Sports Betting Math

Sports betting math!

We all love placing a small bet once in a while, probably during some Playoff Finals or a World Cup just to make the game more interesting. When you invest some money into any game, the whole experience becomes more personal and the gameplay is suddenly more immersive. You picked one side, and although you are not one die-hard fan, there is some primal instinct inside all of us that just craves for some good competition. Experienced players will tell you that sports betting is not about winning, but about adrenaline rush and making the games more interesting. Well, adding some excitement to any game is a good thing, but we wouldn’t mind winning some cash in addition to that, and that is where some betting math could help you.

The basics

You do not think a lot about complicated math when you place a bet in your favorite casino, but maybe you should give it some thought because the casinos do and thanks to that, they are making a ton of money. We are not talking just about the math that is behind all popular casino games, but also the statistics behind sports betting in general. If you ever placed a wager inside any casino, then you are familiar with the concept of betting odds, because this is how every betting house makes money. These odds are rising and falling for various reasons and smaller odds indicate the team that is a favorite to win a particular game. The betting parlors make huge profits based on one fact that most people like playing parlays, the combination of individual wagers that is statistically hard to win, but it pays well if you do.

You may notice that most basketball games have the same odds if they are not handicapped bets, and these odds aways pay less than two to one so the casino could make many regardless of the final score. They just need to even the amount of money placed on both teams to win, and they can skim off the remaining cash after the game is over. Mathematics can be fun and practical sometimes, and casinos are exploiting this fact for centuries, so if you are planning on making some money by betting on sports, it is time to learn some basics of statistical analysis and game theory. Making money by betting on your favorite team to win is harder than you can imagine, but with some practice and persistence, this can become a nice source of some passive income.

Casino games VS Sports betting

If you enter a casino you may contemplate whether you have better odds of winning by playing poker or betting on Lakers against Miami, and that is a legitimate question. Mach depends on your skill level but choosing the top-quality games made by the best developers like Microgaming or some other reliable developer might increase your chances. You may check this Microgaming casino list to find those with the best reviews, so you can enjoy some reliable games where betting math and payout rates do not fluctuate. That way you will get some advantage and level that house edge with your deeper understanding of statistics behind your favorite titles. Some casino games require a certain skill level but betting on sports does too, and that is what makes it so interesting.

You have to love sports if making profits by betting is your game plan, otherwise, you may just admit that you are a recreational gambler who places a few bets occasionally just for fun. One needs to adore basketball and devour his favorite player’s stats so he can get some deeper understanding of the game. One can find the best betting opportunities by browsing through casino reviews but finding a good mobile casino is not enough, because your passion for the game or a particular sport is one crucial factor when it comes to smart betting. There is no secret inside tips that can help you, just some meticulous study of game stats, pay lines, and spreads which gives you some edge over casinos. They are not going to make your life easier, and it is no rocket science to understand that you have to bet correctly more than fifty percent of all your bets for making some profits, and that is presuming that your bets pay two to one.


For those who enjoy playing parlays, the odds of beating any casino are very low, so maybe they should stick to playing slots or poker instead. Putting your money on singles is a way to go, presuming that one knows what he is doing. Placing bets on single games that one studied methodically can dramatically increase his chances of winning, although he needs to play a lot of single games for turning any substantial profit. That is right, we already pointed out that sports betting is reserved only for sports fanatics, so other folks are better off with enjoying a roulette or blackjack tournament. One should look for a great value in his bet and he will be able to spot a great value only if he is an expert for the sport in question.

Managing his banking and placing some proper amount of money when wagering is another thing that requires practice and experience. The total amount of one’s money that he is willing to risk should not exceed this value which he set before deciding to try some sports wagering. Those who set clear parameters and stick to their plan will save a lot of time and cash and placing the same amount of money on every single bet is a proper way to go. This way one will practice discipline that is crucial for succeeding in this endeavor.


Those who have a burning passion for any sport are in advantage when it comes to sports betting, as their keen eye will spot the value where others just cannot see it. Educating yourself about how casinos construct or shift odds to influence our wagering decisions is crucial for gaining an edge over them. Next time when you place a bet on a winning team, remember that math is not just a bunch of numbers but a useful tool that can help you make some real cash.

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