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Why are Pete Rose Fans so Stupid?

Publish Date: 06/03/2024
Fact checked by: Mark Lewis

Pete Rose has led a long life and has done more than most. Too bad most of it was bad, and bad is not nearly bad enough to describe this man who still runs around with the haircut of a 12-year-old boy. Pete is known by many names, including Charlie Hustle, The Hit King, a tax evader, a dirty player, a compulsive Gambler, an Adulterer, and a Pedophile. He sure has packed a lot of living in the last 80 years.

His last bad behavior(that we know of at least) was the worst and most shocking and disturbing. He admitted to engaging in an illicit sexual relationship with a 14-15-year-old female during the early 1970s while married, with two children who were still young enough to live at home; according to her testimony, he did it and even though he denied it after John Dowd reported it, Rose even filed a lawsuit against Dowd claiming defamation, he eventually admitted having sexual relations with this individual in the timeframe that she had accused him of.

Ohio law considers this act to be statutory rape, regardless of what Pete the Predator/Pedophile thinks, thus making this crime much worse than wagering on baseball games. Rose claimed he thought she was 16; does that make it any better?

Video: Woman testifies that she had with pete rose as early as age 14

Woman testifies that she had with pete rose as early as age 14

My older granddaughter is around the same age as the young lady with whom Rose had an affair—she was 14. Like that young lady, she’s going through that transitional period between childhood and adulthood but still considers herself a kid because she is still a kid!

No matter if both parties claim the physical aspect of their relationship was consensual, what does a child understand about consent? She only knew that Pete Rose, an all-star in Cincinnati baseball history, found her attractive and pursued her. Just thinking about it makes my stomach turn.

The Reds honored Rose at Great American Ball Park by unveiling a statue depicting him sliding headfirst like when he played active baseball. This was part of their plan to forgive and honour Rose’s playing legacy; before this, they had inducted him into their Hall of Fame and retired his No. 14 jersey. I wrote an article asking for the statue to come down and you would not believe the amount of online hate I got.

When I brought up Pedo Pete, they all claimed it was an allegation that never happened. In each of those situations, I posted the New York Times article in which he admitted in court that he did it, and most Rose fans did not care!

I know he was the Cincinnati Kid and, from the early 60s to the late 80s, was a legend in the city and helped the Reds to win two World Series, but come on the guy was an utter scumbag on a team that had players that kids could look up to like Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan and the list goes on and on.

When he returned to the Reds as player/manager in August 1984, he did help turn the team around, but multiple second-place finishes have to make you wonder if the Reds came up short because of his gambling issues. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that right after Rose was relieved from his duties, the Reds finally got over the hump and won it all in 1990 after the Rose smoke had cleared.

The Rose fans with even half a brain realize what kind of man he is now, but the ones without half a brain are harder to understand. You know the man bet on sports, and he bet on Baseball, and it’s proven he even bet on Reds games. Now, the idiots out there will say at least he didn’t bet against the Reds! I highly doubt he didn’t. He was a compulsive gambler, and why would a compulsive gambler not bet on games he knew the most about? Remember when he first accused Rose, he said he never bet on baseball, then he admitted to betting on Baseball but never betting on Reds games, then he admitted to betting on Reds games but never against them. So, do you think he is telling the truth about that? If you do, you are the definition of an idiot. Pete Rose, at best, indirectly bet against the Reds.

Video: Outside The Lines report on Pete Rose betting on baseball (2015) | ESPN Throwback

Outside The Lines report on Pete Rose betting on baseball (2015) | ESPN Throwback

You see the posts daily on the internet. Somebody posts that it’s time to put Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame every day! Betting on Baseball, which he admitted to, is a lifelong ban, and Shoeless Joe Jackson will show that even death cannot get you in after you are caught doing it. Rose signed a contract saying that if he did it he would be banned I do not know why this is so hard to understand. I was born in 1968 and grew up loving the Big Red Machine, but I was never a Rose fan.

I was not a Rose fan because I had heard so many bad stories about Rose that it was impossible to cheer for him. As I got older and became friends with some of his former teammates about Rose, my hatred for the man furthered. If people knew half of what he did, they would be amazed! Put it like this: Pete Rose is such a bad person that he should probably be a member of Congress!

I get tired of people telling me that Pete Rose played the game harder than anybody else. Come on, you are telling me he played the game harder than Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan, or Tony Perez? I grew up watching baseball in the 1970s, and I will say I don’t remember too many guys who didn’t play hard. Does playing hard make it ok to bet on baseball, to lie about it and to cheat on your wife with an underaged girl? The Reds need to remove him from their hall of fame and no Pete Rose statue should exist of this man, he is not someone you would want your kids to look up to.

All men have flaws. Pete Rose’s faults are covered up because he was a good baseball player. Remember, he played his last couple of years barely batting over .200 to break Ty Cobb’s all-time hit record, and he had 1,000 more at-bats than Cobb. Rose was a great singles hitter and a great leadoff hitter. Still, he was an average fielder, and more importantly, he was a compulsive gambler, a pathological liar, an Adulterer and he liked young girls. Do you want a statue built for a man like that? If you do, you need to take a long, hard look in the mirror at yourself.


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