While the Big Ten has its share of news going on, Kevin and Troy were lucky enough to get an
interview setup with a national champion for this week’s episode of Go B1G or Go Home. She lives out
west and may not be a Big Ten woman, but Hannah Grisham should be on people’s radars no matter
their location. Grisham isn’t only a national champion – she achieved that status at the age of 15. What
were you doing when you were 15-years-old? Not winning national championships.
Grisham, who competes in racing, started at the age of 6 and talks about her life growing up as a
racer, what drives her, the sport as a whole, what it’s like to be an incredibly successful woman in a
male-dominated sport and much more on today’s show. You can follow Hannah on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/hannah.grisham.311 and LinkedIN at https://www.linkedin.com/in/hannah-grisham-6037b0116/
Then, the youngster and old man touch on some B1G topics. Michigan State, good news for you.
Iowa? Not so much. This week’s show is a must-listen and we hope you all enjoy it.
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