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In this article we will be covering some of the best slot apps for your mobile device. May it be your Android or iPhone, we will have tips on how to choose the best slots apps there are.

There are many benefits to gambling on apps compared to your normal online casino sites and we will take a closer look at why that is, where to find them and what we recommend. This article applies for both beginners and expert slots gamblers that are looking for some extra tips.

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Free Slots mobile apps – What are the benefits?

You may think playing slots or any other online casino game is better done from the laptop, due to its bigger screenplay. However nowadays you can play the best slots apps from your iPhone or Android device, and it is becoming more and more popular. Here are a few reasons why.

You can play from anywhere

You can enjoy the best slots apps from anywhere you want, especially while you are waiting for food, sitting in a queue or just drinking your morning coffee at home.

The thrill of gaming at your fingertips

One of the best things about being able to play slots apps from your iPhone or Android is that you can do it while doing other tasks. It doesn’t take much attention to play slots so why not integrate it with some of your other daily activities? What sounds better than lying in front of the TV while playing some of the best slots apps available? Spice up your boring chores or errands with some nice slots apps free of charge.

Casino app offers

Because we live in a world where mobile devices are becoming more and more integrated in our lives. The best online betting apps are investing a lot of time and money into their service for users to enjoy. It is quickly becoming the most popular way of gambling and because of this, they are running promotions and rewards if you register from a mobile device. These rewards won’t be found on your normal online casino sites, only on the apps.

See what others think

From your iPhone or Android you can look at the reviews for the best slots apps there are to enjoy, we have also browsed through all the casino apps real money offers to make sure you find a great deal. This will make it easier to decide which of the best slots apps to download.

Providers with great mobile options

Slots apps – Our reviewing criteria

When it comes to reviews and recommendations, we follow a strict criteria for our ratings. We want you to find the best slots apps free for you to enjoy. We have plenty of slots bet reviews & ratings for 2022 based on different online casinos and the offers they have.

Here are a few things we look at when choosing the best casino slots apps free for your iPhone or Android device:

Availability and system requirements

We take a look at what casino apps have the best overall compatibility for android and iPhones. Also if they cost money or not. We search for the most trustworthy slot apps free of charge for our readers. We also look at where they are available from. For instance, are they only downloadable from the online casino’s web page or can it also be downloaded from the Google Play store. We like apps available on the Google Play or App store as it gives easy to find reviews about these apps.

Usability and design

When it comes to slots apps, it is of utmost importance that they are user friendly and the design is easy to understand. When gamblers are new to the apps, we don’t want to recommend them to apps that are too difficult to understand and we try to explore this in our guides of how to win at slots machines. Easier gameplay makes for quicker learning.

Mobile payment methods

Online casino operators sometimes have different payment methods than others. We have a look at what the payment methods are and how easy transactions are between them. It is important to read the terms and conditions for deposits and withdrawals as well.

Special bonuses

We look at the best special bonuses for these slots apps. Different online casino apps have different rewards, bonuses systems and slot rules. We analyze these systems and come up with the apps that we believe have the best overall rewards for gamblers. We conducted a similar process with our best online poker app page. This way we make sure our gamblers receive the best possible benefit they can.

Data and live streams

Slots apps with real rewards usually have live streams and live dealers for players to enjoy. Not all of them are there yet. It is not essential for online casino apps to have them, but it definitely adds to the experience. It makes gamblers feel as if they are in the casino itself, making for a more realistic environment. It is definitely something that will become more and more popular and you can expect a lot of casino apps to get them soon. We look at hints to see which might be getting these live streams in the near future and add that to our overall review of the casino operator.

Mobile customer service

Customer service is very important for gamblers because there is real money involved. People who are new to casino slot apps sometimes have difficulty understanding the terms. Thus, it is important to have the best slots apps with the best customer service.

We can assure you that all our app reviews are conducted on secure and licensed operators and we devote our work to be honest and trustworthy. Here at TheGruelingTruth we write to inform and educate our readers with well researched information.

Why the Sugarhouse casino app is so great! – What we recommend

We only recommend licensed and authorized online casino operators, and the one that we feel tick most of the boxes for easy free slot apps is Sugarhouse casino. This is a great slots app free of charge. Gamblers looking to start their slots experience won’t have to look any further. This online casino is downloadable from your play stores in the USA, on both android and iPhone.

We have reviewed a lot of online casinos apps and Sugarhouse Casino is one of the best for slots we could find. This app is also very well known by a lot of slot gamblers and with good reason. You can read up more about the Sugarhouse casino on if there is anything else you want to know. Also have a look at the best online casinos in  2022, to see how we review these casinos.

There are slots apps free of charge for you to download, but not all of them are certified downloadable from the Google Play store. Sugarhouse Casino is, which makes it extremely safe to download and play.

Slots apps – How we go about deciding which is for you

On you will find plenty of reviews for the best online casino apps for all sorts of gambling, including slots.

It is reviews like these that help you decide which casino app is the best for you. It takes a look at welcome bonuses, gameplay, payment methods etc. Slots apps all have different methods and gameplay styles, so it is important to get an in-depth knowledge about these topics.

