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College Football Spotlight: Derrick Baney, Asst.Coach Grove City College

In the Spotlight!

1- Can you explain to the readers what Brick by brick means when it comes to Grove City College football?

“Brick By Brick” is a wonderful philosophy that our Head Football Coach (Andrew DiDonato) brought with him when arriving at GCC. The program starts with a vision (blueprint) there’s a process (laying bricks) in which that vision needs to become a reality. And Love (brick mortar) holds everything together. Our vision statement is “To glorify God in the pursuit of earning a degree, building lasting relationships, and competing for PAC Championships” we are building each day towards that vision. 


2- The coaching staff has been able to turn the program around at a nice pace. What will it take for this success to continue?

As a program and staff, we have numerous “Brick Phrases” that our staff and players use each day to remain focused. Two of them that I feel are vital for the program are, “focus on the vision, not the circumstance” and “See a little, see a lot… See a lot, See nothing” These two phrases allow us to build and stay focused on our vision regardless of the various circumstances. In doing so we always see a little, so one day we can see a lot. If we attack each day seeing a lot, we believe we will see nothing. 

3- With the success, Grove City College is having what has the biggest effect been as far as recruiting goes?

Sharing our story and vision I believe has been vital. It allows us to connect with each recruit and their families. When recruiting student-athletes we have specific qualities we look for that coincide with our vision. This ensures we have the “perfect fit” for not only our College but the program as well. 

4- How long have you been coaching football?

I came to Grove City College with the Head Coach, I’ve been here with him since day one. I’ve been blessed to be coaching college football for 6 years. 

5-  What does it cost to get into a Grove City College game?

The support we have from our President and administrators is so special. One of our “Brick Phrases” that I absolutely love is “Each of us needs all of us”. Everyone on campus builds together with our program. Our games are free to attend which makes the experience for our community very special. 

6- As a coach what do you believe is the biggest adjustment for an incoming Freshman goes when it comes to playing college football as opposed to high school?

I personally believe the biggest adjustment from college football to high school football is the overall speed of the game. Everyone at this level is bigger, faster, and stronger. Things happen very quickly! 

7- Who is the best player you have ever coached against?

It’s hard to answer that question. Our conference has so many talented players. Each week it’s amazing to see the student-athletes make the plays they make week in and week out. 

8- Where did you play high school football at?

I’m one of 5 boys in my family, I’m the youngest. My brothers all played high school football in upstate NY and went on to compete at various Colleges. When I was in middle school my family moved to Central PA where I attended Milton High School and played football. 

9- Why should a high school senior think about committing to Grove City College?

Great question! “4-40-Forever” Football often times will only last 4 more years after high school graduation. Your degree however will last you another 40 years! When retirement comes, your faith and relationships will last you forever. I encourage all high school athletes to think about this concept. Our academic statistics are incredible when it comes to job placement rates and career service opportunities. 

10- What is the best advice you have ever been given when it comes to coaching and where did the advice come from?

I feel incredibly blessed to have been given a lot of advice from many amazing people. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this question. I would have to say the best advice has come from Andrew DiDonato (Head Football Coach). He has taught me a lifetime of valuable lessons that have not only changed the lives of our players but his staff as well. 

He’s taught me how to “Be where my feet are”. Wherever I am, and whatever I’m doing I’m to be where my feet are. If I’m at practice it’s time to be a coach. If I’m at home it’s time to be a husband. If I’m spending time with my parents or at home, it’s time for me to be a brother/son. It’s absolutely changed my life.

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