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In the US, the world of gambling is multiplying throughout the country. New states are legalizing online gambling and betting, and MasterCard casinos have seen a rise in interest too. But are they an online casino favorite payment method?

Here at TheGruelingTruth, our team of online gambling experts have put together a review to help you discover if MasterCard online casinos are the best option for you. We researched whether you would benefit from using a MasterCard to create an online casino account or if there’s something better out there. Check out our review for more info!

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Making a payment with MasterCard – understanding online casinos

There are several online casino payment methods you can choose from when gambling online. But at TheGruelingTruth, we’re looking at MasterCard casinos and the general process from creating an account to depositing cash.

Opening an account

Firstly, we think you should look at the available online casinos that accept MasterCard in your region. If you have a casino game in mind, check that this operator accepts your payment type. You shouldn’t have an issue finding MasterCard online casinos as they are highly accessible in the US. Once you’ve chosen your operator, you can begin the signing up process. The process is usually stress-free and takes a few minutes. You enter your name, address, email and date of birth. It’ll then show you a payment method section.

Choose your payment method

You would select the MasterCard option and enter your card details, including the card number, expiration date, security code or CVV and your name. You can then put how much you would like to deposit into the online casino. With credit cards, there is a minimum deposit amount of around $20. But depending on who you open an account with, this figure could be higher or lower. You then wait for the payment to be approved.

You’re ready to play

Once the deposit is confirmed, you can begin playing the online casino games! The processing time can vary from operator to operator, and how much you decide to deposit on your first game. So check the operator’s terms and conditions to see if you’ll be gambling almost instantly or have to wait a few business days.

Withdrawal and deposits with MasterCard: average time scales for online casinos – speedy processing times

When looking at the processing times for MasterCard online casinos, they are usually pretty quick at transferring your cash. This can vary with different factors, so we researched some deposit and withdrawal facts below.

MasterCard deposits

Depositing cash using MasterCard should be simple to do, similarly when you’re using Visa online casinos to make deposits. Depending on the bank you’re with, the process could be almost instant, taking a few minutes. Or it could take up to a few days to process. The US is one of the several countries that allows MasterCard credit cards and prepaid cards as a payment option for online casino gambling. Not every US state is on board with this method. Similarly, some countries like the UK don’t allow it either. It’s because of the risks of using a credit card and the borrowed money you’re gambling with.

MasterCard withdrawals

In comparison, not every casino allows MasterCard withdrawals. The casino policies vary between different operators, but many don’t want to pay the transaction fees that occur when withdrawing your funds into your bank account or card. However, if the operator does allow withdrawals, it’s similar to making deposits. It will take a few days for MasterCard casinos to process your request, so make a note of the payment options before you sign up to any operator.

MasterCard verification requirements – for a MasterCard casino

To make the most out of MasterCard online casinos, individuals need to know specific verification requirements beforehand. This includes, the online casino will most likely ask for proof of card ownership and a copy of the individual’s photo ID. These are to help prevent fraud or scamming.

The new customer may be asked to show a copy of a utility bill or bank statement during the sign-up process to confirm their address. This ensures they are in a legalized online gambling state in the US. It may also be used to see if their funds are an appropriate amount to start gambling with. For example, if the customer doesn’t have a regular source of income, the operator might turn them away to avoid the risk of debt.

Using the best online casinos with MasterCard can also be subject to fees. These fees are most likely related to the card provider and could be hidden. They are usually relatively low. But it is worth checking with the bank and the terms and conditions of the operator to see if there are more charges to be aware of. There are usually fees for withdrawing funds, so many MasterCard casinos avoid that payment option. However, they still allow MasterCard deposits.

The best MasterCard casinos

The history of MasterCard casinos – from the USA to the world

MasterCard has been around for decades. It was one of the first brands to implement plastic payment card usage in the US. At TheGruelingTruth, we’ve looked at its history and put together some of the key points to note.

From 1966

In the US, a group of banks came together to form the ICA (Interbank Card Association). The ICA was made to help with the growing demand for card payments over cash for different merchants and businesses. This proved successful and helped to put an advantage over the competition at the time. Years later, the ICA wanted to continue with a rebrand and changed its name to MasterCard International.

With this rebrand, the company also expanded to reach worldwide regions, including Europe, Asia and the People’s Republic of China. In addition to Africa, Latin America is now available in over 210 countries.

2006 onwards

Since then, MasterCard has continued to grow, including the use in MasterCard online casinos and betting sites, where it is legal to gamble online in the US. Since 2006, they have been a publicly-traded company and have grown with today’s technology. Some of their highlights include creating the first global online debit program, Maestro, and working with Apple to help integrate eWallets into iPhone models around 2014. They continue to develop and progress today.

MasterCard compared to other providers – what stands out in online casinos

Online casinos include a range of payment methods to suit different gamblers, including Visa, eWallets and bank transfers. But what is it about MasterCard payments that make them a top choice?

User protection

When using MasterCard online casinos, you’ll be happy to know that they offer excellent security for their customers, ensuring your sensitive information is safe. Credit cards claim to have more protection than debit cards or if you’re thinking about using PayNearMe online casinos. This is because if the card information was hacked and stolen, the card owner could cancel any unauthorized payments before they come out of the owner’s bank account.

