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Best Blackjack Apps

Blackjack is a game most people are familiar with. In this article we will be looking at some of the best blackjack apps to play on your mobile device.

We look at the benefits of using a mobile casino app, the threats thereof and some recommendations to what are the best casino apps to play with. At TheGruelingTruth, we ensure trustworthy and honest research is done for our reviews.

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Why Blackjack apps are perfect for you today

Online gambling has been around for many years. Gamblers can play online without going to the casino. Nowadays gamblers can even play while on the go without being tied to their laptops at home. Casino apps have become increasingly popular due to this and many other reasons. Here are a few examples why black jack apps are better than using your computer at home.

Play on the go

Now you can gamble from anywhere you want, at any time. People nowadays spend a lot of time waiting. Waiting for their coffee or food, driving in an Uber or any other task that takes away productive time during your day. Now you can make those hours count!

Always entertained

Now you can play live blackjack apps while watching TV or you can play while doing some of your less favorite activities, like chores. Make your daily monotone activities exciting with these black jack apps on your mobile device.

Best bonuses

Because mobile casino apps are becoming more and more popular, online casinos have started giving out special bonuses and rewards if you download their mobile apps. Enjoy the best blackjack apps from your mobile device and gain some bonuses for it as well. A double win in our eyes.

Google reviews

Lastly, Google reviews from your app store are a great way to see which apps are the best rated among gamblers. This makes it easier to find the best black jack apps for Android or blackjack apps for iPhone on the Google Play store or App store.

Great providers with mobile options

How we review and rate the best Blackjack apps for you

We work hard to deliver our readers the best, most updated news and information on numerous topics for you to enjoy. We do tons of reviews based on different blackjack apps and free blackjack game apps for your mobile device. We have been reviewing these sorts of apps and online casinos for quite some time, so we are well educated about new trends and information. We look at different aspects when reviewing these apps and build criteria for rating them.

We assess apps based on the following criteria:

Availability and system requirements

We take a look at what blackjack games apps are compatible with most phones. We look at blackjack apps for your Android and blackjack apps for your iPhone.

Usability and design

Whether you are a beginner or experienced blackjack mobile gambler, we review which apps are the best user friendly to use. Keeping it simple and pleasing on the eye is very important for gamblers overall. There are some blackjack apps with amazing visuals and easy game play so be sure to see what our recommendation is!

Mobile payment methods

Mobile payments methods are something we take very seriously at TheGruelingTruth. We look at what payment methods they have and how safe they are. Also, we look at the source of the blackjack app to see how legitimate they are. It is important to get a trustworthy source as there are scams out there with fake apps that want to steal your money.

Is there is a special bonus available for the app

Different blackjack mobile apps call for different bonuses and rewards. We compare these rewards between the best blackjack apps there are on offer. We have plenty of reviews on these different bonuses and rewards. Have a look at Blackjack Offers for 2022 on TheGruelingTruth for a better idea on these bonuses and how to qualify for them.

Data and live streams

Live streaming has created a whole new dimension to online gambling. The best blackjack apps usually have live streams while others are still new to the live blackjack apps. In today’s world, entertainment companies are all looking at ways to draw your attention. These live streams give players the ultimate real live casino experience and are becoming more and more popular. We have a look at which online casino apps have these live stream options, and if not, when they might be getting it.

Online casino operators like to give previews into some exciting content on the way. We look at these previews and predict whether there might be live streaming in the near future and add that to our criteria of reviewing the blackjack apps.

Mobile customer service

When it comes to great online casinos, they all have great customer service. When gambling online, you are playing with real money and everyone will feel more at ease if they know their money is being handled properly. We look at the reviews on different platforms to give you the best blackjack apps with great customer service, adding to the  great customer experience every gambler wants.

All these reviews are conducted on secured and licensed operators to make sure we bring accurate and trustworthy data to our readers. The same can be said for all our articles, so be sure to check out other articles regarding these topics at

What we recommend — The Golden nugget casino is one of the best Blackjack apps available

Before we give our recommendation, we want to assure our readers that all the online casinos we recommend are authorized and secured online casino operators. We do our research when it comes to recommendations, because we want our readers to know that they are safe to choose any of the sites we mention.

There are plenty of online casinos that have good apps for you to play blackjack on. The one that really stands out for us is Golden Nugget Casino ( It is rated the number 1 online casino in New Jersey and for us the best overall. It is compatible with computers, tablets and has an app version for your mobile phone. It has great gameplay and we highly recommend gamblers new or old to try it out.

We only want the best for our readers and Golden Nugget offers just that. With great casino games available like blackjack, slots, and livestreaming table games. It is free to download from your play store so be sure to check it out. Golden Nugget is an authorized online casino so they are respectable and trustworthy.

Deciding which best online poker app or Blackjack app to download is entirely up to you, we just want to help you take the most important aspects of online gambling into consideration. Have a look at our reviews and tips on how to find the best blackjack app for your mobile device.

