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Slots With Real Money

Entering the world of online casino gambling can be exciting and a challenge if you’re not familiar with how certain games work. That’s why our review will help you understand how to play slots online for real money.

We have a team of dedicated casino game experts who created this review to highlight the ins and outs of slots with real money needed to play their games. Gambling can be fun, but it also has its risks. We will discuss in more detail about what to look out for before you dive into a slot game.

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How we rate slots – key factors to consider

Looking at casino games and slots online for real money, comes with key factors enhancing your player performance. We included a few examples below for you to consider before signing up with an operator and playing their slots.

Game volatility

The higher the game’s volatility, the less likely it will payout to its players. This is especially seen in slot games with real money. But if you understand how the game works, you will know that highly volatile games have higher payouts too – just less frequently. If you’re happy to play the waiting game, then choose a slot game that is more volatile than the others available.

However, we suggest choosing a slot game with lower volatility because it is more likely to pay out more often, even if the jackpot and payout amount is considerably less. It’s an excellent place to start for new players and those sticking to a budget.

Free play option

An online casino may offer a free spins as part of a welcome bonus or even a demo play for new customers. Slots that pay real money are widely accessible, but we recommend using a demo play to understand how this slot game works before spending your funds.

If the slot game doesn’t offer a free play option, we suggest you find one that does. You’ll avoid the risk of losing out because you overestimated how frequent the slots online for real money payout to players. You will also get to know a bit more about the game before you start, and determine if this is suitable for you, or if you want to try something else that you can benefit from in the long run.

Jackpot – fixed or progressive

Most casino real money slots may only have a fixed jackpot amount available to win. Others offer a progressive jackpot that will change depending on how many people have played the slots and what amount was won before. Progressive jackpots are connected to a network and everytime someone wagers on the slot, the jackpot prize increases, sometimes into the millions of dollars! We suggest that you find slots online for real money that have a variety in their jackpot sizes. Progressive jackpot slots are usually less frequent in their payouts, but they are more enticing to players who want to hit it big.

Ideally, users would want to play slots to win significant amounts. But choosing a game that has lower payouts but is more frequent, can also be much more fun and rated highly compared to other slot games.

How often will the slot payout

Using slots online for real money means you will encounter both hot and cold slot machines. Each slot game will have a different frequency of how often it pays out and with varying amounts. Many players may avoid a cold machine as they don’t believe a payout is imminent, for example, if a huge progressive jackpot has been won, the chances are it will take a while for the jackpot to drop again.

On the other hand, hot machines are popular because players know that their next spin could potentially be a winner. We encourage you to look at the details of each game and what the payout percentage might be for you.

In this review, we wanted to give you a look at the well-known casino game developers in the US. It’s essential to look at your options before using slots online for real money, so we highlighted a few favorites below.

Pragmatic Play 

Pragmatic Play is a Malta-based casino games company with a range of top slot games in the US. It was created in 2015, so it is one of the more recent developers. But since it has hit the scene, it has seen a portfolio of over 100 casino games and video slots being a popular choice when playing slots online for real money.

They have a wide range of casino games, including classic slots, video slots, poker, live dealer games and lottery games for those interested. As they are still a relatively new developer, we think they’ll continue to grow in the future and be more accessible by updating their features, as you can already use them on multiple devices with a built-in HTML5. Some top slot games include Bronco Spirit, Fruit Rainbow, Da Vinci’s Treasure and Hot Safari.

IGT (International Game Technology)

IGT is a top choice for US casino game enthusiasts, which we have mentioned in our review before. IGT started its run in 1975 and has continued to develop into one of the most successful online casino software developers currently. It has a range of licensing deals with different tv shows, board games and films that make it stand out from the rest.

This developer has an extensive portfolio of popular online slots for US customers, and it is also available across different online casinos around the world. Some of their top choices of slots online for real money include Family Guy slots, Cleopatra, Pharaoh’s Fortune, Kitty Glitter and Jeopardy!.


NetEnt is a Swedish favorite that was founded in 1996. It is another popular choice, with many online slot games available to play in the US. Online gaming started to take off in the mid-90s, and NetEnt’s first online casino was launched in 2000. Since then, it has grown as a company making its way onto the Stockholm Stock Exchange in 2009 and impacting the world.

Some of their stand out slots online for real money choices include games like Hall of Gods, Tiki Wonders, Starburst, Guns N’ Roses and Wild Rockets.

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Helpful slots terminology – real money slot terms to keep in mind 

The online slots terminology can be quite overwhelming at times! So we included a glossary of the most used keywords to be used as a helpful guide if you decide to play online casino games and need a reference to help build your understanding.

  • RTP (Return to Player)

The RTP or Return to Player is the percentage of wagered money that will be paid out, on average, to you over your session. Each game has a different RTP %, so it’s a good idea to look at the ones with a higher figure to increase your chances of a payout. The average slot RTP is 96%.

