Join Matt Andruscavage and former 49ers running back Dexter Carter as they recap the 49ers’ disappointing Super Bowl loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

They start with a breakdown the first half and the 49ers’ final drive. Should Kyle Shanahan have called timeout sooner?

Next, they go through the second half as Jimmy Garoppolo led the 49ers to a 20-10 lead with nine minutes to go. What should have happened? Were there some non-calls? Did Kyle Shanahan fail to run the ball more? Was Jimmy Garoppolo to blame?

Dexter breaks down what was perhaps the biggest play in the game, the 3rd and 15 bomb to Tyreek Hill and shows what Kansas City was trying to do and how the 49ers made the mistake that probably cost them the game.

All in all, what a season for the 49ers! So many had them not making the playoffs, but this was as fun of a season as they have had in a long time.

Thanks everyone for listening all year!

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