Ross played 7 seasons in the NFL suiting up with the Redskins, Cowboys, Bills, Patriots and Browns. With his dad being only 5’ 9” he is a surprisingly big guy. His size comes from his mothers’ side of the family. He also had some pretty good basket ball skills and often would bring the ball up the court even though he was such a big guy. For University he chose Princeton, which made his grandmother extremely proud. He excelled at Princeton, on the field and off. He was All-Ivy League in 2000 and a 2 time Academic All-American as well. His on-field success didn’t translate into NFL opportunities for him. It was actually his agent that got him an opportunity to tryout with a team due to his connections in the league. He made the most of it and performed well enough to earn a spot. After football he was fortunate to be offered a job writing for Sports Illustrated almost immediately. From there he did broadcasting with ESPN and Westwood One. He was a podcasting pioneer having a podcast years before its current popularity. He used that experience and audience to start his own podcast network which he has today. For more information on Ross and to follow him on social media, use the links provided below.

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