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NBA Stats and Strategies that Matter

Tips for betting the NBA Playoffs!

The NBA is easily one of the biggest sports leagues in the world. The sport itself is hip and vibrant and captures the attention of young sports bettors.

From when an NBA season begins in October through to June the following year, equipping yourself with betting tips can give you an edge in gaming during the regular season, playoffs, and finals.

Sports betting and the NBA

The NBA has fan-bases in nearly every part of the world. The league rakes in $7 billion annually and is among the top five wealthiest sports leagues of the weld. Every year, more than 22.5 NBA million tickets are sold.

For many fans, the real fun of an NBA game is winning. You can join a vast number of mobile sports games on this site and others to bet on NBA games with real money.

You cannot go in blindly, though. You need to arm yourself with tested and proven NBA

NBA win-loss stats

Looking at win-loss stats from the 2017 season to the present, home teams take the lead in 60% of the games. The NBA thus has one of the biggest home advantages compared to other American sports.

NBA rest day stats

Major NBA rest day stats show that teams that play with more rest get the biggest advantage over their opponents. Data in past NBA seasons shows that teams that play with more rest days win 56% of their games.

Adjusted plus-minus stats

APM shows a player’s direct contribution to a team’s scoring margin. To bet successfully, you must know your players and their strength on the court.

If a player has an APM of 7 is on the court against opponents with an APM of 0.0, his team’s rating would be 7 seven points per a hundred possessions.

Line up stats

Some player groupings do better than the others. With the right line up data, you can predict a team’s score against their opponents. You can find the best line up data on sites like’s stats tool.

Betting against the spread

The most prominent way to bet in the NBA is to beta against the spread. It is easier, and it is how bookmakers level the playing field. The winning team you pick must outperform expectations.

If a spread bet is Brooklyn Nest +4.5 and Celtics -4.5, the Nests are expected to win by more than 4.5 points. If they win by 3 points, you lose your bet.

Over and under stats

NBA bookmakers facilitate over and under betting on the NBA. You wager on whether your team’s score will be more or less than the number estimated by the state.

Usually, points in the NBA can vary from 180 low to 240 high based on plating styles.

Data from past NBA seasons reveal that gamers that bet Under have a slight advantage. Study up past score history before betting in this one.

The NBA sports betting strategy

Digging up data and dirt on previous seasons and score history is only a small part of the betting strategy. If you are betting on the NBA consistently with the hope of winning, you need other detailed and precise tactical approaches.

Don’t waste your bets: What are the odds? What is the value? Do not put money on bets that are less likely to come off. Place money on bets that will earn you the most value.

Specialize: You don’t have to bet on teams if you don’t understand all the stats, you can narrow it down and bet on individual player performance.

Find a bookmaker with the best odds: This will help you get the biggest value for your bet.

Keep track of your wagers: Study not just NBA stats but also your past bets and what you might have done wrong.

Track NBA news

Which teams have bolstered squads? Which ones have lost talented players? Before a season starts, arm yourself with the right information. Every little change can be a possible predictor of the success or failure of a team on the field.

Spot the upset

The difference between the best teams and the small ones in the NBA is a big one. Even so, the best teams lose sometimes in their 82 games in a season.

The upset happens when a big team meets a small team, and the tables are turned. Predicting such instances correctly can earn you attractive returns on your wager.

Home and away

You might think that it is always beneficial for a team to play at home, but that may not be the case in some instances. A series of home defeats can turn into wins when fans show support.

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