There are slot apps free of charge and there are ones where you have to deposit real money to start with. Which one you choose to play is totally up to you. If you are new to gambling, taking the free version is a good way to get used to the app play style. It also gives you overall practice for real time gambling.

Being familiar with all the concepts, lingo and rules is very important before you start gambling with real money! We want you to find the app perfectly suited for you, so take a look at more of our articles. Articles like slots online for real money and many others will help you make your decision. Remember that you can always change the operator you use, so come visit our site often to make sure you do not miss out on a new or better version app you are currently playing on.

Websites without slots apps? – Some are still catching on

Not all the operators we review have mobile apps, so we take that into consideration when we recommend best slots apps for iPhone or the best slots apps for android. Upon reviewing these apps, we also recommend mobile websites for operators that do not have an app. We look at how well the phone handles these websites from an Android or iPhone screen.

Sometimes the whole screen of the online casino site doesn’t fit on a mobile screen because it was designed for a computer. We look at which sites adjust well while accessed through a mobile phone and which don’t. Also, we look at how well the gameplay and overall player experience is received while playing it through a mobile screen. Slots apps are mainly what we focus on, but that does not mean we don’t look at alternative ways of playing great online casino slots.

The way the future is going, most online casinos already have casino slots apps, or will have in the near future, so if there is a site you like that does not have an app, don’t worry, it will not be long!

Five tips for slots apps – Things to watch out for

The reason why casino slots apps are becoming so popular is because gambling on the go has revolutionized the online gambling limitations. People can now gamble from anywhere they want and they are not fixed to their home computer anymore. For this reason it is important to have your app secured.

Here are some security and safety tips for gamblers betting on the go:

Always use the direct operator links when downloading apps

There are a lot of free slot apps available to download from the internet. Cyber threats are real in today’s world, so make sure you download your app from a secured platform. These apps are safe when you download them directly from the casino operators page. However, the app store is also a very safe bet and there are reviews that can give you some more information when downloading a slot game app.

Don’t use public WiFi

When you’re out and about, it might be tempting to log into a free public WiFi, but these are not secure. Online casino and slots apps have your personal information and financial data stored, so don’t risk your security by using an unsecured network. Only use a secured WiFi network you know or stick to your own device’s data. 

Make sure you have enough data on the go

Being on the go means not having access to Wifi all the time. Make sure you have enough data when moving around. Also, be sure to check how much data the app consumes so that you don’t run out and wonder where it all went!

Use your time wisely

During the day, there are a lot of things we do that require our full attention. Be sure to know when to play and when not to. Don’t gamble while you are driving or working with electronics or anything that is threatening to your health – whether that’s on slots or on blackjack apps for real money. Be responsible and play when you are able to multitask.

Take a portable charger with

Remember that you are now betting with a limited amount of time and you don’t want your battery to die during your playing time. This may result in lost rewards or lost funds, especially with a bingo app for real money. Be sure to bring a portable charger so that you can enjoy the best slots apps on the go without a worry.

Our final thoughts

So there you have it. Some tips to find your ultimate slot apps for real money. You can always be assured that TheGruelingTruth will welcome you with the best tips and reviews about these topics on the internet.

When it comes to online gambling, the amount of options can be a bit of a head-scratcher. No need to worry though, we write these articles for you to make the experience quick and easy. We scroll through news and articles to sum it all up in one article for our readers. All you have to do is visit our website, read through a few of them and walk away with some notes and tips that would have taken you a lot longer to find.

We recommend you take a look at other articles on our website which may help you learn more about the casino apps available to download. Also, be ready for some new articles on the way regarding the best slots online for real money. We always like to keep our readers informed on the latest news and information available!

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Best slots apps – FAQ

🏆 What are the best slots apps for free in 2022

Because online betting apps are growing bigger day by day, it is very difficult to pinpoint which app is the best. We do however create reviews where we list multiple slots games apps we believe is best for our readers. Have a look on our website to find some recommendations.

📲 Which online casino sites does not have an app?

Mobile casino apps are already a new norm to online gambling, however, there are still sites that do not offer these platforms. They are few in between, but they are there and we give a well rounded review of them as well, based on how well the site is run from a mobile phone. Have a look on our website to find out more

🤷 What are the benefits for free slots apps?

There are loads of advantages to why one might choose the free slots games apps over the normal sites. Free slot games have taken the world by storm and there is a reason for it. In this article we explain what those advantages are and why so many people are choosing betting apps over their computers.

🆓 How do I download slots apps free?

Try and download your app from a respectable source as there are fraudulent apps that might contain viruses. There can also be fake accounts that want your card information to steal. Be sure to check out our website which lets you know which platforms are best for downloading the best free slots apps for 2022.

💸 Which of the best slots apps can I play without real money?

Just because the apps are free to download doesn’t always mean you can play without real money, although there are apps that do give you the opportunity to do so. To see which apps you can play with bonus money for free, you should have a look at our reviews on different casino apps.

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