  • Spins – free and real money 

Spins are the round of slots that are played. The online casino may offer you free spins, meaning you get to play a free round, usually risk-free. Some casinos will let you win money from the free spin, depending on what kind of promotion it is and how hot the slot machine is.

  • Symbols

Symbols are found in every online slot game. They are a range of images and icons that can form different combinations after you’ve played your spin. Each symbol will have a varying value, and depending on the combination, you could either have a winning set of symbols or a loss.

  • Payout

Users who play slots online for real money will know that each game has a different set of amounts that can be won. Lower value symbols in a winning combination will have a lower payout and higher value symbols have a higher payout. Fixed jackpot prizes usually require a full winning combination of the highest value symbols.

  • Slot machines

A range of online slot machines is available to US casino game enthusiasts. These can vary in jackpot amounts and popularity. Those considered ‘cold’ are believed to be less likely to payout anytime soon. And those that are considered ‘hot’ are believed to be more likely to pay out very soon and have a higher RTP %. We always recommend checking which slot machines are the most popular and have a more regular payout rate to make the most of your online experience.

  • RNG (Random Number Generator)

The RNG is software that online slot machines use to ensure the outcomes generated are fair for each player. These RNGs are regulated and audited, so those who want to try different slots online for real money should proceed with caution and only play in a licensed online casino.

Slots tips and tricks – our top online slot tops for successful plays

At TheGruelingTruth, we included a few important tips to consider before you start playing slots online for real money. We hope these benefit any online casino gambler, whether you’re new to the casino and betting world or you’re someone who is more experienced and can take advantage of our review.

Understand different slot games

There are several popular slot games to choose from. Many of them entice new customers with appealing graphics and soundtracks. Others use a high jackpot amount that is almost too good to believe in most cases. So, you must look into some slot games and discover what they can offer you. Compare a few of your favorites before choosing one to spend your real money on. If they have a free play option, it’s even better as you’ll understand the slot game without spending any money and coming to a decision would be easier.

Budgeting is key

When playing slots online for real money, we suggest you stick to a budget. Without one it could be detrimental to your performance and your funds. You may think you understand a slot at first, but they’re unpredictable and you could end up losing more than you anticipated. Budgeting is also great to help you start small and build on your casino game skills and experiences. We think that this tip is one of the most important things to consider as you don’t want to put your finances at risk in the long run

Check the terms and conditions of each operator

It’s essential to find out what each operator can offer you as a potential player of slots online for real money. Are there any bonuses or promotions that they offer new customers? And if there is, do these apply to your favorite slot games and do they have a time limit on when you can use them?

You can also check how high each RTP percentage is per game to give you an idea of what kind of odds you will experience each time you choose to play that game. We also suggest that you look at customer reviews on different game developers and online casinos to determine how reliable and profitable they are.

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Conclusion – give online real money slots a try

Overall, we think that slot games with real money are an excellent choice for online casino users. If you’re new to the online gambling world, then take your time to find a slot game that works for you and what you want to achieve as a player. We recommend giving real money slots a try if you want the chance to win real money.

It’s essential to understand what you can win amounts of money from these games and how frequently they payout. Some could be more enticing than others, and offer a high jackpot or a big win, but in the end, it may result in you losing more than you bargained for. Setting a budget is also important as you don’t want to risk more than you’re willing to lose. Even if you’re on a winning streak, anything could happen.

At TheGruelingTruth, we know how important it is to be on top of casino gambling and sports betting news. Our team aims to make your experience more successful, so we create our reviews to look through the most reliable and reputable online casinos in the USA.

So, whether you want to find out useful casino blackjack rules or need an update on a review of your chosen operator,our website has a range of resources to help you enhance your online casino game performance and enjoy playing slots online for real money. Our guides are there to help you and are regularly monitored, so if anything were to change in the casino world, we are the place to break the news!

Slots online for real money FAQ

💲Which US slots can you play with real money?

Slots online for real money are very common in the US. A range of popular casino game developers is found in and out of America, creating a space for slot enthusiasts to come and try their luck. If you’d like to find out more about which US slot games are available to play with money, or if you want to know about other casino games like the rules for roulette, check out TheGruelingTruth.

❓What are the best online casinos that offer slots?

If you’re new to the online casino world, then you may find choosing an operator quite challenging. We suggest you look at what each of the well-known sites can offer you as a player, and if that aligns with what you’re looking for, then great! You may be a Nevada resident and try out Vegas slots real money options. Or you could be based in another legalized gambling state and want to see what promotions and offers they have there. Check out our website to find out what the best online casino is for you and your gambling needs.

✔Can you win real money on free play slots?

Online casino game enthusiasts suggest using a free play spins before you play slots online for real money. It allows you to see the ins and outs of the game and decide if it is right for you or if you should look elsewhere for another slot machine. To find out whether you can win real money on a demo play slot game, or if you’re interested in another game or learning the bingo game rules, check out our website for more information.

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