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Marge Schott: Now she was a Racist!

Publish Date: 06/24/2024
Fact checked by: Mark Lewis

The mainstream media loves to stir up the racist narrative in all things, and that includes sports; most times, no racism exists as they are trying to invent racism to stir the pot and drive ratings and cause division in the country as a whole. Today, we are going to give an example of an actual racist, and that example would be former Cincinnati Reds owner Marge Schott.

Before baseball was integrated, Marge Schott would have fit perfectly as an owner before 1947. She was a mean, heartless woman who some Reds fans still think was a good person. Those are probably also the Reds fans who think Pete Rose still has some redeeming qualities.

How did Marge Schott find herself owning a Major League baseball team? I will let you see how in her own words. “You think I got this wealthy giving stuff away for free? I had to be born to a rich father and then married to a rich man who died to get this much money! That takes hard work, unlike you freeloaders!” Schott uttered those words. When her husband died, she took over his business, and she was just as cheap running a car dealership as a baseball team. If there were a meeting, she would buy doughnuts. When the meeting ended, she would take the leftover doughnuts and sell them to the other employees. If some were left, instead of giving them out, she threw them away.

She also famously got pissed off that the Red’s Opening Day game(the Reds are famously the only team guaranteed to have their home opener on opening day as they are the oldest MLB franchise) got postponed after the home plate umpire John McSherry collapsed due to a heart attack on the field and died. She later quoted saying, “Snow this morning and now this. I don’t believe it. I feel cheated. This isn’t supposed to happen to us, not in Cincinnati. This is our history, our tradition, our team. Nobody feels worse than me.” Nobody felt worse than her? Maybe McSherry’s family felt worse than you, Marge! The word Narccisst gets thrown around a lot, but Marge was a narcissist.

At least Marge was nice enough to do this in the open, so everyone knew how much of a garbage person she was. Nobody would have known the same about an owner like Donald Sterling if it wasn’t for the recordings being leaked, and I bet a lot more owners we don’t know about are just as vile; they’re just better at keeping it under wraps.

[An Employee], who is Jewish, alleged that Schott kept a Nazi swastika armband at her home and claims, he overheard her say, “Sneaky goddamn Jews are all alike.”…Schott issued a statement saying she did not mean to offend anyone with her statement or her ownership of the armband. So, she admitted both accusations were true.

Schott refers to then-Reds outfielders Eric Davis and Dave Parker as “million-dollar niggers.”…Schott said the “million-dollar niggers” comment was made in jest. Once again she admits to saying this about two all-time great Reds players.

Schott aroused ire when she made statements favorable of Adolf Hitler, saying he “was O.K. at the beginning, […] He just went too far.”

Schott was quoted in Sports Illustrated as speaking in a “cartoonish Japanese accent” while describing her meeting with the Prime Minister of Japan.

Schott later stated that she did not like Asian kids “outdoing our kids” in high school.

Schott was banned from managing the team by MLB in 1993 due to racist comments and again from 1996 through 1998 due to statements in support of German domestic policies of Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler, amongst other controversies over her beliefs; shortly afterwards, she sold the majority of her share in the team/ How did she last that long? Sure, the Reds won a World Series in 1990, but overall, as an owner, she destroyed the farm system, which hurt the team for years. Shw traded to bring back Pete Rose in August 1984, and even though Rose ended up burning all of Cincinnati with his Gambling addiction in 1984, the move was a good move for a franchise that seemed headed nowhere.

She made a mockery of the game, though, as she chined smoked from her seats at riverfront stadium, sure she was pleasant to the fans during the game, but it was embarrassing to watch batting practice before games as her St. Bernard Schottzie roamed the outfield, pissing and crapping on the field.

Maybe that 1990 World Series title was the precursor to the Movie Major Leagues, as the team and fans united against the disgusting owner to win it all.

Why did Marge Schott even want to own a baseball team? Most of the time, she didn’t even know the players’ names. The worst part was when she decided to start making baseball decisions, which led to flipping a coin in a parking lot to decide a player’s salary. A woman came up and introduced herself as Edd Roush’s granddaughter, and Schott said nice to meet you; what business is he in? Roush led the Reds to a 1919 World Championship and is still considered one of the Greatest players ever to wear a Reds jersey.

In 1990, she was upset that the Reds had swept the A’s because a longer series would have meant more money. She was so mad that she made the players pay for their party after the game. The Reds celebrated one of the greatest upsets in the World Series by buying their hamburgers.

Of course Eric Davis got the worst part of the deal as he lacerated his kidney early in Game 4 and had to be rushed to the hospital. He couldm’t make the team charter back to Cincinnati so Schott made him pay his own way home. The scaries part of this article is the fact that I could go on and on for ever about this hideous disgusting woman, but I think a thousand words is plenty enough to paint you a picture of what a real racist is.


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