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Things you should know about a Breitling Navigator Watch


Are you looking for an inexpensive watch which is still high quality? Then it would be best to try out the Breitling. It is one of the entry-level brands which are bringing fine timepieces into the market, Breitling Navitimer is one of the best amongst the Breitling watches; popular in the chronographs when it comes to aviation.

Most pilots from generation to generation have relied on the rule of circular slide of the Navitimer to make very important calculations. It is a watch that has been a champion both on land and in the air.

What to know

It is a watch which has become a classic which is unsurpassed with its bi-direction which is legendary; the rotating bezel. Time and navigation that is what this watch combines in its name, making it an outstanding famous aviation watch with combination for calculator for navigation that has a chronograph.

Reading the results after adjusting the slide rule is as a result of the scale calculating which makes it simple with the use of this particular watch. With the chronograph which is efficient, timing becomes easy and calculating distance, speed, or consumption of fuel is very effortless. Pilots, watch admirers, and enthusiasts for aviation value the functionality of this watch which is very practical as well as full of tradition.

It is truly a timeless watch due to the fact that there have been minor changes to it since it was introduced in 1952. That is why even the recent market entry series of the Navitimer 01 or Navitimer GMT, still mirror the spirit of the first Navitimer that was produced several years ago.

It’s history

It was first introduced into the market in the year 1952 and at the moment, it is a watch which is enjoying a cultic status.  The model that has the slide is the one which removed the Breitling Chronomat from the top and ended up catering mostly for pilots who were professionals.

The slide rule which was integrated allowed for quick and easy calculations of consumption of fuel descent and climb rates, speed at an average and other data for navigation which is important. The domed sapphire crystal can be read with the slide rule.

The design of the original navitimer had a black watch face and a chronograph display, together with a pearl bezel which guaranteed for easy overall handling and gripping. Before long, the Breitling Navitimer gain a cult status in the aviation field.  It didn’t take long before the watch was selected as the official time piece for the pilots and aircraft owners association (AOPA). You will observe the first Navitimer models decorated on the AOPA logo, symbolizing the close connection between the pilots association and the Breitling which is going strong with each passing day.


In 1962, there was a special edition of the Navitimer which was named the Cosmonaute that had a 24 hour display that was accompanied by Scott Carpenter, the astronaut, to space. You can also admire the Navitimer on Thunderball, James Bond movie of 1965 which shows Captain Derval wearing a Breitling Navitimer which is bold which is a design which has been enchanted by several generations since.


The Navitimer from 1952 to 1979

The Navitimer from Breitling comes when it has the legendary circular slide rule, which provides the watch’s face with a unique recognition factor which tends to attract various enthusiasts of watches the world over.

Though it is a watch which has tried to stay true to its basic shape since inception, there are some important features which have kept changing along the way. These have made several editions to be added to the Chronog, which is the annual catalog manual of Breitling.

There are some collectors who prefer Navitimer editions which were created before 1979. At the moment, they are considered to be vintage classics among experts and thus, enjoy a great demand on the second-hand market.

The versions before 1979 for Navitimer differ in very small details. The original ones can be found with two-tone silver and black dial or a single black dial. The logo is not always the same with some watches having the AOPA symbol while others have just a simple B denoting Breitling is on others.

Several of these Navitimer models have Breitling symbol a twelve with two airplanes under it. It also differs when it comes to the Navitimer vintage models of before 1979. Most of them consist of high-class caliber with windings which are manual.

But there are those which are also within this bracket but beginning from 1969, which are equipped with the ChronoMatic movement which combines self-winding mechanism and chronograph function. For a period of time, Navitimer models were also produced with the movement of quartz.

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