visa, MasterCard or even a Discover card. In that case, you can input your details into the Play+ account and use the eWallet as a middleman or third party to avoid specific issues related to direct deposits and withdrawals.

Easy sign-up process

Having a quick sign-up method for many online casino enthusiasts is essential to their gambling experience. It sets the tone for the type of account they’re dealing with. When it comes to Play+ online casinos, they know that many users want to get onto the online games as soon as they deposit funds, and with Play+, you’re able to do this.

Choice of online gambling sites

Play+ casinos are becoming more common in the online gambling world. This could include website and mobile optimized casinos too, which is great for customers who prefer to gamble on the go rather than being tied to one computer. These online games include legal slot machines, table games and even sport and race wagering. Always double-check what your online casino offers to see if your preferred game is available to play with Play+.

Casino payment options

Three essential facts about using Play+ online casinos you should know

At TheGruelingTruth, we think it’s important to know these three facts about Play+ casinos.

No deposit fees

You’ll be happy to know that using Play+ online casinos means there are no deposit fees. You are essentially using a prepaid debit card and an eWallet compared to Visa casinos that are depositing funds straight from your card to the online casino account. Visa and even MasterCard payments can incur fees due to your chosen bank. Sometimes, these are hidden, so ensure you read through the terms and conditions if you decide to use one of those methods.

Luckily for online casinos that accept Play+, you don’t have to worry about any hidden fees. They will be honest about them in the small print. The company prides itself in being transparent so customers know what they’re signing up to in the long run. 

Speedy transactions

Online casino enthusiasts can sign up for Play+ casino accounts and fund it the same day to allow same-day deposits. You can then use these deposits to gamble on licensed and regulated casino sites. And if you’re an individual who may have struggled with using a different payment method. Like a PayNearMe online casino, or the popular Visa and MasterCard methods, then Play+ may be the best option for you.

As you’re depositing and withdrawing funds from an eWallet, you are avoiding some of the restrictions associated with banks and their online gambling policies. This means that deposits are usually almost instant, and withdrawals can be too. Play+ casinos are great for customers who want access to their money as soon as possible. In addition to the eWallet account, you will also receive a physical plastic Play+ card. This can be used to speedily withdraw the cash that you’ve earned at ATMs around the US.

The hands-on customer service team

You may have questions regarding your personal information or how to navigate through Play+ online casinos. For example, you might want to check your Play+ balance knowing that you’ve withdrawn some funds there. But, a few working days may have passed, and still, nothing is showing up. Luckily, you can get free balance alerts via text or email. If that doesn’t improve the situation, you can speak to a customer service advisor over the phone.

Conclusion – Get the most out of online casinos with Play+

Overall, we think Play+ casinos are a great choice for online gamblers who want to efficiently make the most of their games. Play+ has an excellent success rate for payment transfers to and from the online casino. If you’re still undecided about which of the online casino deposit methods to choose from, rest assured that Play+ online casinos have an easy sign-up process.

This is great for new customers who are unfamiliar with casino games online. They also make sure your casino experience is streamlined, so you don’t have to wait long for your deposit or withdrawal funds to process. We recommend you use the best online casinos with Play+ and see your payment methods that can benefit online gambling.

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Play+ online casinos FAQ

💳 How do I use Play+ to gamble online?

The online gambling industry in the US continues to develop with new and advanced technology. This includes the types of payment methods available to new and regular casino enthusiasts. Play+ casinos make sure their customers make the most out of their online gambling experience, similar to other payment methods like Cash At Casino Cage casinos. Check out our website to learn how to use Play+ to gamble responsibly online.

❓Is Play+ legit?

If you’re new to online casinos, you may not be aware of sites that try to scam you and steal your personal information. Thankfully, many regulated sites accept various payment methods, including Play+ online casinos. However, a specific casino may not be legal in the state you reside in. To find out if your US state allows casino betting where you live and if Play+ is accepted and legit, check out TheGruelingTruth for more.

💲How do I deposit funds using Play+?

Play+ casinos promise customers a streamlined experience. This includes no deposit fees, no matter the amount you want to put into your account. There are excellent limit amounts for deposits and withdrawals. But double-check with your online casino to confirm these limits. To find out how to deposit money using Play+ online, take a look at our review.

📱Is there Play+ online casino app?

Online casino sites are a popular choice for US gamblers. Not every user wants to go to a casino when they can choose different games at home. These include slot machine games and table games too. Check out our website for more details to find out if Play+ casinos have a mobile app or even a mobile-optimized site to take your casino on the road.

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