How we review and choose our recommendations

We have done extensive reviews on online casinos with the best blackjack apps free of charge. We take all the above mentioned into considerations before writing these reviews. In our best online betting apps page, we list the most reputable options for you to enjoy. We also explain our methods of the reviews and why we chose certain operators. We try to match these different casino operators with different preferences from gamblers. We always want to leave our readers with the best possible experience so we put in a lot of effort into these articles.

If you want to learn more about casino websites and apps have a look at the casino apps with real money article on TheGruelingTruth website. The more you learn about how we rate and review these apps, the better you understand. This will only improve your decision making in the future when you want to try out a new casino operator to play blackjack apps from your mobile device.

Not all operators have mobile apps – How we review them

Not all of the casino operators have apps. Mobile gambling apps are becoming a norm in the gambling world, however there are casino operators that do just fine without them. This however is not a problem. You can always play on their site straight from the internet on your mobile device. We, however, take these apps into consideration when reviewing for the best black jack apps. We check if the size of the site fits into the mobile phone you are playing off and how the gameplay and visualization compares to those with an app.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that the blackjack apps will always be better and it definitely does not make an online casino less good if they do not have a mobile app. Some online casino operators do perfectly fine without a mobile app. However they and everyone else will eventually get it. Mobile apps are fast becoming the most popular way of getting entertainment, information and education!

Nowadays you can do almost anything straight from your mobile device. For this reason we do a thorough examination when comparing the apps with sites being played straight from your phone. We handle these sites with the same criteria as the best blackjack apps or blackjack free apps available. Some work better on an android than an Iphone and vice versa. The good thing is that these online sites usually are very compatible with your mobile device and should run smoothly.

Blackjack apps on the go – Some things to look out for

One of the biggest reasons mobile casino apps are becoming such a big trend is because it allows gamblers to play from anywhere they want. It is amazing that technology allows us to be able to do this. Imagine a few years ago where the only place to gamble was at the casino itself. Now you can sit on your sofa at home and play the best blackjack apps available on your mobile device. With this privilege, there comes threats as well. Here are a few security tips for you to take into consideration when gambling on the go:

Where to download your apps

Be sure to download the apps straight from the casino operators website. This way you can be sure it is the legit app being downloaded and not a fake scam version. Always make sure you download your blackjack app from a respectable source. Try downloading the app from our recommended online casino first just to be safe.

Give it a go, you can always try a new one whenever you want. Also, using the Google Playstore on your mobile phone is a great way to make sure the app is secured. Look out for downloading APKs or other non -secured downloadable applications.

Know when to play

Being able to use blackjack offers for 2022 on the go doesn’t mean you can gamble at any time. This refers to driving, running or any activity that may cause you harm. Be responsible and know when is the right time. 

Be cautious of connection issues

Now that you are playing away from home, be sure to have a stable connection especially if you are playing a bingo app for real money or in the middle of a great blackjack hand! You don’t want to disconnect at a crucial moment. Also, be sure to have a look after a day out how much data your app consumes. This will prepare you for future endeavors.

Conclusion – A few things to remember

These are the tips and recommendations we have for the best blackjack apps available for you to download from the play or App Store or an operator’s websites. We hope this article helped you decide which operator you prefer.

Browsing the internet can result in loads of information being thrown at you from every direction. We keep it nice and easy for our readers. We want you to have an enjoyable experience so that is why we take so much time and effort to even browse through the slot apps for real money.

We hope this article did just that for you. If you are still doubtful, maybe have a look around on our website to find out more on different online casino apps for blackjack gamblers. We like being up to date with all the different casino and gambling news so be sure to check out our page sooner rather than later!

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Blackjack apps – FAQ

📱 What is the best free blackjack app for Iphone?

There are tons of Blackjack apps for you to enjoy. If you’re not into Blackjack, you can also browse through our casino apps real money offers, but be sure to check our reviews to find the best blackjack apps. Free or not free, there are heaps and we conduct proper reviews to present you with our best recommendations.

🃏 What is the best blackjack game?

This is a difficult question to answer as there are many different types of blackjack games. Some are available on apps, others are not. Also, some blackjack apps are just made for you to play for free and not with real money. Other online operators let you play with real money online and are seen as licensed casinos. Decide which one you prefer and have a look on your website for the best operators we recommend.

💭 Can online blackjack be trusted?

It is important to download your black jack apps from respectable sites as some apps might not be trustworthy. Have a look at some reviews on the playstore to make sure you choose an  app that is honest and fully licensed.

❓ Are blackjack apps realistic?

Playing blackjack on your mobile app can be played for fun without real money. This just makes for a fun experience for gamers. However there are black jack apps for real money and slots apps for real money where it is treated the same as a real casino. These apps are registered casinos and you are able to make real money from your winnings.

💰 How to play blackjack?

Blackjack is a gambling game found almost in every casino. It is known to have some of the best odds for gamblers to win, thus resulting it to be one of the more popular games to play. It is relatively easy and if you need any tips, come have a look at for more information.

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