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Boosted Odds Prediction: Find Today's Boosted Odds

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If you’re asking “where can I find the best odds boosts today?”, then you’re in the right place. Boosted odds are offered by most top US sportsbooks, but the secret to getting a good one is knowing how to choose.

No need to worry about that though, ‘cause the PromoGuys have got you covered with their vetted odds boosts and promos. Take advantage of the completely free picks at PromoGuy and you’ll be in the position to boost your bankroll and ROI. Prepare to be dazzled by the magic of odds boost promos.

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A recap on odds boosts

Before we start drooling over the best odds boost promotions on offer by top sportsbooks, it’s important to have odds boosts explained and know how they work so that you can make the most of them.

An odds boost is when a sportsbook offers you increased odds that are ultimately better than the standard odds for a particular market. Sportsbooks are big on odds boosts, and some betting sites even have multiple odds boost promotions running simultaneously, focusing on different sports and markets daily. A sportsbook is basically free to boost odds to its liking as there is no legal limit. It can be increased by +200, or it can be boosted by +700 – it’s their decision.

Although not the oldest promo type in existence, sports betting odds boosts have already established a firm position at most sportsbooks, and these operators use odds boost promos as main promotions, standby promotions, or seasonal promotions.

Sportsbooks create their boosted odds promotions by strategically selecting a market based on research and enhancing the payout odds by lowering the vig or juice. Pretty simple, right? This adjustment can, in most cases, have a positive effect on a bettor’s playing expectations, which is fair as there is a chance of an increased payout.

If you want to ace your odds boost promos, you need to understand the basics of high betting odds, how odds boosts work and how to find the best deals, as not all promos are created equal. Even more so, calculating the value of odds boost promos is a must for sports bettors who are serious about making a profit from sports betting. You can find some fantastic in-depth information about how to do these calculations and estimations right here on

With these odds boost promos thriving on online sportsbooks in the US, there are fantastic opportunities to find some betting and promo value every single day. In fact, you’ll struggle to find a top US sportsbook that doesn’t offer daily odds boosts these days.

These boosted odds deals are available for all existing and verified customers to claim, and you don’t have to stick to just one sportsbook. However, before we let loose, here are some essential tips on how you can get the most out of your odds boost promos.


How to ace the best odds boosts today: Basic tips

Like with every other bet and promo in profit-oriented sports betting, you need a solid strategy that will help you to take advantage of odds boost promos. Thus, while you’re casually browsing sportsbooks right now, consider the following points as a foundation to profitable odds boost deals.

You don’t have to stick to one sportsbook: Sports betting is a very competitive business. Unless you do some investigation or read up in our comprehensive sportsbook reviews, you won’t know which sportsbooks offer the best deals consistently.

You can read reviews, visit the sportsbook site, where the promo page will be available for viewing even though you haven’t signed up yet, and you can look at comparisons.

If you want to, you can also check out different sportsbooks’ social media, where they are most likely to post about their top promos. However, reading an objective and comprehensive sportsbook review is the best option if you want an expert opinion as a basis for yours.

If a sportsbook is giving you any freedom to boost your own odds, then go for it: It’s not always about the games or leagues you like, but the opportunities a sportsbook can offer you. That being said, if you find a good deal on a specific game or team that you love and there’s also a chance that you can walk away with a significant profit, then don’t let anyone stop you. Take advantage of the freedom sportsbooks give you, but also remember that a sportsbook will never give you complete freedom, so wise up before you start playing.

Know when to strike: This will come with experience, and your ability to notice patterns can also significantly contribute to how quickly you’ll adopt this skill. As your continue watching sportsbooks offering odds boosts, you’ll start seeing when and on which markets particular sportsbooks tend to offer these boosts, and this can give you some insight as to why these markets are chosen.

This gives you a competitive edge because you were able to read the sportsbook and the reasons behind some of its decisions. Remember that sportsbooks offer deals not only to please customers but also to make a profit. You can develop a strategy to maximize your chances of profiting from those odds boost promotions if you understand this. Even if it only teaches you how to plan in advance, it’s still a great skill to have if you want to get your timing right. So, where can I find today’s boosted odds? Take a look below:

Where can I find the best odds boosts today? Sportsbooks with killer deals

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings had its humble beginnings as a DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) site. However, this prodigy has grown rapidly in a short amount of time to become one of the most famous US sportsbooks. If you’re looking for something, chances are you’ll find it at DraftKings, and there’ll be nothing shady about it. Quite the contrary. Here’s a lowdown of DraftKings’ odds boosts and other features that makes it a top contender:

  • There are some mind-blowing, and regular odds boost deals available for all your favorite major sports.
  • DraftKings offers lines and bets for a wide range of sports.
  • DraftKings is the king of promos, so expect a creative variety of options, including your odds boosts.
  • DraftKings is also licensed and regulated in every US state it operates in.

FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel also started off as a DFS or Daily Fantasy Sports platform, but the growth it has shown since then is staggering. This operator is now one of the top sportsbooks in the US and has fans drooling over its promos and features. FanDuel has one of the best sites and mobile apps in the sports betting market, along with a great range of sports to bet on, plus an online casino. When it comes to odds boost promos and general awesomeness, here’s what FanDuel has to offer:

  • FanDuel is a licensed and regulated sportsbook.
  • Feast on regular odds boosts promotions. At FanDuel, you can regularly increase your NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB odds, and that’s just the beginning of a whole range of odds boosts offers.
  • FanDuel offers the same game parlays on NHL and other pro sports.
  • Unparalleled customer service.
  • A great variety of payment options to choose from to get those odds boost deals rollin’.

Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars Sportsbook, also known as the king of odds boosts, often offers 50 or more odds boost deals per day.

  • As with all sportsbooks, some terms and conditions are linked to this abundance of odds boost promos, like a maximum bet of $100, which is not bad at all.
  • The variety of odds boosts at Caesars is awe-inspiring, and it includes boosts on futures, player and game props, outright winners, futures, money line parlays, and more.
  • Caesars also cover many sports in their odds boost promotions, ranging from the MLB and NFL to the UFC, golf, and even boxing.

The only “nay” we could find among all the “yays” was that Caesars doesn’t provide the original odds, so you can make a comparison between the original and boosted versions.


So, where can I find the best odds boosts today? You’ll find that the best odds boost for the US are everywhere and all you need to do from your side is find the good ones. Luckily, we’ve provided some handy tips on that as well, so you’re all set for your next odds boost promo expedition.

Odds boost promos are arguably one of the most popular promos out there due to their constant availability and the attractive outcome they suggest to the bettor. Take a look and compare the top odds boost promos today and find the best one for you.


Where can I find today’s boosted odds? FAQ

👍Which sportsbook offers the best odds boost deals?

There are many top sportsbooks that have their own take on offering odds boost promotions. We provide you with the top operators and what their offers are basically about, so if you’re interested in looking at some operator reviews, you can take a look at our fantastic TGT operator review section. For more about the best odds boosts today,  read on!

💲Can I win lots of money from odds boosts?

Betting is a game of chance, but there is also such a thing as betting strategy. We discuss how you can make betting easier to understand and thereby easier to profit from it in our TheGruelingTruth expert reviews and guidelines. Take a look!

🎁Are the best odds boosts today a welcome bonus?

Sportsbooks use welcome bonuses in different bonus and promo formats, so it can be. However, odds boosts are usually used in another way. If you want to find out how, take a look at our bonus review section that’s all about where you can find the best sportsbooks that offer odds boost promos.

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