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Ben had an outstanding 13 year career in the Canadian Football League all with the Montreal Alouettes. He grew up playing soccer and basketball and didn’t start playing football until he got to high school. And although it wasn’t his favourite sport, he saw football as his best opportunity to earn a scholarship for college. Being a little on the smaller side, he always had to prove himself as a player. His college career started at a Junior College in Utah before going to Brigham Young University as a walk-on. He turned down scholarships at other smaller schools in choosing to go there. He knew he would get a chance to play and showcase his skills with the receiver friendly offence that they had there. That’s exactly what he did, and had a great couple of years there which earned him a first round selection by the Alouettes.

He did have a brief tryout with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that lasted 2 days. He initially struggled to establish himself with the Alouettes, playing mostly special teams. However due to injuries he got his opportunity and made the most of it. His first year he played out wide at the “z” receiver. However coach Don Matthews wanted to give him a shot at the slot receiver position. He was nervous about the move, having struggled there the few times he had an opportunity early in his career. However he excelled and developed great chemistry with another future Hall of Famer, Anthony Calvillo. They became one of the deadliest combos in CFL history. He won 3 Grey Cups with the Als, and has fond memories of them. The losses hurt maybe even more having played in many Grey Cups, but he is grateful for the victories. Especially the victory over the Saskatchewan Rough Riders in the 2009 Grey Cup game. They never led in that game until the last play of the game with no time left on the clock. They fought and clawed and never gave up and persevered with the leaders of the team stepping up big for them.

After football he transitioned into coaching. The timing worked out perfectly for him as he retired in 2010 and walked right into a coaching position with his alma mater, BYU. He was there for a couple years until some of the staff was let go. A few years later he was hired again by the team and lasted another 2 years until being let go again. From there he decided to move into the business world and is now working for G2G, or Good to Go. They are a protein bar company based out of Utah and he is running the Canadian division. They have just recently launched in Canada and is available in certain areas. It is a refrigerated protein bar which is unique to Canada. It is used by many college and pro teams and they are looking to grow their market share in the highly competitive market. For more information about Ben and the protein bars go to the links below.

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