Active boxers are not eligible.

10) Panama Al Brown

Brown was a terrific bantamweight champion. In 160 fights he was knocked down once.

9) Jake LaMotta

Hit the deck a total of one time in his career. Fought the great Sugar Ray Robinson six times. The Bronx Bull was a damn good fighter and his ability to take punishment was legendary.

8) Kid Gavilan

“The Cuban Hawk” engaged in 143 fights and was knocked down just twice. His competition was legendary including the likes of Ralph Jones, Beau Jack, Tommy Bell, Ike Williams, Carmen Basilio, and of course, the great Sugar Ray Robinson.

7) Muhammad Ali

You rarely see Ali’s name on these lists and that amazes me. Not even in 1980 when he was shot did he touch the canvas against Larry Holmes. He was knocked down earlier in his career but always recovered to win. Who else could lean against the ropes and let George Foreman use him like a heavy bag and then knock Foreman out. Earnie Shavers hit Ali with everything he had and Ali took it and responded by winning the fight.

6) George Chuvalo

Chuavalo fought all of the great heavyweights from the 60s and never hit the canvas. Not even George Foreman or Joe Frazier could put him down. He survived Muhammad Ali twice and fought a war with Jerry Quarry.

5) Carmen Basilio

Basilio’s two TKO losses were at the end of his career against Gene Fullmer. In his prime, Basilio was going nowhere no matter how hard you hit him. Sugar Ray Robinson hit him with shots that could have knocked out a bear.

4) Carlos Monzon

Monzon was only knocked off his feet once and that was by Rodrigo Valdez who he came back to beat. Monzon was tough as nails and took some hellacious shots in his career from several good fighters and seldom appeared dazed.

3) Harry Greb

Greb was stopped only twice in well over 200 fights and those two stoppages were because of a broken arm and the other when he was dramatically out-weighed. Even near the end of his life and career, and blind, he never got stopped.

2) Rocky Marciano

Marciano hit the canvas on a couple of occasions but got up quickly and fought even harder. He is considered overrated by many fight fans today but they seriously have no clue. Marciano walked through everybody’s best to deliver bombs and never lost a fight. Combine his cement-laden chin and iron will and you have the makings of a great fighter. 

1). Marvelous Marvin Hagler

The only time Hagler was officially knocked down was against Juan Roldan, and let’s get this straight, it never should have been scored a knockdown. Hagler took everybody’s best shots for over a decade and kept coming. Maybe the most impressive was in 1985 when Hagler and Thomas Hearns went to war. Hagler absorbed Hearn’s best punches and knocked him out in round three. Hagler had an iron will and technically was a great boxer, which is why he is an unquestioned all-time great.