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High School Football Spotlight: Jake Gregg, QB, Wheelersburg High School

In the spotlight!

Note if the bill passes that allow seniors to come back to play in 2021 Jake Gregg will be starting for the Pirates again this season.

1- Looking back on your high school career what is the one thing you wish you would have done differently?

 I wish I would’ve gone to Wheelersburg all my life. 100%.


2- Which of the many wins will you remember the most?

The Ready game this year is probably my #1. That game I felt a sense of brotherhood and playing for each other that I’ve never felt before. They disrespected the W and none of us were going to take it. I get chills just thinking about the emotions from that game and knowing 100% that I can count on the guy next to me to do his job.


3- Which loss will haunt you the most. I know there were not many?

100% the Ridgewood game. Hands down the toughest loss I’ve ever had. I left everything I had out on that field – heck I played the game with a partially torn rotator cuff that still isn’t 100% yet. For any Burg people reading this, I want to take the blame for that game. Don’t say anything about or coaches or anything, I was put in a position to execute and I didn’t. That’s on me. I want it all on me.


4- What other sports did you play for Wheelersburg?

Just football.


5- What are your plans now that high school is over?

To be honest, my plan is to return and play for Wheelersburg again. With the 2 bills made right now, and other things in the works, I am fully putting my faith in God for him to open a door for me / make a way for me to return to the Burg. I have not been trying to think about anything else. I’ve been working on my game, getting faster and stronger, and once that time comes you better believe I’ll be ready to bring another state championship back to where it belongs.


6- Is there a chance that coaching at some level may be in your future?

Yes, I would love to be an offensive coordinator for a D1 school.


7- Will you go to any games now that your playing days at the high school level are finished?

If everything fails and I don’t get to return, yes I will 100% be there supporting my teammates.


8- What will you miss the most about school and playing high school sports?

Hopefully, my days aren’t over yet, but when that time comes I will definitely miss that feeling of brotherhood you have with your teammates. There’s no better feeling than working your butt off, being drenched in sweat, and looking at the guy next to you and he’s just telling you to keep going – go harder. That’s how it is at Wheelersburg. Also, I will miss The Burg’s fanbase. Jeez, there’s nothing better than being around town and people stopping and talking to you about football, or looking up in the stands and seeing everyone jumping and screaming as loud as they can, you don’t find that very often around here. Lastly, when all my days are over, I’ll be grateful for the time I had with my coaches at Burg. I won’t get into it, but it’s a whole lot deeper than football, and I can’t thank them enough.


9- Do you read or post on

I’ve got on it occasionally this off-season. I didn’t get on it during the season because I just wanted to focus on myself and the team.


10- Can you explain the emotions you felt as the clock read 0:00 after your final game?

I didn’t know what to do, sir. I’ve never played with so much passion, and pride like I did at Wheelersburg. It means something to have Pirates across your chest. I mean, almost everyone we play is counting down the days until they play us. This might sound bad, but I’ve never experienced everyone playing for each other, everyone fighting for each other, and that’s how it is here. I gave everything I had that game for my teammates, my coaches, and my community. I knew I wasn’t 100% because of my shoulder, but I owed it to everyone else to go out there and give all I have. Wheelersburg is a special place, and it’s where I should’ve been all along. For the Burg fans reading, if this bill passes, you only got to see a little bit of what’s left to come. I promise I will do everything I can to bring us one back home. Go, Burg!

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