(Original Caption) John Havlicek (17), basketball player for the Boston Celtics, in action against the New York Knicks. Slide shows Havlicek dribbling the ball down the court.

10) Rick Barry

Sure Barry was an asshole but he was also a prolific scorer who averaged 24+ points, 6+ rebounds, and 5+ assists per game during the 1970s across the NBA and ABA; during the decade, he was also a 9x All-Star and 7x All-ABA/NBA selection who took home Finals MVP in 1974-1975 while guiding the Golden State Warriors to the championship.

9) Pete Maravich

Maravich was a consummate showman who unfortunately was stuck on bad teams throughout the 1970s. Maravich averaged 25+ points, 4+ rebounds, and 5+ assists per game in the 1970s for five All-Star selections, four All-NBA teams, and the 1976-1977 scoring title.

8) Dave Cowens

Injuries hampered and eventually shortened his career but Cowbns was a great player winning Rookie of the Year in 1970-1971 and MVP in 1972-1973, he was a 7x All-Star, 2x NBA champion, 3x All-NBA, and 3x All-Defensive during the decade while averaging 18+ points and 14+ rebounds per game.

7) George Gervin

Gervin was a 6x All-Star and 5x All-NBA/ABA selection during the decade who put up 24+ points, 6+ rebounds, and 2+ assists per game, including two straight scoring titles to close out the decade. Gervin was famous for his finger roll and seemed to be able to score at will against any opponent the Spurs played against.

6) John Havlicek

Hondo was the original sixth man, but by the 1970s he was a dominant fixture in the NBA. He averaged  21+ points, 6+ rebounds, and 5+ assists per game in the 1970s, in the process earning nine All-Star selections, making seven All-NBA and All-Defensive teams, and winning two titles.

5) Bob McAdoo

McAdoo was the 1972-1973 NBA Rookie of the Year, he also won three straight scoring titles mid-decade and averaged 27+ points and 12+ rebounds per game in the 1970s en route to five All-Star Games, two All-NBA selections, and the 1974-1975 MVP.

4) Walt Frazier

Frazier was one of the greatest point guards in NBA history. He was a 7x All-Star and 6x All-NBA/All-Defensive selection during the 1970s. He averaged 20+ points, 6+ rebounds, and 6+ assists per game during the decade while guiding the New York Knicks to a pair of championships.

3) Elvin Hayes

Hayes was an All-Star every year of the decade, 6x All-NBA, 2x All-Defensive, 2x rebounding champion, and NBA champion with the Washington Bullets in 1977-1978. Hayes averaged 23+ points and 14+ rebounds per game during the 1970s, he gets lost in the conversation when people talk about the greatest players in NBA history, but the Big E should always be in that conversation.

2) Julius Erving

Erving was the greatest player in ABA history and won the 1976 ABA Dunk contest against David Thompson. The Doctor was the original Dunk king. He was more than just a dunker though and when he moved on to the Philadelphia 76ers his play was dominant. The Doctor averaged 26+ points, 10+ rebounds, and 4+ assists per game in the 1970s and was an 8x All-Star and 7x All-ABA/NBA selection.

1) Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Jabbar was from the very beginning of his career being named the 1969-1970 rookie yearAbdul-Jabbar was a 5x MVP, 9x All-Star, 9x All-NBA, and 8x All-Defensive selection in the 1970s with the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers; moreover, he averaged 28+ points, 14+ rebounds, and 5+ assists per game and led the Bucks to their first NBA title, winning Finals MVP in the process. Jabbar then went on to finish up the decade with the Lakers.