Prince Charles Martin’s pathetic defense of his “heavyweight” title has to rank right up there with Bruce Seldon’s quitting in defense of his title against Mike Tyson. I started thinking just how bad is Martin? I just wrote a top ten champions in heavyweight history article, why not write a top nine worst heavyweight champions in history article? I will not include guys like Seldon or Martin; I only include real heavyweight champions, so following is my list of the ten worst champions in heavyweight boxing history.

9) Ingemar Johansson – Actually beat some good fighters, but had a poor chin and questionable stamina.


8) Buster Douglas – Beat a prime Tyson, but that’s it. He lacked the motivation to be a great champion.


7) Marvin Hart – He did beat a prime Jack Johnson, but overall was not very successful.


6) Max Baer – His greatest victory was over Max Schmeling but was a crude, limited fighter.


5) Jim Braddock – Was an excellent light heavy. He had his one moment in the sun by beating Max Baer.


4) Jess Willard – Had one great fight against an old Jack Johnson, but was slow and plodding.


3) Leon Spinks – He won an Olympic Gold Medal and upset Muhammad Ali, but after the Ali win it was all down hill.


2) Primo Carnera – Had some decent skills but a china chin, and a lot of his fights were questionable, because of the men who ran his career.


1) Jack Sharkey – Was KO’d by Primo Carnera. A loss to Carnera would make you number one even if it were fixed.