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Tennis Ball Machine Buying Guide

Buying a Tennis Ball Machine!

A tennis ball machine is designed to give a tennis player a live experience while practicing. These machines are an electric device that you can feed many tennis balls and are controlled for speed of shots, oscillation, and height to imitate a live opponent in a game of tennis. When the machine is on, it can shoot balls at you so you can train and be a better player.

So literally, it is like a stand-in-opponent that helps you prepare for a real match.

Some of the advantages include

  • It can also serve as a tennis partner when you can’t get one.
  • It also helps improve your game skills.
  • Anyone can use it, be it a beginner or a pro.
  • It would teach you how to spin if you get one that can make a spin ball.

What Should You Consider When You Want to Buy A Tennis Ball Machine?

A tennis ball machine is expensive, and you need to be careful when you want to get one. Below are a few guides to help you buy a machine that would serve you well.

  1. Cost

Cost is an important factor because we have seen that the costlier these machines are, the better they are too. It doesn’t mean that there are no good ones for fair prices too. There are various machines with various prices that are affordable. You have to look for it.

  1. Portability

Like other machines that run on batteries, it is heavy and bulky. You need to put this into consideration when buying because you have to move it often, more so if you use it at a public facility. Some features to consider are large built-in wheels and solid frames to make moving it around easy.

  1. Construction/Durability

Buy durable machines. You will know durable ones by the types of materials used to construct it. There is no perfect tennis ball machine out there, but there are some with durable plastic features and strong metals that would last longer than those that do not.

  1. Variable/Random shots

Go for a machine that can combine a series of different shots. Any device that will give you a real opponent experience is better than the one that would not. Your game is bound to improve that way. Some of these moves are;

  1. Spin

A spinning ball is not easy to return. You can only handle this well with constant practice. Since a tennis ball machine can produce these spins well, it is best to practice with one.

  1. Height variation

In a match, you cannot choose the height of your opponent. A tennis ball machine can imitate different levels, and that can make your game better by returning shots thrown at you.

  1. Speed variation

Opponents usually vary the speed of their balls to make the game less predictable. A tennis ball machine can do this well by being your practice buddy.

  1. Full court oscillation

Opponents usually play to all the parts of the court, and a tennis ball machine can do it better. It will help with your speed as it pops balls around the court. Your shots get better as you practice.

  1. Remote control capability

There are different settings that various tennis ball machines have that can make you get better at your lacked tennis skills for competitions. When practicing with one, you need to station it far away from you, and that is a challenge because you would have to spend a fair amount of time running back and forth to adjust the settings. But with remote control, you can do all that on the other side of the.

  1. Warranty

A tennis ball machine is a huge investment that should not have a problem in the nearest future. That is why there has to be a guarantee that it would work well for a very long time. So, a machine with a warranty would reduce your worry when purchasing one, and you need to check that before buying it.

There are a few tennis ball machines that have good reviews.

  1. Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine with Phone Remote Supported

A product of Spinshot Company. It is a top-rated machine with lasting battery life, shoots at all the parts of a court, can be controlled remotely by an app on your phone, and pops spinning balls. It is one of the few machines that produce spin balls, so it helps you to practice your return shots.

On the downside, you cannot load up to the number of balls the maker said you could. Also, the control buttons are halfway down on one side of the machine. This does not make programming it easy when you want to practice.

  1. Sports Tutor Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine

This machine is a wonderful choice for any player. It has wheels built in to aid moving it. Also, it can hold over a hundred balls and comes with a three years warranty. The device  it is portable, which allows you play for longer and use it for longer too.

It is easy to use even though there are no wireless control options or touch screen panels. It is simple, and you can see all its buttons, so programming it to taste is easy too.

However, it would be good if an extra battery pack comes with the machine instead of having to purchase it separately. 

  1. Siboasi S4015 Tennis Ball Machine

This machine can shoot balls to different parts of the court. With its multiple functions, there are programmed drills like “Deep Ball training” “Light-Ball practice”, and “narrow” or “wide” practice options. Also, you can play backspin d topspin challenges.

It has large wheels that make it possible to move it anywhere, and with its long handles, you don’t have to bend over to move it. It has a remote control option, and it holds 160 balls!

But this machine would be better with a battery and a long power cable that can reach the center of a court.

Even with the drawbacks of these devices, they are great options for anyone who loves tennis.

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