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A Change is coming in College Football: No more NCAA, Notre Dame in the Big Ten and Clemson in the SEC, plus more

College Football!

The New version of College Football

On Thursday people were shocked to hear USC and UCLA were joining the Big Ten, should we really be shocked? This is all about one thing and that one thing as it always is in College Football is money! NIL deals were allowed by the NCAA because they didn’t want to give up any of their Billions of dollars to take care of the players that got them that money. The NIL of course as to be expected has turned into nothing but a nightmare just as the new transfer portal has. College Football doesn’t need the NCAA anymore, they are big enough to go it on their own and that is what’s happening now. Check out the top sports betting sites for betting on College Football!

At first, I thought it was bad for College Football, but is it really? Now maybe all of the football and basketball players that bring in the money can finally be properly taken care of. A four team playoff seems stupid with every other level of College Football with 16 to 32-team playoffs. So now the time has come to bid addios to one of the most corrupt organizations in America(Which is saying a lot) the NCAA. Below we will take a look at our best guess for how this washes out in the end. Goodbye NCAA!

What happens now?

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1. B1G/SEC will expand and become like the AFC/NFC

There will be 2-3 round conference playoffs followed by a Super Bowl-style championship game. Other cfb programs won’t participate, those would be called whats left of the NCAA, programs that are not deemed big-time!

2. Players will actually have a Union

They will bargain collectively with the players, either as an official union for employees or as a trade association consisting of independent contractors. That means players can actually get insurance through the school or Union instead of having to have their own insurance to play.

3. They will pay players without current NCAA-style limits–the collective bargaining agreement will govern

The NCAA will not have any role in recruiting or academics. The NCAA will not have any role whatsoever, similar to the NFL’s collectively agreed limits on roster size. This will prevent top teams from locking down more players than they already have. However, smaller schools will still have plenty of talent. You can expect more transfer portal activity from non-B1G/SEC players who move up after showcasing their talents at the lower levels.

4. B1G and SEC will be kings, think AFC and NFC

That doesn’t mean that MAC schools will no longer play football, the smaller conferences will play the mid-week games and you will still be able to find them on ESPN 3 on a Saturday. Let’s face it only one smaller conference team has ever made it to the playoffs anyway and now maybe the NCAA will hold a 32-team tournament for the leftover teams?

5. Notre Dame will eventually join the Big Ten

I know fans of the Irish would rather have a move to the ACC, but the ACC in the next few years will no longer exist and you will see Clemson, Miami, and Florida State just to name a few moves onto the SEC. Notre Dame needs to just bite the bullet and make the move to the Big Ten now. Don’t be surprised if a team like Duke jumps to the Big Ten also.

6. This radical departure from the norm is disruptive but also offers new opportunities and excitement.

The key for SEC and B1G is to keep what makes College Football unique from the NFL, especially traditions, rivalries and the connection with campus and student bodies. If they can do this they will be fine and remember every year all of you guys reading this article spend most of the season complaining about the NCAA. Check out the best bookmakers for betting on College Football!

7. It was not an option. It was inevitable due to the size of the money and the openings provided by courts.

It is not worth wasting energy trying to stop it. It is up to you to determine how to best manage it. My view: The well-being of the players should be the top priority. This will make life miserable for coaches. Noted. Now, figure it out. The important thing here is the fact that the players who risk their physical health will be taken better care of.

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Yes, change is scary, but this change will be best for the players and at the end that’s all that matters. The NCAA and the schools have paid lip service for years about how they are looking out for the best interests of their so-called student-athletes and it’s always been bull shit. The 64 schools I envision being a part of this and an expanded playoff format give us a legitimate champion for the first time in College Football history and hopefully, it gives us at least an 8 to 16-team tournament. I don’t know about you but I am up for some December madness, and I am tired of the NCAA Madness.

























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