If case you missed it, the inaugural season of the reborn Los Angeles Rams is over, with our guys once again pummeled to cap an inexpressibly disappointing 4-12 season. But hey, don’t look back In anger on a wasted year: Look back with nostalgia on a happier past with the L.A. Rams 2.0 Show!

For episode 14, L.A. Rams 2.0 Show co-hosts Tony Hunter (formerly of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Buffalo Bills and Los Angeles Rams) and Os Davis welcome former Rams/San Diego Chargers fullback Buford McGee.

Buford tells us all about his career in the NFL, from getting drafted in the 11th (!) round to cracking a Chargers roster that also included Chuck Muncie, Earnest Jackson and then-heralded rookie Lionel James. Naturally, the name Eric Dickerson – a teammate of Tony and Buford’s in Los Angeles – enters the discussion as well.

Buford also offers an interesting perspective on the changing NFL, coming as he is from a position that is critically endangered, if not quite extinct, in modern pass-happy, TE-heavy offenses. He reckons it goes back to Bill Walsh’s offensive schemes…

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