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What We Learned from Super Bowl LIV

Reid/Mahomes get it done in clutch time and more

1) Kyle Shanahan got out-coached

This is not about the end of the first half, but I do believe the end of the half foretold how this game was probably going to end up. Number one, in most instances a team would take a timeout and attempt to score, especially when they have the ball to begin the second half. With that being said, I believe the Niners did not take that chance because they did not believe in Jimmy G. enough to get it done, so they played it safe. From what I saw in the 4th quarter Shanahan probably made the right call. Jimmy Garoppolo is a great play-action quarterback but he is limited when it’s not play-action or an RPO. Garrapolo still played well for three quarters but when it mattered most he fell apart.

My take on Shanahan being out-coached has more to do with the 4th quarter play-calling because he owned the first three quarters on both sided of the ball, but just like a few years ago he faltered. If you are protecting a lead and run for 5 yards on first down why not continue to run the ball? Dance with the one who brought you and the Niners did not do that in this instance and it cost them the game. I also think the lack of taking shots down the field allowed the Chiefs to bring extra men up in the box. That limited the Niners run game and passing game.

Overall my big knock against the Niners coaching staff was getting over-emotional in the second half as a whole. Great coaches very seldom do that.

2) Mahomes was not very good, until it mattered

Mahomes struggled against a great 49ers pass rush and he looked ordinary until late in the game. But let’s face it, late in the game is where champions are made and when it mattered Mahomes was spot on, leading the Chiefs to the victory. I do think Coach Reid should have gone no-huddle the whole game because it would have limited the 49ers substituting the defensive line and may have worn them down even more but overall it’s hard to find fault when you win the game.

3) Unexpected hero, Damien Williams

Williams ran for over 100 yards and averaged over 6 yards per carry. The Chief’s ability to run the ball was a huge difference in winning the Super Bowl.

4) Eric Bieniemy should be a Head Coach in the NFL

Say what you want about him being an Andy Reid puppet, but I think he had a lot to do with the Chiefs winning this game. I don’t care if he is black, white, or purple, he deserves a shot more than any coach hired in the last month.

5) Officiating in the NFL is horrendous

I wish all games were called like the past few Super Bowls. Heck, penalties are for the most part ignored and I am alright with that, but call the whole game that way! Getting George Kittle for offensive pass interference was ticky-tack in a game where ticky-tack was not being called.

6) Super Bowl halftime was NOT family entertainment

Not meaning to sound like a prude here but COME ON! Halftime is at approximately 8 pm on average and we get Shakira and Jennifer Lopez half-naked shaking their butts! I thought the NFL was for family entertainment. Now don’t get me wrong, anything is better than Maroon 5 but are they not talented enough to put some clothes on and wow us with just their vocal abilities?

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