25 Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative sports essays!
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Every day, each of us discusses some topics with friends and establishes his/her position on the topic. These skills will be of great use when you are assigned to write an argumentative essay. There are many controversial essay topics to choose from. One of the most popular spheres for discussion is sports. That’s why teachers often ask to write an argumentative essay about sports. Don’t you have original ideas for your paper? You can always go to professional custom essay writers who will help you to complete a perfect paper. A team of experienced writers from CheapWritingHelp, for example, can offer cheap essays on an interesting topic that will definitely hook the most demanding college professor. 

Before you start searching for the topic ideas, learn what features argumentative essays have. Check the collection of original topics below and you’ll definitely get inspired for writing your A-grade argumentative essay paper.

What is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is the one where you conduct research on a certain topic and express your position using solid arguments. You should find credible sources of information to create a high-quality paper. The topic of your argumentative essay should be well investigated. The writer should collect pieces of information that relate to the topic and analyze them. The main aim is to define your own position and write a powerful thesis statement. Start the first paragraph of the essay with the statement and explain why the topic is important for your target audience.

An argumentative essay should be structured according to the standard scheme. It must consist of the introduction, main body, and conclusion. Make sure that there are logical transitions between the essay parts. You should write each paragraph in a clear and concise manner. For this, start each new paragraph with a new idea. Each paragraph should be devoted to one thought only. The key distinctive feature of argumentative essays is that the writer must give arguments to support his/her opinion. The evidence should be logical. You should look for factual information if you want your readers to approve your position and trust your opinion. It isn’t as easy as ABC to write an impressive argumentative essay. However, the task will be easier if you choose the right topic. Which one will be best for you personally? You are recommended to pick the essay topic you feel passionate about. Here are 25 sports argumentative essay topics you may want to express your opinion about and conduct research to find persuasive arguments.

Top-25 Great Topic Ideas for Your Argumentative Essay

  1. Basketball is losing its popularity nowadays.
  2. Parents should forbid boys to play football since childhood as it is one of the most traumatic kinds of sports.
  3. Universities should pay money to students who win in sports competitions.
  4. Cheerleading can’t be considered a kind of sport.
  5. Coaches should check whether players take steroids.
  6. Everyone has a right to bet on sports online legally.
  7. Sports events aren’t compatible with the advertisements that encourage such bad habits as drinking and smoking.
  8. Sports competitions that involve dogs and other animals should be considered illegal everywhere.
  9. Parents shouldn’t allow children to go in for violent kinds of sports like boxing.
  10. Powerlifting should be for men only.
  11. It is unfair to consider video gaming as a kind of sport.
  12. Sports can cause not only positive but also negative effects on human health.
  13. Teamwork is a key to success in any kind of sport.
  14. Playing soccer should be a must for all American colleges.
  15. How to become a leading sports team at the university?
  16. There are many reasons for soccer popularity all over the world.
  17. Is it acceptable for the coach to lose his temper during the game?
  18. Do you consider chess to be a full-fledged kind of sport like football and basketball?
  19. Is there discrimination against women in sports? If yes, give examples.
  20.  What role do media play in sports events?
  21. Is there any way to prevent injuries in football?
  22. Do all athletes experience stress and how to avoid it?
  23. It is impossible to succeed in the career of an athlete and personal life at the same time.
  24. Professional sports isn’t a hobby, it’s the way of life.
  25. Professional athletes suffer from different chronic health problems.

These are just some of the argumentative essay topics for you to discuss. Sports is one of the most controversial topics for essay writing, which fits the argumentative essay genre best. Pick the topic you are interested in and complete a well-structured essay that contains evidence that your point of view is the right one. You can tell the reader about all the existing opinions, provide “for” and “against” arguments for each of them, and conclude the essay so that nobody has questions regarding your position. 

Hope the list of the topics above will help you to brainstorm sports topics to argue about. Select up to five topics from the list and choose the one you are familiar with. Remember that the topic should be well-researched for you to provide evidence of your opinion. If you experience a lack of time or writing skills, you can always turn to specialists who have completed hundreds of argumentative essays. That’s why forget about stress and just let your mind flow!

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