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Top Five Sports in the World and Their Fan Base

Top 5 sports

Several sports have become a part of our society. At present, people are participating in different games either as a team or individually, to show their particular skills. These activities primarily fall into the category of athleticism. It not only enables you to shape your body but also informs you of your physical capabilities. There are other types of games that do not fall in this division but are still ranked high in the list of sports. Games like “chess” don’t require you to use your physical potential; it involves the artistry of one’s mind. 

Sports have become a vital part of our society and are being played worldwide. Some play it as a hobby, and some put their physical abilities to action because it is their career. Over time, various games have gained popularity. There are specific rules and conditions involved, which are the same all around the world. In developed countries, it is the sport that earns them a considerable revenue and adds a lot to their profits. Some of the most popular games are as follows:


It is a game played around the globe, and associations arrange international tournaments to find the best team of the year. It has a fan following of more than four hundred and fifty million around the globe. The course of a game is based on the number of strokes utilized to pot the ball. The person who uses fewer strokes win the game. This sport originated from the ground of Scotland and expanded over time. Shane Lowry, became the champion in the major that took place in the year 2019 making him the world number seventeen.


A game that achieved fame over the course of time and today is not respected by most of the sports associations. Still, people from around the globe play it despite the fact it can bring harm physically. It gained admiration in the United Kingdom and became a sport with a fan base of more than four hundred and eighty million people. The other areas, such as Australia and New-Zealand, have several renowned players. The teams have fifteen players on each side, and you have to begin with kicking or passing the ball. It’s a game that involves teamwork because, without it, you cannot get the ball on the other side of the line, to make a goal. Conor Murray, Owen Farrell is amongst the few professional players.


A game that was invented in the 1800s, it is still a story people hardly believe. This particular sports gained popularity in the United States and have approximately more than half a million fans. It is popular in the countries US and Japan, but today it is being adopted worldwide. The game includes nine players on each side and the usage of a bat specially designed to hit the ball. The team that goals the most win the game in a time limit. Several versions were part of sports similar to this game in early times. It took a course of over more than a hundred years to build significance and its role. Mike Trout, Mookie Betts, and Alex Bregman are some of the most famous players in the world.


It is a game that was invented in the United States in 1891 and gained importance over a few years. This game has nearly a billion fans worldwide, and the best part about it is the ratio of accidents is very low.

In contrast with sports like rugby, which has the highest proportion of disasters, it is considered one of the safest and the court is available in nearly every institution. It is a game of two teams, and a total number of players on each side is five. This is the game that can be easily managed indoors. It is a sport where a person needs to shoot the ball in a basket that is ten feet above the ground level. The team with most goals wins the game over a course of limited time. LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and Ovie Soko are some of the famous names in this game. You can learn about Ovie Soko Net Worth here if you are a Basketball Fan.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis is enjoyed by more than nine hundred million people around the globe. The followers admire this game because of its less space occupation. Also, because it can be played individually or with a team of two on each side of the table. The Solo competition is held worldwide, and the most renowned names in this game are Ma Long and Mattias. The game is also known as Ping Pong in some regions. In the game, you have to hit a lightweight ball over a table. The team that misses the most fitting hits loses. Mostly played in China and South Korea. The last international took place in Budapest, Hungary. 

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