I typically hate moral victories…but I’m a fan of them today!

This week we open with a recap of Sundays action – we break down the crux of the offenses struggles, the fact that they clawed their way back & the effort by our defense that made all of that possible.

Then, we preview our prime time matchup with the Steelers. Their front 7 is ferocious, but their flavor-of-the-week QB has some absurd tendencies & tells that should make their offense easy to gameplan for.

This week has all the makings of a slugfest, and the Bills ultimately have their destiny in their own hands – let’s hope they make good on it this weekend!

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Nick Batt’s Rumblings Article – https://www.buffalorumblings.com/2019/12/9/21003374/opinion-buffalo-bills-had-a-chance-to-steal-game-they-didnt-deserve-thats-exciting-baltimore-ravens

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