How to Pass TOGAF 9 Certification Exam

The Open Group Architecture Framework, popularly referred to as TOGAF, is an advanced system used by organizations to design and plan their Information Technology architecture. TOGAF is intended to help companies to develop IT infrastructure that meets their specific business requirements. Professionals who utilize this advanced system are known to hold the TOGAF certification. TOGAF specialists communicate with different heads of department and help to create and implement IT strategy in a fast and effective manner.

Purposes of TOGAF Certification

TOGAF uses a high-level method for the framework which is utilized by organizations to develop, design, manage, and execute Enterprise Architecture. This Architecture is divided into four different domains and strongly depends on pre-existing harmonized technologies and products of the enterprise. These domains include technology, business, data, and application. Organizations that execute or plan to execute enterprise-wide infrastructure to sustain significant business applications benefit immensely from utilizing the TOGAF approach. Other organizations who create and execute technical architectures using the principles of TOGAF also benefit from the procurement and design specifications of the open systems execution while minimizing risk.

TOGAF professionals are well equipped to provide solutions to difficult technical processes. Technical heads and developers also earn the TOGAF Certification Practice Test to be able to master the different standards of Enterprise Architecture. This credential also helps to clearly chart a career pathway to Enterprise Architect all the way to senior architect level.

Enterprise Architects have the skills and expertise needed to develop the long-term IT strategy for their organizations (a strategy that sustains the overall plan for the business). They also help to develop the applications and technology roadmaps that are based on the standard of technology infrastructure created by TOGAF. It is needed to direct their organizations. Enterprise Architects are responsible for making sure that all the different areas of technological flow are well described and also ensure that the IT-enabled procedures operate seamlessly from the beginning to the end.

Enterprise Architects with the TOGAF certification have numerous responsibilities covering a wide range of projects and meetings. Some of the responsibilities these specialists can deal with include the following:

  • Architecture Strategycovers the various aspects of architectural strategy in Information Technology, including highlighting the present situation, conversion, and required pathway for the strategy.
  • Portfolio Management–refers to the status and health of the Information technology infrastructure.
  • Lifecycle of Technology– focuses on how the modifications of technology lifecycle will be executed for the different concepts utilized by the enterprise.
  • Governance Committees –makes decisions on protocols, policies, and standards on requirements and security.

In summary, TOGAF professionals are equipped to make sure that there is a proper coalition between the goals and the organization’s reality. TOGAF certified professionals are usually put in very strategic and sensitive management roles in organizations. If you are interested in working with a large organization, you should consider earning the TOGAF certification. In addition to this, if you are want to get a role in theIoT projects, you can also consider earning this credential.

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Benefits of TOGAF Certification

There are many benefits that you can enjoy when you get the TOGAF certification. First, it can shoot you up the career ladder in an organization of your choice. Professionals with this certificate are strategic thinkers and they are in high demand in large corporations all over the world. So, why should you consider getting the TOGAF credential? Is this credential right for you? To help you figure out, we have enumerated some benefits that come with earning this credential.

  • TOGAF certified professionals are in high demand

It is obvious that there is a gap between architecture and IT. In the world of business, technology is getting narrower by the day and both aspects are becoming tightly incorporated into the operations of businesses. Organizations are now open to using TOGAF to plan the management of the short and long-term enterprise architecture of their businesses. This move has created a high demand for professionals with this credential. If you have the TOGAF certification, you can expect to have an edge in the highly competitive job market.

  • The TOGAF certification is relatively inexpensive

Compared to many others, TOGAF certification is relatively inexpensive. With only $320, you can earn your credential without stress. This cost is for the basic certification exam. You can write both TOGAF tests for a total of $495. The cost of accessing training courses is also affordable, which makes this credential a great option for professionals who are on a budget for their certification options.

  • Ability to use a general language

Professionals with TOGAF certification have common knowledge and experience that make business communication seamless on different hierarchy levels within the community. With a common language, it is easy to identify and proffer solutions to business needs.

  • High paying job opportunities

According to PayScale, professionals with TOGAF certification earn an average of $80,000 as their entry-level salary. You can expect to earn more as you progress in your career pursuit and earn more credentials.

  • A chance to explore more opportunities

With the TOGAF certification, you can explore new opportunities in different business sectors. Large organizations look for professionals with reputable credentials. So, with the certificate such as TOGAF, you can move around industries and continue to grow your career. For instance, you can work in organizations such as hospitals, banks, FMCG, IT firms, and many other industries.

  • High standards of delivery

The TOGAF training and certification equip you to meet the needs of organizations in a certain standard. With the knowledge and skills that have been acquired during the process of acquiring your credential, you have all it takes to meet the business needs of your organization effectively and efficiently.


The TOGAF certification can open many doors for you in different industries. Whatever career goals you have set for yourself, earning this credential will definitely propel you towards achieving them.