MasterCard users also have zero liability protection, meaning if these unauthorized payments go through, you won’t be held responsible, and the money will be refunded into your account. We always recommend you look into the online casino you want to gamble with, to see how they shape up in terms of customer fund protection to give you peace of mind when it comes to online safety.

Customer support

Since their growth over the decades, online casinos that accept MasterCard have grown an impressive amount of customers. That growth means a readily available customer service team that can be accessed globally. If you’re having troubles with using MasterCard online casinos, don’t hesitate to speak to someone from the MasterCard side of things in addition to your chosen operator.

Reward programs

Like its competitors, like using Visa online casinos, MasterCard has several rewards for loyal customers. When you use your MasterCard, you may be eligible for different offers as the company is known to partner with retailers, hotels and airlines. You may not be able to claim these rewards if you’re gambling online, but MasterCard users do have many perks, in general.

Reputable alternatives to MasterCard

Three essential facts about using MasterCard for online casinos – what you need to know

If you’re considering using MasterCard casinos, these essential facts could be the icing on the cake to help with your decision.

Potential MasterCard bonuses

Some operators that use MasterCard to deposit and withdraw funds, also offer a bonus to the new customers. This welcome bonus could come in a deposit or no deposit offer. The deposit offer is excellent if you want to try your luck on online games. Usually, the terms and conditions will tell you how much money you should put in and which games will honor the reward. There are various games online like slots, poker and other table games, so look through and choose your favorite.

For no deposit needed bonuses, you may be entitled to a risk-free bet. It’s a great way to trial an online casino without spending your own funds. It is a practical choice for online gambling beginners. Check out TheGruelingTruth to see a list of reputable MasterCard casinos. Then you can compare what each operator has to offer.

Minimal fees

As we mentioned in this review, MasterCard casinos have low fees. If you do come across any, it may be to do with the bank you’re with. In addition to the minimal fees, it also goes well with how often you want to withdraw or deposit money. For example, if the fee is high to deposit money into our account, you would probably deposit less often or deposit more than you wanted to at once to avoid the fees.

Generally, MasterCard payments are processed almost instantly when you want to deposit. They can take up to a few business days if you’re going to withdraw. Not all online casinos will allow you to take out your money with the same MasterCard you used to deposit. The operator wants to avoid certain costs this way. In addition, you may notice the money you requested for withdrawal hasn’t reached your bank account after a few business days. In this instance, it’s essential to contact customer service to take steps on what to do next.

Online gambling is growing in the US

With more states changing their rules and regulations and legalizing MasterCard casinos, it shows more returns can be made through gambling. In 2011, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) put out a statement that said each individual state has the power to define what is legal in their state when it comes to online casinos, poker and lottery sites. The Wire Act put in place only applies to the laws of sports betting sites in America.

As more customers are joining these MasterCard online casinos, they can benefit from more offers and become familiar with the operator site. The websites are also developing to offer more games and services to help the customer enhance their online gambling experience.

Conclusion – gambling online with MasterCard is safe and secure

To conclude, at TheGruelingTruth, we think using MasterCard online casinos is an excellent idea for new customers. They offer quick payment processing times for deposits. And if the operator allows MasterCard withdrawals, these are processed relatively quickly too. The company has decades of experience and a worldwide reach, so it’s proven its reliability compared to other payment methods that are pretty recent.

Using online casinos that accept MasterCard is great. You’ll have simple to follow sign up steps that usually take a few minutes. However, there may be hidden service fees or transaction feed to think about. Any MasterCard charges are generally considerably low compared to other methods. So, if you’re still thinking about using MasterCard casinos, give them a go!

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MasterCard online casinos FAQ

💳How do I use MasterCard to gamble online?

MasterCard online casinos are quite popular for new and advanced gamblers in the US. Other popular choices include using a Play+ casino for your online casino game needs. Various payment methods are available for you if you don’t prefer using a MasterCard. However, if you would like to know how to use one in a step by step guide on online casinos, check out our review on the TheGruelingTruth website.

🌐Am I eligible to gamble online in the US?

There are a number of requirements you must adhere to if you want to use MasterCard casinos in the US. The rules and regulations vary from state to state as it’s not legal to gamble online everywhere. If you want to use a MasterCard payment method, we suggest ensuring the operator accepts this form of payment. To find out if you’re eligible to gamble online in the US, including the minimum legal age, have a look at our website for more details.

❔Are there any MasterCard casino bonuses?

At TheGruelingTruth, we looked through several MasterCard casinos available in the US. We wanted to compare how well they perform against other popular online casino payment methods, including VIP Preferred online casinos. Check out our website if you want to learn more about any potential MasterCard casino welcome bonuses and other offers.

✅ Is it safe to use MasterCard casinos?

Online gambling can be an exciting and lucrative place for US casino fans. If you choose to use MasterCard online casinos, you’re putting your trust in an operator that holds your funds. MasterCard is known to have customer protection when using your credit card. But if you want to know if your details are still safe in an online casino, have a look at our reviews on TheGruelingTruth.

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