What are the Most Expensive Sports in the World?

Most Expensive!

Sports are important to all of us. They help us stay physically, emotionally, and mentally fit. The best part is if you are playing for pleasure, you don’t have to be a professional sportsman. Just practice regularly and you will become good at it in no time.
Some sports aren’t accessible to the general public. They fall into the category of luxury sports because they are expensive. The financial investment for these sports is so huge you sometimes need a loan to experience the thrill. If your pocket can’t afford them, at least you can afford Spectrum internet packages and tune in to the sports networks that feature these sports.
Ready to learn what these expensive sports are? Check this list:

1: Formula 1
You may call it the most expensive sport in the world. A very few can afford it on their own. People usually participate in Formula 1 karting with the help of patronage and corporate sponsors.
Plus, an F1 car can cost up to millions of dollars. From race tracking rentals to fuel, crew members and practice would rack up your bill. Joining a Formula 1 club requires sponsors. It can cost you up to $190,000 and even more just to join a competition.

2: Polo
This is a sport for royalty. Polo is all about riding horses and playing hockey. This sport requires a horse and equipment, which can cost a fortune.
Polo isn’t just expensive, it can be dangerous since you can fall off the horse and get injured. It’s best to factor in the medical expenses before picking up this sport.
Buying a horse is not the only expense. Grooming and exercising can cost up to $2,500. Participating in a tournament can cost $35,000 to $150,000. Becoming a patron can cost up to one million.

3: Equestrian
It is the sport for the privileged. And it’s not plain horse riding. In fact, it demands professional riding skills including controlling the horse, which requires lots of training.
From owning, training to maintaining the horse and participating in an event, things can get highly expensive. Then, you also have to travel to the event, which adds up the expense. In case you are interested in this sport, the cost of exhibiting a horse in a circuit is up to $200k annually.

4: Tennis
An average Tennis season costs up to $143,000 per player. A racket and good pair of shoes won’t do the trick. You must be seriously competitive and ensure you can afford international travel and heavy coaching fees.
Traveling around the world is mandatory since you have to compete in different seasons and build your ranking points.

5: Wingsuiting
Movies like Fast and the Furious have sparked people’s interest in wingsuiting. It is one of those sports that give a dose of adrenaline rush. You would be gliding like a flying squirrel 1000s of feet above the surface of the earth. No wonder this sport isn’t for the faint of heart.
Defying gravity does not come cheap. First of all, you will need a wingsuit which can cost up to $2500. But before that, you need training which means taking skydiving lessons. Once you are ready, you will have to rent a plane. Of course, you can’t jump off a plane without astronomical insurance.

6: Bob-Sledding
This sport is extremely cold towards the wallet. The bob-led costs up to $25,000 and making a track can cost millions of dollars.
The coaching cost for this sport is sky high because the number of trainers for bob-sledding is limited. Since it’s a team sport, multiply the cost of everything by four.

7: Sailing
Sailing requires a boat and owning a boat is no joke. It can cost anywhere between $50 and $100 million. Not to forget the cost of maintenance and other equipment. This could dig holes in your pocket.
Other than the maintenance cost, you will have to pay a crew to run the boat as well. And when you are not sailing, you will have to store the boat on dry land, which means renting a storage space.

8: Motorcycle Racing
When it comes to motorcycle racing, Moto GP is known worldwide. This sport is not as expensive as the rest on the list but I would still call it expensive.
A motorbike, for instance, can cost up to thousands of dollars. Then comes the expense of participating in tournaments. This sport is dangerous. Even when you are practicing, you can come across an accident. Therefore, having insurance is mandatory.

No doubt these sports require lots of wealth but they are highly rewarding. Once you pick an expensive sport, you can never go back to the basic sports.
You better start accumulating money if this list contains your dream sports.

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