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Are you looking for a secure way to fund your online gambling account? Well, look no further than the steadily-growing list of Discover online casinos. Discover is more than just another credit card, so read on to get the lowdown.

The Discover Card has been around for many years, but with an increasing number of US states legalizing online casino play, you’re certain to find more Discover casinos amongst them. Our guide will tell you all about Discover as a payment method and help you find the best online casinos with Discover.

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Making a payment with Discover – using your card at Discover online casinos

At this point, we’re assuming that you are already a Discover Card holder and that you have registered as a customer at one of the online casinos that accept Discover. If not, we’ll be going through some information about the application process a bit later in this guide.

The first time you choose Discover as your payment method, you will have to add the card details to your account, so make sure you allow a few extra minutes for that. Otherwise, the process for making a deposit is as follows:

  • Log in to your Discover online casinos account
  • Go to the Secure Payment section
  • Select Deposit Cash to your account, or similar
  • Choose Discover from the payment options
  • Decide how much you want to deposit
  • Check that you have entered the correct amount
  • Click on Make Deposit

As you can see, it’s all really easy and you’ll be able to do it in seconds when you get used to it. There are only few things that can go wrong, but if by any chance your deposit is declined, then double-check the following:

  1. Is the Discover Card registered to the same name and address as your Discover casinos account?
  2. Did you enter the card details correctly e.g. long card number, expiry date and CVV?
  3. Will the deposit you are trying to make cause you to exceed your credit limit?

If none of those provides the answer to your problem, then your best option is to reach out to the customer support team. The best online casinos with Discover will usually have some type of support available to you 24/7.

Withdrawal and deposits with Discover: average time scales – make sure to check the T&Cs for Discover casinos

Deposits at Discover online casinos

As you would anticipate, the first time you use your brand-new card, you’ll need to add all of the card details at your selected Discover online casinos before you can make a deposit with it. So be sure to allow a little extra time to do that.

Thereafter, every time you make a deposit at Discover casinos, you’ll usually see it land in your casino account within seconds. On the odd (very rare) occasion, it might take up to an hour, but the average timeframe qualifies it as an instant deposit method.

Withdrawals from Discover casinos

It is when you come to request a withdrawal from Discover online casinos that you’ll find some variation. We’ll stress here that this has nothing to do with the card itself, it relates solely to the withdrawal procedures different Discover online casinos implement.

This is not something that relates only to the Discover card, you’ll find it’s the same for other payment options too. If the time it takes to withdraw your winnings from Discover casinos, or any other types is a big issue for you, then our casino reviews will help you to find Discover online casinos that specialize in fast payouts.

Discover verification requirements – a guide to getting your Discover card

The process of applying for a Discover Card is much the same as the one you would complete for opening a bank account or applying for any financial service. However, there is some preparation you can undertake to increase your chances of acceptance, which we will explain shortly.

Discover goes to great lengths to provide its potential cardholders with all of the information they might need to make a successful card application. There is a fair bit of reading, but we can assure you that it will be worth the time spent doing so.

Check your credit score

There is a whole selection of different Discover credit cards you can apply for. Some of these options are purposefully aimed at how the card will be used. For example, there is a card that offers cashback on retail purchases and another that accumulates free air miles.

For each different type of card, Discover provides details of the ideal credit score range that the card is suited to. If you check your credit score online, which can be done easily and at no cost, you can match it up with a suitable Discover card. Even if your score falls into a lower-than-average range, there is still a card you will likely be accepted for. Initially, your interest rate will be higher and your credit limit lower, but you can upgrade over time.

How card approval works

The entire process from completing your online Discover card application to receiving your card in the mail takes at least 10-14 days, so be sure to apply in plenty of time if you’re planning to use it at Discover online casinos any time soon. Remember that you’ll also need to have your ID documents ready to upload as a part of the application process.

Once you’ve completed your online application, you’ll receive an on-screen message, usually within a few minutes, confirming that you’ve been accepted, declined (a rare outcome) or that your application requires further review. The latter result usually means there is some type of discrepancy with the ID documents you have uploaded and you will be advised if any further action on your part is required.

The best Discover online casinos

The history of Discover – where it all started

You might be surprised to learn that the Discover card was launched way back in 1985. Long before the concept of online casinos came into existence in fact. Initially, it was developed to service the credit needs of customers at Sears, an outfit that was the biggest retailer in the US back then.

It was met with enthusiasm by Sears customers and the first one used the card to fund purchases of $26.77 during a brief trial period. However, it was following the subsequent ‘official’ launch that the problems began.

Although customers at Sears outlets were over the moon with their new zero-fee credit cards, rivals like MasterCard and Visa were somewhat less enamored. Along with the support of some other major US retailers, they spent the next twenty-odd years trying to block Discover.

However, justice ultimately prevailed and after a very lengthy court battle in 2004, Visa and MasterCard were finally deprived of their claim to retail exclusivity. Discover continued its policy of not charging fees to retailers that accept the card and advertising a 99% acceptance rate to entice new customers to apply.

From that point onward, the Discover Card became increasingly popular and today there are more than 50 million Discover Card owners and it is accepted in 185 countries across the world. With the ongoing legalization of gambling across the US, there are now hundreds of Discover online casinos and betting sites scattered around the US.

Discover compared to other providers – what makes Discover online casinos stand out? 200

As you can see, your chances of a successful Discover Card application are unusually high, but does this payment method really stand out from other equally reputable payment methods? Also, what are the benefits you’ll get by selecting Discover online casinos over the alternatives?

Well, we’re about to answer those questions, by making some comparisons between casinos that accept Discover and those who rely on other payment options.

Discover vs VIP Preferred

VIP Preferred is a prepaid card option that is often used by casino players who have accounts with US banks which tend to block transactions with gambling sites. To use VIP Preferred casino payments, you have to register for an account with the payment provider’s Global Payments System first.

