1- What was the major reason you decided to apply and then take the job at Ironton?

The main reason I applied and ultimately decided to coach at Ironton was because of the Tradition. Ironton is a special place filled with people and players who want to succeed.


2- Ironton has a nice history of playing some really good schools out of Kentucky. Will, we ever see the Tigers face Pikeville or a rematch with Belfry or Johnson Central?


Yes, I could definitely see us playing a Pikeville, belfry, or Johnson central in the future. We are always trying to get better and challenge ourselves with our schedule


3- I ask this question to most coaches. here do you believe the state finals should be held?


I love the state finals being held in the canton/Massillon area. It has that high school feel to the atmosphere. Outside of that, I think it should be right here at The Tank.


4- As a fan, I enjoy the Thursday night game along with the Saturday afternoon and night games. As a coach and a former player what are your thoughts on those game times?


I enjoy the atmosphere that a different time frame brings to a game. Usually, that means nobody else is playing or not many teams are so you will typically draw larger crowds.


5- The atmosphere at an Ironton home game with the crowd the band and the game itself is something I always say a fan of high school football should see for themselves. How much are you looking forward to a full house in 2021?


I can’t wait to have the Tank back to normal. It’s truly an experience everyone needs to experience in my opinion.


6- How important is it for the JV team along with the other lower levels teams to get a full schedule?


it’s very important that is a way for them to apply the fundamentals they are learning in practice and I will go a step further and say it is important for those levels to schedule up and challenge their teams.


7- What is the best part about coaching high school football?


The best part is helping kids achieve their goals and helping them develop into young adults


8- Is there anything you would change about how the playoffs are set up?


In a perfect world, I would say there should be fewer teams in the playoffs. Make teams schedule tougher opponents to get in


9- What are your thoughts on players playing multiple sports?


I think it’s important for kids to play multiple sports. We want athletes and we want people who love to compete. It is also for people to train year-round in my opinion. Consistency is key when dealing with kids


10- With such a rich history at Ironton with the football program did you feel any added pressure in adding your touch to the program?


With such a rich tradition of football and football success here at Ironton you definitely don’t have to do a lot, but I think it’s important to put your own touch on your program. That way you do it to the best of your ability and pour all your effort into it