Dennis enjoyed a 5 year career in the NFL, playing for the Philadelphia Eagles and Detroit Lions. Started playing football at a young age along with other sports, including figure skating. His mother was a world class figure skater which led his participation in the sport. He states that it helped him with his football career. He attended the storied football program at the University of Michigan after being recruited by many schools. His position change from linebacker to offensive line was tough on him, but he ended up thriving at his new position. He made the NFL as an undrafted player through hard work and determination. He was even voted as a captain for his team, displaying his leadership abilities. His transition out of football wasn’t smooth, finding it difficult to land a job that was comparable to playing professionally. He eventually got into some business ventures that panned out well for him. He now does speaking engagements across the country and has also written a book, The Last Laugh: Vision to Victory. Please check out his website for more information.

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