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The 2019-20 season is here! With the WHL back, so is the 4th Line WHL Cast, covering topics such as:

Can Everett 4-peat as US division champions?

Youth and veteran rosters are up against each other in the Western conference. Which will come out on top?

Will all 5 US division teams make the playoffs again or will BC bounce back?

Kelowna is hosting the Memorial Cup this season. What are they doing to prepare for it?

After a last season run in Calgary, what will the Hitmen’s fortune be this year?

Prince Albert ran away with the league last season. Can they do it again?

All this and more on The 4th Line WHL Cast #15!

Listen to “The 4th Line WHLCast #15 – 2019-20 WHL Season Preview” on Spreaker.