When you use VIP Preferred at an online casino, you’ll also have to provide details about the method you’ll use to top up your VIP Preferred card. Ironically, one of the recommended options for doing so is a Discover Card. So, as you can see, there are several additional processes you must complete when using VIP Preferred than are needed when you use Discover online casinos.

Discover vs Play+

Unlike a Discover card that you can use at all Discover casinos, Play+ is a payment method with a physical payment card that is unique to a specific brand. So, each Play+ casino has its own unique version, with different terms and conditions applied to it. Unlike other payment cards where they can be used anywhere, if you have several different online casino accounts, you’d need to apply for a Play+ card for each one.

As a casino player you might well be encouraged to use Play+ by your casino operator as every new sign up gives them the chance to offer you targeted incentives to continue playing there. You’ll find these will come in the form of promos like free slot spins, cash to play on certain table games and extra loyalty points that can be redeemed on the site or at its land-based premises.

Discover vs MasterCard and Visa credit cards

Visa and MasterCard have always been the top two credit card providers in the US, with Discover coming in third place. However, Discover online casinos are now becoming almost as prevalent as MasterCard and Visa online casinos and there is a good reason for that.

Both Visa and MasterCard charge fees to online casinos for every transaction they complete, which is applied as a percentage of the transaction amount. So, Visa and MasterCard casinos must absorb that cost, or pass it on to customers either directly or indirectly. Conversely, Discover does not charge any fees to casino operators, so it is a far less expensive option for them.

Alternatives to Discover online casinos

Three essential facts about using Discover – great reasons for choosing Discover casinos

Claiming bonuses at Discover online casinos

You’ll find that using some casino deposit options will exclude you from claiming bonuses and other promotions that might be up for grabs. There is actually a good reason why casinos put those exclusions in place. It’s because the payment provider is charging them retailer fees for every transaction their customers make. That would mean that in a matched deposit bonus scenario, they would have to pay out a percentage of your deposit, as well as giving you more cash to play with.

However, Discover online casinos are different, the casino does not have any retailer fees to pay to Discover and therefore rarely excludes Discover Card payments from its deals. That is by no means carved in stone. It’s also a subject we cover in all our casino reviews, but you should always check the T&Cs for any offers at Discover casinos before opting in.

Using your card is free of charge at Discover online casinos

Unlike some payment providers, including other major credit card issuers, Discover casinos will not deprive you of any of your winnings. What you win is what you’ll get when you request a withdrawal at Discover online casinos.

There are some exceptions to that though. Online casinos are responsible for implementing their own terms and conditions for every aspect of their operation. There is a very small percentage out there that levy fees for all withdrawals and some that will charge you admin fees if you request more than the usual number of withdrawals in a given period of time. Again, it’s down to checking out the specific rules that are in place for Discover online casinos on an individual basis.

Other positive aspects of applying for a Discover Card

The first and most obvious positive is that the Discover credit card has a 99% acceptance rate, so you’d be extremely unlikely to have your application denied. Discover offers a whole range of card options to suit most financial circumstances, so even if you have a credit score at the lower end of the scale, the chances are you will still get one, albeit at a slightly higher interest rate.

Secondly, there are no annual fees for being a Discover cardholder and no fees for using your Discover credit card at any retail or online outlet that accepts this payment method, which includes any Discover online casinos and betting sites.

Conclusion – we recommend using Discover online casinos

Our review has shown clearly that Discover is one of the easiest credit cards to obtain, with a 99% acceptance rate and the chances are that you’ll be given a higher credit limit than those offered by other credit card providers. That is good news for those of you that want to make use of Discover online casinos.

We also found that the best online casinos with Discover are far less likely to exclude you from opting in for the bonuses and promotions they offer when using this payment method. In short, we have found no negatives at all with the Discover Card or using it at Discover online casinos and we hope that more casino brands will add it to their payment options in the future.

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Discover online casinos FAQ

⌚ How quick can I get a Discover Card?

We understand that you are keen to start using Discover casinos as soon as you can. However, when you make an application for any credit card, you have to wait for the card to arrive before you can use it. The actual time this takes does vary a little between card issuers, but there are steps you can take to ensure that your Discover application goes as smoothly as possible. We have detailed them carefully for you in our guide to Discover online casinos.

⚡ Which are the best online casinos with Discover?

There are many aspects to consider when it comes to choosing an online casino and the range of payment options is one of those. However, it is better to select the casino that suits you, rather than specifically setting out to find Discover online casinos. Head over to and peruse our extensive library of reviews, where you’re almost certain to find exactly what you’re looking for.

✅ Can I make withdrawals to my card at Discover online casinos?

It’s fair to say that it is possible to request withdrawals to your Discover Card, but whether or not specific Discover online casinos will process them is another matter. Here at, all of our online casino reviews have a section relating to deposits and withdrawals from the operator’s site. If you already have some Discover casinos in mind, you can check out our reviews, or you can browse through them all to track down your ideal casino, the choice is yours to make!

❓ Are there any fees for using my card at Discover casinos?

As you are probably aware, some payment methods incur a cost for using them. These might include fees applied by the payment provider itself, as a percentage of the transaction you are completing and in other cases, you might find there is a fixed fee applied by an online casino for processing payments to or from your account. To find out how Discover online casinos approach this, head over to and take a look through our guides to various payment methods and the US online casinos that offer them.

🔒 Are online casinos that accept Discover secure?

Any payment method that you use when gambling online is only as secure as the site you are interacting with has made it. The Discover card is a reputable and safe payment method, but Discover online casinos are responsible for ensuring that all of your financial transactions and the money in your casino account are made secure. Be sure to check out our online casino reviews here at and learn more about this crucial subject!

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